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Ringo Starr: “I’m the greatest”

After more than 50 years in the music business -- eight of them in the most scrutinized band on the planet -- Ringo Starr would rather do anything than submit to even more questions. But the former Beatles drummer has a new solo album to promote, and that means more interviews -- most recently at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on Tuesday, when he took part in a Q&A and mini concert for about 230 fans.

ringo1Dressed in black, including an Elvis Presley t-shirt and Nike tennis shoes, the 69-year-old Starr lived up to his reputation as the "funny Beatle." The fans were eager to project a Beatles connection onto his every word, and Starr knew it.

It also helped that Paul McCartney played on the new album "Y Not," the first time the pair have been in the studio together in 12 years. Starr told the audience -- including E Street band drummer Max Weinberg, Edgar Winter and Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh -- that he invited McCartney over to his house in Los Angeles for a cup of tea, his guest pulled out his bass and played along on two tunes. "He understands my drumming because we used to play together," Starr deadpanned.

It was hard to tell if Starr was being serious when he discussed playing with the revolving cast of A-list musicians who tour with him in his All-Starr Band. "I always say that they're great, but I'm the greatest. The drums are holding it down, holding it together," he said.

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Are The Beatles overrated?


A framed handwritten report card from 1950 on the wall of Mendips, John Lennon's childhood home in Liverpool, states:

"John has worked quite well this term. His oral work is very good, his written work is good, but he chatters far too much."

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And the last Beatles song will be…


mccartney1We admit we may be playing into the hands of a marketing campaign designed to eke out as much publicity as possible for the new Beatles interactive "Rock Band" video game on Sept 9. (Read the latest story here). But we couldn't resist what is a rather intriguing question.

What will be the last Beatles song available for fans to "virtually" play from a list of 45 tunes for the new game? Today, the makers announced 19 more titles that will come with the game including "Ticket to Ride," "Come Together," "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and "A Hard Day's Night" -- bringing the list to 44.

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Paul McCartney does not have his songs back from Jackson, but he feels fine

Paul McCartney has put to rest any lingering questions about whether Michael Jackson bequeathed to Macca his rights to songs by The Beatles. The reports began surfacing paul-mccartneybefore Jackson died two weeks ago, but when the King of Pop's will was released last week it contained no reference to any such transfer.

In a post on his website, McCartney wrote that it was all a case of the media getting it wrong.

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Mandy Moore hypnotized on stage in Los Angeles

Mandy Moore was so nervous about premiering the tunes from her upcoming album at an intimate Los Angeles club that she sought help from a hypnotist.

The trick seemed to work, although the former teen idol did not take it to the next logical step and munch on an onion or remove any clothing.

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No Grammy, but Sir Paul goes backstage anyway


Even Sir Paul McCartney is a good sport when it comes to losing, pretending to weep but making light of the fact that he lost an early bid to get his first Grammy in 29 years on Sunday at the 51st annual Grammys.
"I am really annoyed. That is why I didn't come. I don't come to win it, I come to be in it," said McCartney backstage, sporting a t-shirt of the four Beatles with clown noses  designed by his daughter to benefit the charity Comic Relief.
"It is a great thing and I am honored to be asked. I was watching the Golden Globes and I saw Mickey (Rourke) win for best actor. And in the audience there's Clint (Eastwood), there's Brad (Pitt) -- they come to be a part of it, not necessarily win it."
McCartney is the most-honored former Beatle, with 13 Grammys, but his chance at topping that eluded him early on at the Grammys on Sunday. He was competing for two awards and was also scheduled to perform with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.
McCartney lost out to John Mayer on Sunday in the best solo rock vocal performance category. The former Beatle had been nominated for his cover of the early Beatles tune "I Saw Her Standing There," a track from the 12-inch vinyl release "Amoeba's Secret."
McCartney, 66, is also nominated for best male pop vocal performance statuette for "That Was Me," another track from "Amoeba's Secret."

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McCartney fires up MySpace, burns NPR

So I wrote this story the other day about how Guns N' Roses and the Paul McCartney/Youth project The Fireman were running streaming versions of their latest albums on MySpace, the social network that Rupert Murdoch counts as part of his News Corp media empire. The heart of the matter? MySpace touted it as exclusive launches preceding the albums' debuts in stores.

On Thursday, I got a call from someone at National Public Radio who had read my story. Everything seemed fine except that it looked like Sir Paul and his buddy from Killing Joke who comprise Fireman had promised the exclusive to NPR.

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McCartney divorce: Fair payout?

heather.jpgPaul McCartney has been ordered to pay his estranged wife Heather Mills 24.3 million pounds after their public and highly acrimonious divorce settlement.

She said: "we are very, very pleased." The ex-Beatle declined to comment.

High Court judge Mr Justice Bennett made his ruling at the end of the couple's four-year marriage, a union that produced a daughter, Beatrice. It is one of the biggest divorce settlements in Britain, but not THE biggest.