from Photographers' Blog:

Harvest Moon rising

September 20, 2013

London, England

By Toby Melville

"Moon, Daddy!" exclaimed my two year old daughter excitedly from the rear seat as I drove her back home from a day with the childminder. "Where's the moon?" I inquired as I concentrated on navigating through the evening rush hour on the busy roads of west London. "Over there: moon!" she repeated.

from India Insight:

Indian startup aims for the moon – and $30 million

March 15, 2013

Rahul Narayan, who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, is the founder of Team Indus. It is the only Indian team in a race to the moon by privately funded groups competing for the largest international incentive prize of all time - the Google Lunar X Prize.

from Photographers' Blog:

Attempting to shoot the moon

August 6, 2012

By Luke MacGregor

With very little understanding of astronomy but with the aid of a phone app, I began a three evening attempt to capture the moon with the Olympic Rings. The rings have been hanging iconically on Tower Bridge for the London 2012 Olympic Games and it was suggested to me that a full moon should - at the right angle - cross through them.

from Photographers' Blog:

A star that shined for me

July 5, 2012

By Ueslei Marcelino

It's always a challenge to photograph nature, and the moon is certainly a part of that. Everyone at some time has looked at that giant orb shining in the sky.

from Tales from the Trail:

Washington Extra – Consequential choice

March 18, 2011

Truth or Consequences?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's message on Libya's ceasefire declaration was basically: she'll believe it when she sees it.

from Tales from the Trail:

Obama on the Moon: “been there” (done that)

April 15, 2010

The moon is old news as far as President Barack Obama is concerned.

USA/Landing humans on asteroids and Mars and eventually living indefinitely in space is the future for the American people of Earth.

from The Great Debate:

Time for the space vision thing

April 15, 2010

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida - My head is spinning as I sit here waiting for President Obama to do what should have been done when the White House rolled out its budget for NASA: do the vision thing.

from India Insight:

Chandrayaan finds water ice on moon

March 3, 2010


After India's first lunar mission Chandrayaan - 1 found evidence of water on the moon's surface, scientists have now discovered more than 40 small craters with water ice on the moon.  

from Tales from the Trail:

The First Draft: What was the Nobel committee thinking?

October 9, 2009

OBAMA/Even before sunrise in Washington, tongues were wagging over the Norwegian Nobel Committee's choice of President Barack Obama to receive this year's Nobel Peace Prize. And the big question -- aside from whether a first-term president in his ninth month in office has done enough to deserve the award -- was, what was the committee thinking?

from Pakistan: Now or Never?:

In Pakistan, not over the moon

September 25, 2009

By Zeeshan Haider

Pakistan is battling Taliban militants, trying to patch up relations with old rival India and struggling to revive a limping economy but another issue has preoccupied the country over recent days: the sighting of the moon that markes the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.