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A Minute With: Nandita Das

November 27, 2014

Nandita Das might be one of the few Indian actors known outside of India, but she isn’t sure that she wants to be identified as an actor. Currently on a four-month fellowship at Yale University, Das has myriad interests besides acting and directing, the latest of which is CinePlay, a new venture started by her husband, the industrialist Subodh Maskara.

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Bollywood makes up for years of bias against women

November 13, 2014

Charu Khurana remembers watching Hollywood films like "Star Wars" and "King Kong" as a child. Their special effects, prosthetics and makeup sparked her interest in the craft. She studied makeup in Los Angeles and returned to India to work in the film industry, only to discover that a 59-year-old rule barred women from becoming makeup artists in movies.

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Movie Review: Super Nani

October 31, 2014

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Picture taken from the official Facebook page for the movie Indra Kumar must have a time machine. How else do you explain him making a movie that takes us all back to the dark ages?

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Movie Review: Hasee Toh Phasee

February 7, 2014

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Vinil Mathew’s “Hasee Toh Phasee” has the trappings of a conventional Hindi romantic comedy -- the big fat wedding; the quirky extended family; two lost souls; and much song and dance.

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South Indian masala remakes no longer a sureshot Bollywood hit

January 31, 2014

Once considered a permanent fixture on the yearly slate of most production houses, the masala film, a hodgepodge of romance, action and comedy that revolves around a flawless hero, is slowly losing its sheen among Bollywood audiences.

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India’s Oscar fight: Batra offers an apology, and some advice

October 1, 2013

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Ritesh Batra, director of the “The Lunchbox,” apologized to the Film Federation of India after accusing the group of corruption because it did not pick his movie as India's contender for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2013 Academy Awards.

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Gujarati film ‘The Good Road’ is India’s Oscar entry

September 21, 2013

The Good Road”, a Gujarati-language film, has been chosen as India’s entry to the 2014 Oscars, stealing attention from a critically acclaimed love story that was screened at the Cannes film festival this year.

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Mike Pandey hits bureaucratic hurdle for film on tigers

May 10, 2013

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No consensus on sex, violence and censorship in Bollywood

May 2, 2013

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Aatma: No soul in this horror flick

March 22, 2013

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The real test of a good horror movie, at least in my book, is when you can’t stop thinking about it and feel a shiver down your spine at night. All the great horror movies do that to you.