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“Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert debuts new single

lambertSinger Adam Lambert has graduated from "American Idol," ended his flirtation with classic rock band Queen and now he has one message for his fans, "Baby, do what I say."

That last quote among the lyrics from Lambert's new single "For Your Entertainment," the title track from his upcoming album. The album comes out on Nov. 23, but the single came out on Friday, debuting on "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest's L.A. radio station. It's now playable at Lambert's official website. To listen, click here.

The single features lyrics like the following, "Let's go/ It's my show/ Baby, do what I say" and the equally assertive, "Oh, do you know what you got into?/ Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do?/ Because it's about to get rough for you/ I'm here for your entertainment."

You can say this for Adam, he's not shy.adam-lambert

The singer with a penchant for flashy costumes and eye makeup, who finished second this year on "Idol" to Kris Allen, appears on the cover of his forthcoming debut album looking glamorous and ladylike, and even somewhat resembling pop star Rihanna. The openly gay Lambert said that the cover shot was meant to look "campy" and "ridiculous."

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Adam Lambert — still out to shock

Remember "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert?

Last season, his penchant for flashy costumes and eye makeup on the No. 1-rated TV talent show earned him the nickname "Glambert".  After the show ended, he disclosed publicly that he was gay. You can read about it here and here.adam_r11_021

The cover of his forthcoming debut album "For Your Entertainment" is getting people talking about Lambert all over again, six months after he lost the "Idol" title to Kris Allen.

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“American Idol” Kris Allen woos Wal-Mart investors

krisallenIt reminds us of those old Disney commercials in which, after a big victory, a sports star is asked where they are going next, and the answer is "Disneyworld," or something close to that.

But in this case, it is recent "American Idol" winner Kris Allen, who after winning the TV talent contest last month wasn't schmoozing with Mickey Mouse, he was singing for Wal-Mart investors at the mass market retailer's annual meeting in Arkansas on Friday.

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Lambert says Allen won “Idol” because he’s “a great artist”

adam-lambert"American Idol's" Adam Lambert surprised and awed fans all season with his unique brand of vocal gymnastics and dramatic flair, but nothing shocked "Glambert" followers more than when he placed second to low-key Kris Allen in the ultra-popular singing competition on Wednesday night.

Lambert himself, however, appeared unfazed by the loss of the "Idol" crown. Backstage after the show, he said he looks forward to making an album, and blew off the suggestion that his sexuality had anything to do with the season's outcome.

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“Idol” singers have “chill” attitudes ahead of finale

They went head-to-head in the final showdown of "American Idol" on Tuesday night, but if any animosity exists between finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, it was not apparent when they spoke to reporters backstage after the show.


The only moment of friction, and it was all a joke, came when Lambert, the taller contestant between the two, lowered the microphone for the shorter Allen after the two stepped onto a speakers' podium. Allen laughed at the gesture.

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“Idol” turns to Kara for winner’s first single

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will be getting all the attention on Tuesday when they sing for the "American Idol" title. But new judge Kara DioGuardi will also be sharing the limelight.kara

Songwriter DioGuardi, who has worked in the past with Kelly Clarkson and co-wrote Ashlee Simpson's hit single "Pieces of Me",  is credited as co-writer of "No Boundaries"  -- the new song that will be released as a single by the winner of the TV talent show, music industry sources say.

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Adam Lambert and Kris Allen to face off in “Idol” finale

allen-1The elimination of Danny Gokey on Wednesday's broadcast of "American Idol" answered a question "Fan Fare" posed the night before -- namely if Gokey's rival Kris Allen was really a "dark horse" contestant with any chance of winning.

The fans have spoken and Allen will face presumed frontrunner Adam Lambert in the finale next week. And importantly, he and Lambert were separated by just slightly more than 1 million votes, out of about 88 million total votes for the Top 3 contestants. Still, Lambert has by far attracted the most media buzz and praise from the judges, with Simon Cowell all but lobbying the viewers during Tuesday's broadcast to vote for Lambert.

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Is Kris Allen really a dark horse going into “Idol” finale?

USA/"American Idol" on Tuesday entered the last week of competition before the finale, and we at "Fan Fare" had the good fortune to land second-row seats in the talent show's live studio audience. (For the record, this twist of fate had nothing to do with our coverage of the show -- it was good old-fashioned standing in line combined with almost two years of being on a waiting list.)

Watching "Idol" in its natural habitat revealed dozens of quirks imperceptible to the 25 million or so viewers who tune in at home. First off, the studio was smaller than expected -- even more intimate than watching a live show in a theater. One audience member in our row even remarked that it was smaller than her college lecture hall.

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It’s a boys’ club on “Idol” as finale looms

With Allison Iraheta getting the boot on Wednesday night, three white men will duke it out for the "American Idol" crown for the first time in the show's history.


Iraheta's offing couldn't have come as a huge surprise to the show's viewers, who saw her land among the show's lowest vote-getters three previous times this season. In that sense, she was no Chris Daughtry, whose shocking fourth place finish three years ago was replayed on Wednesday night's show before his band performed its new single, the appropriately titled "No Surprise." 

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“Idol” judges throw stones on Rock Week

In contrast to last week on "American Idol" when it seemed the contestants could do no wrong, the judges found plenty of stones to throw at the Top 4 on Rock Week. Except for Adam Lambert, who as usual thrilled the panelists.allison-iraheta

Lambert, coming off his shocking first trip to the Bottom Three last week, sang British supergroup Led Zeppelin's hit "Whole Lotta Love" and struck all the high notes, jerking his head to the side in rhythm with the band and glowering with an expression Elvis Presley might have worn if he was fused with John Travolta. The judges loved it.