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Show of commitment

Sometimes news events can drag on longer than a photographer plans. Just ask Reuters Honduras photographer Edgard Garrido, who has been in the Brazilian embassy holed up with the ousted President for more than 10 days. Your View contributor Edin Tuzlak has been following the story of Bosnian veterans protesting on the streets of Sarajevo for two days. Edin has managed to capture both sides, the police and the protesters, to give viewers an insight into the news event.

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The worst thing about protest? Take your pick!

Okay young man, thanks for volunteering, but do you think you have what it takes to be a pro-democracy protester here in Hong Kong?

You BET I do. I have fire in my heart!

That's the spirit. Because sometimes you may get tear-gassed by police, or maybe even punched and kicked.

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Scenes from a G20 protest, Day Two

Quite a contrast to the previous day. The permitted march in Pittsburgh was peaceful on Friday.

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Scenes from a G20 protest

Reuters reporter Michelle Nichols was on the scene for Thursday's G20 protests. A note to the organizers of next year's summit: You might want to lock up the dumpsters on wheels.

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Graphic: G20 Summit Protests

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Malaysian Muslims charged for cow-head protest against Hindus

cow-head-protestSix Malaysian Muslims have been charged with sedition after they marched with a cow's head to protest the construction of a Hindu temple in a case that has stirred racial tensions in the country. The men were from a group of about 50 who had marched on Aug. 28 with the head of a cow, which is sacred to Hindus, to protest a plan to build a Hindu temple in their mainly Muslim neighbourhood. (Photo: Protesters stomp on cow's head, 28 Aug 2009/Samsul Said)

The incident has angered Malaysia's mainly Hindu Indians who make up 9 percent of this mostly Muslim country of 27 million people.

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Drama in the details

Sometimes pictures need to be seen big. This week's picture of soccer fans clashing with police in the Czech Republic is one of those pictures. Click here to see the full size image.

The more you look at this picture the more the details of the scene become visible - from the look of horror on the woman's face to the overturned potted plant. The soccer fan's eyes are what draw you into the frame but it is the details that keep you looking at it.

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Exploding wieners, run for cover!

Blog Guy, I'm afraid this suicide bomb trend is spreading, and it scares me.

Me too. There are way too many kinds of explosive gadgets. I saw this photo of a woman wearing a device made of an alarm clock and sausages.

Sausages? They don't even explode, do they?

Sure. In many parts of the world they're also called bangers.

But if you look at the real caption, you'll see she's actually protesting on the right side of an issue.

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March highlights BNP controversy

I went to the anti-fascist protest against the far-right British National Party's annual summer "festival" on Saturday fearing trouble.

Tensions between anti-fascist and far-right groups were running high after street fights in Birmingham the previous weekend between football-linked groups protesting against Islamic fundamentalism and young Asian men.

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Did Indians overreact to Shah Rukh Khan being detained?

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan was en route to Chicago for a parade to mark Independence Day when he was detained and questioned at Newark airport.

INDIA-USA/KHANAfter a couple of hours' interrogation, the 43-year-old actor was allowed to make a call, getting in touch with the Indian consulate who vouched for him and secured his release.