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The good, the bad, and the ugly – diary of a World Cup photographer

June 27, 2014

Dylan Martinez, chief photographer for the United Kingdom and Ireland, is in Brazil to cover the World Cup. He’ll be keeping a diary of the highs and lows here.  

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Weekly Radar: Cyprus hogs the headlines but contagion fears limited

March 21, 2013


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Weekly Radar: Managing expectations

January 24, 2013

With a week to go in January, global stock markets are up 3.8 percent – gently nudging higher after the new year burst and with a continued evaporation of volatility gauges toward new 5-year lows. That’s all warranted by a reappraisal of the global economy as well as murmurs about longer-term strategic shifts back to under-owned and cheaper equities. But, as ever, you can never draw a straight line. If we were to get this sort of move every month this year, then total returns for the year on the MCSI global index would be 50 percent – not impossible I guess, but highly unlikely. So, at some stage the market will pause, hestitate or even take a step back. Is now the time just three weeks into the year?

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Weekly Radar: Bounceback as year winds down

November 22, 2012

Yet another Greek impasse, a French downgrade, ongoing DC cliff dodging and a downturn in Citi's G10 economic surprise index (though not yet in the US one) could have been plausible reasons this week to extend the post-election global markets swoon. But at 8 consecutive days in the red up to last Friday, that was the longest losing streak since last November, and a lot of froth had been shaken off these year-end markets already.

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Weekly Radar: Earnings wobble as payrolls, BOJ, G20 eyed

October 25, 2012

Easy come, easy go. A choppy October prepares to exit on a downer – just like it arrived. World equities lost about 3 percent over the past seven, mostly on Tuesday, and reversed the previous week’s surge to slither back to early September levels. Just for the record, Tuesday was a poor imitation of the lunge this week 25 years ago – it only the worst single-day percentage loss since July and only the 10th biggest drop of the past year alone. But it was a reminder how fragile sentiment remains despite an unusually bullish, if policy-driven year.

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Next week: Call and response?

June 14, 2012

The Greek vote next Sunday now stands front and centre of pretty much all investment thinking, but the problem is that it may still be days and weeks before we get a true picture of what’s happened, whether a government can be formed and what their stance will be. If the new parliament cannot clearly back the existing bailout, even after a bout of  horse-trading, then a game of chicken with Europe ensues.  Eurogroup meets again on Thursday and there’s a German/French/Italy/Spain summit on Friday.  But G20 leaders gather in Mexico as all this is unfolding, so they will certainly be quorate if some sort of global response is required to any initial market shock. What’s more, the FOMC is meeting Tuesday and Wednesday should Bernanke feel the US needs urgent insulation from the fallout regardless of broader action. But it's certainly not beyond the bounds of reason that coordinated central bank action materializes next week if markets do indeed go skewways after the Greek poll. They have all clearly been consulting on the issue lately via telephone and bilaterals. And the assumption of more QE is there among investors. Three quarters of the 260+ funds polled by BoAMerrill Lynch this month expect another ECB LTRO by the end of Q3 and almost a half expecting more Fed QE over the same time.

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IIFA Diary: Notes from Colombo on Day 1

June 3, 2010

SRILANKA/The first day of the 11th edition of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Weekend has been as chaotic as it has been revealing. From early morning chaos over accreditation and access to venues, by evening it had turned into excitement as the stars starting pouring in for the three-day event.

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DIARY-Financial Regulation Events

April 19, 2010

    Upcoming key financial regulation events, conferences and policy announcements. 
       April 20-21
   GENEVA, Switzerland - International Federation of Accountants and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) hold conference on corporate governance reforms.
   April 22-23
   WASHINGTON - G20 financial ministers and central banks governors' meeting to discuss regulatory reforms. Financial Stability Board set to discuss its proposals for surcharges on systemically important banks, limiting activities banks can undertake and regulating over-the-counter derivatives markets. International Monetary Fund set to put forward a proposal for a bank levy to pay for bailouts.
   April 26
   BRUSSELS - Annual European Financial Services conference. speakers include EU Internal Market Commissioner, Michel Barnier, Mark Sobel, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Finance and Liao Min, director general, executive department, China Banking Regulatory Commission and Eddy Wymeersch, chair of Committee of European Securities Regulators.
   April 27
   BRUSSELS - European Parliament's economic and monetary affairs committee set to hold first reading vote on alternative investments fund managers directive (AIFM).
   April 29
   LONDON - Association for Financial Markets in Europe conference on clearing and settlement, includes discussion on planned EU derivatives regulation.
   Late April
   BRUSSELS - European Parliament's economic and monetary affairs committee due to vote on draft law to regulate hedge funds and private equity groups.
   June 6-10
   MONTREAL, Canada - International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) holds annual conference.
   June 26-27
   TORONTO, Canada - The G20 group of leading countries meets. Will discuss financial regulation, including a possible tax or levy on banks.
   BASEL, Switzerland - The Financial Stability Board to present policy options to G20 summit on how to tackle "too big to fail" banks.
   BRUSSELS - The European Commission due to publish draft law on regulating over-the-counter derivatives markets.
   BASEL, Switzerland - The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision meets to continue work on reforming Basel II bank capital framework.
   First half
   BASEL, Switzerland - Basel Committee on Banking Supervision carries out impact assessment on package of measures to toughen up bank capital and liquidity rules.
   First half
   LONDON - International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to publish draft changes to hedge accounting, the final part of its IAS 39 fair value rule revamp that takes effect in 2013.
   BASEL, Switzerland - The Financial Stability Board to present package of measures to address "too big to fail" problems with big banks.
   BRUSSELS - European Commission may propose measures to regulate naked selling of sovereign credit default swaps.
   SEOUL - G20 summit to discuss financial regulation, including how to tackle systemically important banks.
   End 2010
   G20 deadline for finalisation of new, higher levels of capital requirements for banks under new Basel framework.
   End Dec. 2010
   Higher capital requirements introduced for bank trading books as required by the Basel Committee.
   June 2011
   G20 deadline for agreement on convergence of accounting rules set by IASB and U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).
   End 2012
   G20 deadline for implementing new Basel bank capital requirements.
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A Volcanic diary

June 12, 2008

......finally confident about returning home after two difficult weeks of coverage around the volcano......