from The Great Debate:

Elections were a wild party in the 1880s — that’s one reason why more people voted back then

By Donald P. Green
October 29, 2014

A man dressed as Uncle Sam drums up the crowd at an election campaign rally in Saginaw.

The United States has a low voter turnout by comparison to other Western democracies, and our turnout in midterm elections is especially abysmal, attracting roughly 40 percent of eligible voters to the polls.

from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

Rousseff and the damage done

October 27, 2014

Few political developments in the last several months have been more binary than Brazil’s presidential election. It has been more polarized than the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Ebola scare, the U.S. Midterm elections, Ukraine and what-have-you.

from Breakingviews:

Occupy misses real threats to Hong Kong’s future

October 2, 2014

By Robyn Mak

The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions expressed are her own.

from Hugo Dixon:

UK faces unpalatable election choice

By Hugo Dixon
September 29, 2014

By Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon is Editor-at-Large, Reuters News. The opinions expressed are his own.

from Breakingviews:

Hong Kong shreds hopes for orderly disorder

September 29, 2014

By Robyn Mak and John Foley

The authors are Reuters Breakingviews columnists. The opinions expressed are their own. 

from Over-Gaffenated:

Brazil on the grill

September 24, 2014

The idea of increased political risk when it comes to the U.S. markets has been mined before, and it’s true that the uncertainty that surrounds debates such as the renewal of the Export-Import Bank’s charter and the growing expectation that Republicans, should they take power in November in the Senate, could force another confrontation over the debt ceiling. That said, political risk in the U.S. isn’t anything when compared with Brazil as the largest South American economy gears up for its presidential election, a contest between current president Dilma Rousseff and environmentalist Marina Silva, who until last month wasn’t even running (she was the vice presidential candidate for her party, whose original candidate was killed in a plane crash).

from Breakingviews:

Tragedy may reshape Brazil economy, not just vote

August 27, 2014

By Martin Hutchinson and Richard Beales

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from Breakingviews:

Review: Paul Ryan changes delivery but not direction

August 22, 2014

By Stephanie Rogan

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from MacroScope:

When Mario met Jean-Claude

By Mike Peacock
August 6, 2014

European Central Bank President Draghi and Eurogroup President -Juncker talk during a news conference in Nicosia, Cyprus

A day before the European Central Bank’s monthly policy meeting, ECB President Mario Draghi will travel to Luxembourg for talks with incoming European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

from The Great Debate UK:

Britain’s 8 million renters are a key electoral battleground

By Guest Contributor
June 18, 2014

--Stephen Evans is a former Senior Policy Advisor for HM Treasury and Director of Employment and Skills at Working Links. The opinions expressed are his own.--