from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

Somebody Has to Save Our Skins

April 28, 2016

After myriad disappointments such as results from the likes of Apple, Intel and Alphabet and similarly dispiriting results from smaller companies like Twitter (which really doesn’t belong in this conversation, but here we are, darling), the stock market is now looking ahead for some kind of big win in earnings season to sort of set investors a bit less on edge.

from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

Who’s Your Moses Now, See?

April 27, 2016

So, uh, that happened. Apple put together an earnings report that seemed to spell the official end of the iPhone as an unstoppable force, as time, well, time waits for no one. And so after nine years without a sales decline, one has finally happened, and it’s cast a pall over markets so far in the early going for futures. Just how much the market reacts will be instructive for how much Apple still means for the overall market.

from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

Reaching a Permanent Plateau

April 20, 2016

It doesn't seem to make exact sense, but the market isn't far from a record and looks set to extend the bull market to make it the second-longest such bull run in history as the S&P 500 closes in on another all-time record. The market right now is grinding through lackluster global growth, expectations that the Fed is going to raise interest rates again before long, uncertain direction of oil prices, and right now a pretty ugly earnings period that has started off with some really uninspiring results from the banks and a handful of big tech companies.

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India Markets Weekahead: Bulls back on track, buy on dips

March 20, 2016

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Markets consolidated during the week and at one point threatened to break Nifty 7,400 levels. But the index rallied to close above 7,600 points, up 1.25 percent for the week. The gains were part of an Asian rally triggered by a strengthening of regional currencies against the dollar.

from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

Fed Games

March 16, 2016

The market’s primary concern comes this afternoon with the release of the Federal Reserve’s statement on monetary policy as markets in the last few weeks have again shifted from an expectation that the Fed would “never hike again, ever, EVER” to “okay, yes, probably later in the year.”

from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

A Busy Week for Policy

March 14, 2016

A busy week beckons, with a troika of big central banks such as the Fed, Bank of England and Bank of Japan all set to have their next policy meetings to look at the interest rate picture.

from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

A Turn for Tuesday

March 8, 2016

Call it Turnaround Tuesday here after investors had rediscovered something of a new era of good feelings of late, with the S&P 500 hanging in there at the 2000 level, bond yields reaching heights not seen in a solid month (yes, that’s not that long), and even a modest widening in the spread between the two-year and 10-year yields, to about 100 basis points. Oil was actually sniffing around $40 a barrel as well.

from Morning Bid with David Gaffen:

A Full Calendar Awaits

February 29, 2016

The markets are set for a busy week as investors leave February on a better footing than when the month started.

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Deutsche Boerse and LSE try to create Brexit hedge

February 26, 2016

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