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from Global Investing:

Emerging markets to fuel airline spending trajectory

Emerging markets may not have all the technological know-how in civil aerospace, but from China across the world to Brazil, they do have the cash.

The civil aerospace sector performed well in 2013, according to Societe Generale data, trading at a 4 percent premium over the MSCI world index, while the defence sector has steadied, and in the medium to long term civil aerospace should be supported by strong orderbooks from emerging economies.

Research from PwC shows the global aviation industry is set to increase by 3.3 percent to 68 billion by 2022, driven by an increase in fleet size.

Last month China decided to ease a boycott of $11 billion in Airbus jet orders. A letter seen by Reuters gives a breakdown of the A330 orders, the details of which have been mostly kept secret awaiting final approval from the Chinese government.

from UK News:

Little to celebrate at Paris Air Show


-- John Bowker is UK Transport and Utilities Correspondent--


It feels like a typical day at the Paris Air Show -- terrible transport links, a vast complex of exhibition tents, planes of all sizes and noise so dreadful it's impossible to talk, let alone use a mobile phone.


One difference is the weather. It's more like Manchester in February than Paris in June, chucking it down.