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from Oddly Enough Blog:

Have another round? No, I mean drinks!

Blog Guy, I need some of your great advice on home entertaining.

Is it something that can be solved by a fancy Williams-Sonoma gadget?

Not this time. I've invited some of those anti-Gaddafi soldiers over for a home- cooked dinner, and I'm wondering if there's anything special I should know. We'll start with pre-dinner drinks in the living room.

That sounds lovely. Make sure they have a clear line of fire.

Excuse me? Clear line of fire?

You know, they'll want to use your sofa's arm rest for their assault weapons, so you should only put one fighter on each piece of furniture.

Yikes! What about my dining room? I've planned a formal setting for an eight-course meal with my Limoges china. Is that okay?

Sure, as long as the guys can squeeze off a few rounds from an open window between the soup and fish courses.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Who has the worst taste on earth?

Knock-knock! Hello, are you Aisha, the daughter of fugitive strongman Muammar Gaddafi?

Who wants to know?

I believe I'm expected. I'm Lamar, the writer from "Extremely Poor Taste" magazine. I'm here for a tour of your home.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Decorating with a brain and a crane…

Blog Guy, several months ago you analyzed the Libyan conflict by comparing the furniture styles of the Gaddafi supporters and the rebels. I believe you called it "Divan intervention in Libya?" What else can we learn by looking at protesters and their furniture?

Good question. Check these demonstrators in Israel in the top photo. They've done a fine job of turning their protest site into a cozy living room.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

So you think you’re a tuft guy, huh?

Blog Guy, I need your help with redecorating our dining room.

We want something really new. You know, something dinner guests will remember.

I hear you. Get yourself down to a store called The Seat of Power and ask to see their dictator-themed dining room ensemble. It's called the Martinet Set.

Martinet? Is that like Raisinette?

Not really.  Martinets are authoritarians, and you can get a collection of dining room chairs representing famous strongmen. Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein...

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Divan intervention in Libya?


Blog Guy, I rely on your blog for most of my international news, and I'm wondering if you can help make some sense of this thing in Libya. Which side is right?

Well, I'm only speaking for myself of course, but I'll have to go with the rebels.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Eft, eft, eft wite eft…


Okay Colonel Johnson, thank you for appearing before the Senate Defense Committee with your blueprint for a strong military in our new breakaway republic.

Now, as I understand it, all of your emphasis is on strong teeth and good oral hygiene for our troops, is that correct?

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Mabel, Mabel, strong and able, your new skirt’s a coffee table!

Blog Guy, I  need some advice on personal finances.

Like many people these days, money is tight.

BRAZIL-FASHION/I need new furniture for my apartment, but being a young single chick, I also like to dress well and keep up with the latest fashions. I can't have both, so which way should I go?

You CAN have both, honey! A growing number of fashion houses are branching out into home furnishings, so you can enjoy your living room at home, and wear it when you go out.

from Shop Talk:

It’s September — have you redecorated your home yet?

PIER1IMPORTS/By Dhanya Skariachan

The recession spelled doomsday for many furnishings retailers. The ones who survived learned the need to downsize. So what does the $133 billion highly-fragmented furnishings industry need right now?

How about a promotional campaign that actually manages to reach the consumer?

Robert Maricich, President and CEO of furnishings showroom and trade complex World Market Center, thinks it could work.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Turning the tables on police?

Lonnie! Where you goin' with my good table?

Nowhere, Ma!

Lonnie, I'm not stupid! You're strappin' my good table to yer car!

Okay, Jeez! I'm takin' it down to our protest today, to throw it at the police.

Yikes, Lonnie! Throwin' a heavy table at the cops? What are you protesting?

Police brutality, Ma.

But I NEED my table, Lon! It's canasta night!

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it's a deductible political donation. Plus, I wrote your name and address on the bottom.

Oh, you're a good son, Lonnie!

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A protester throws a table at the police during an annual march against police brutality in downtown Montreal March 15, 2009. REUTERS/ Christinne Muschi

from DealZone:

Chairgate: the Economist recants

The Economist has published a correction to its earlier report that Henry Kravis, KKR's archetypal "Barbarian at the Gate", may have stumped up 22 million euros for a chair once owned by Yves Saint Laurent:

"Our report suggested that Henry and Marie-Josée Kravis may have been the purchasers of an early 20th-century chair designed by Eileen Gray. Mr Kravis assures us that neither he nor anyone in his family bought the chair in question. Our apologies to all concerned," the free-trade-loving weekly says.