from Breakingviews:

Macau casino stocks are priced for perfection

February 28, 2014

By Ethan Bilby

The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist.  The opinions expressed are his own.

from India Insight:

Modi, Kejriwal become latest video game characters as developers focus on elections

October 4, 2013

Politicians are becoming the Super Mario Brothers equivalent for Indian video gamers as 2014 election fever starts to settle over the country.

from MediaFile:

Zynga’s Pincus fights back against copycat accusations

February 1, 2012

Mark Pincus, the CEO of Zynga, isn't pleased with reports that Zynga is ripping off games from small developers so he is doing something about it--wielding his pen to write passionate manifestos to employees invoking Silicon Valley greats like Apple.

from MediaFile:

Microsoft’s Kinect eyes path beyond gaming, into other industries

November 10, 2011

As Microsoft Corp's Xbox gaming console nears its 10th anniversay, the company said its future may lie beyond gaming.

from MediaFile:

EA cuts out middleman, launches video game download service

June 3, 2011

It might be a few days before a stampede of people will storm into the LA convention center to catch the video game industry's latest wares but EA wasted no time in getting out the word about its new digital download service, dubbed "Origin."

from Funds Hub:

Catching the wave

January 26, 2010

SurferDistressed debt investors are pinning their hopes on a second wave of insolvencies in 2010 after banks' refusal to write off bad loans made 2009 something of a damp squib.

from Breakingviews:

A bold gamble at Harrah’s

October 28, 2009

Big debts and plunging revenues usually make a toxic cocktail, but it can still go down smoothly with financial engineering.