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from Oddly Enough Blog:

Boy, we sure need one of these!

Blog Guy, as someone who is interested in government, I'm wondering if you can find me a photo of President Barack Obama and his whole cabinet together.

Heck, I can find you an OFFICIAL one! Here is an OFFICIAL photo of Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and the whole cabinet, taken just a few days ago.

What's the difference? I mean, what's official about it?

Well, an UNOFFICIAL one might have some bogus characters in it, like Dick Van Dyke or Urkel or Archie and Veronica, but this one is guaranteed to be the OFFICIAL deal.

Wow! What's it cost to produce a thing like that?

A lot. There are 23 people in the shot. Say it took an hour to shoot and they make at least DC minimum wage of $8.25 an hour, that's $189.75, plus the photographer, and the processing down at the Rite Aid.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Yes, you did get me at a bad time!

"Hello? What? Yes, this is Mr. Obama speaking.

"No, it's not pronounced like the bama in Alabama, it sounds like... I'm kinda busy, what's this about?

"Well, I'm in a parking garage now, and I am getting good reception.

"Huh? You've noticed my roaming charges are high? Yeah, I guess I'd be interested in a cheaper plan...

from DealZone:

‘New GM’ Gets a Visit from a Shareholder

obamalordstown1 GM's Lordstown, Ohio assembly plant has become a symbol of both GM's hard times and its best hopes for a turnaround after a $50 billion federal investment. A recent bump in sales because of the government's "Cash for Clunkers" program has allowed GM to call back more than 1,000 workers from layoff.   So it was a natural backdrop for a return visit by President Obama, who held a roundtable with workers and then gave a stump speech from the factory floor for his economic policies and health care reform.   But this is not your father's GM anymore and nothing about it as clear-cut as it seems -- even if you are the leader of the free world and head of the government that holds a controlling stake in the automaker.     At one point, Obama -- veering from his prepared remarks -- suggested that health-care reform would allow the UAW-represented workers in the audience to negotiate better wages.

“Think about it. If you are a member of the union right now, you’re spending all your time negotiating about health care. You need to be spending some time negotiating about wages, but you can’t do it," he said.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

I hope you don’t paint for a living, Slick!

Readers have asked what I thought of Friday's national Day of Service, in which President Barack Obama helped paint a house to show his strong support for volunteer work.

It's great that the first family set such a fine example, but I noticed all these people standing outside the house where the president was working, holding signs saying how much they love Obama...

from Oddly Enough Blog:

You caught some frozen fish sticks, Mr. President!

Blog Guy, you've got great sources for news of President Obama. Is it true he loves to fish?

Yeah. He did some trout fishing in Montana recently, but he confided that his true passion is Office Fishing.  In the Oval Office he loves to pull out the old fishin' poll and see what he can reel in. Of course, lots of it has to be thrown back.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

So then Bill says to Barack…

Quick quiz: Former president Bill Clinton is saying to President Barack Obama...

a) I'm not kidding you, Barack, at Quiznos they've got a Primo Meatball sub THIS long, full of seasoned meatballs and zesty marinara!

b) PLEASE act like you're listening to me, Barack! I don't wanna have to talk to Hillary and George!

from Africa News blog:

How will South Africa reward Caster’s triumph???

South Africa ’s  Caster Semenya returned home today following her 800m gold medal-win at the  World Athletics Championships in Berlin .

She was greeted by headlines from the country’s newspapers, expressing collective  national pride for her achievement.  “Welcome home, Caster, our champ. Caster, this nation is proud of you and we stand behind you, from Cape Town to Musina.”, screamed  the Johannesburg-based The Times Newspaper.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Point that finger once more and see what happens!

Okay, here is a remarkable shot of Barack and Michelle Obama together.

I mean, to me it looks like all of a sudden he shifted from being the president into some kind of Rodney Dangerfield stand-up routine, and Michelle is horrified and doesn't know how to react.

"I tell ya, my wife, she can't cook.  At my house, we pray AFTER we eat!"

"Barack, what are you doing? You're supposed to be talking about U.S.-China relations..."

from Oddly Enough Blog:

My fellow citizens… Blammo! Kapow!

Blog Guy, I see footage of the Secret Service guarding President Obama. It looks like a HUGE task. Has any country found a better way to protect its leaders?

A good question. Yes, of all places, Russia has. Their President, Dmitry Medvadev, protects himself.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Make it a snappy one, Mr. President!

Blog Guy, I know you've written books about presidential protocol and tradition, and I want to make sure I have this right. President Barack Obama is the commander-in-chief, so everybody has to salute him and he doesn't have to salute anyone, right?

No, that's a common misconception.

Really! Who does he have to salute?

For starters, anyone who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, as you can see here.

I didn't know! Who else?

All Heisman Trophy winners, as long as they're not in prison.


The Maitre d' at Citronelle restaurant in DC, and Ms. Doris Johnson of 2268 Elm Street in Muncie, plus the  original members of The Eagles when they're on tour, and the...