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Turning the tables on police?

Lonnie! Where you goin' with my good table?

Nowhere, Ma!

Lonnie, I'm not stupid! You're strappin' my good table to yer car!

Okay, Jeez! I'm takin' it down to our protest today, to throw it at the police.

Yikes, Lonnie! Throwin' a heavy table at the cops? What are you protesting?

Police brutality, Ma.

But I NEED my table, Lon! It's canasta night!

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it's a deductible political donation. Plus, I wrote your name and address on the bottom.

Oh, you're a good son, Lonnie!

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A protester throws a table at the police during an annual march against police brutality in downtown Montreal March 15, 2009. REUTERS/ Christinne Muschi

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from Oddly Enough Blog:

Get up and get your getup on!

Welcome back to our popular feature, Stuff maybe we should have explained in the caption, but didn't. We're told these photos show demonstrators in Edwardian costumes protesting the expansion of London's Heathrow Airport.

Huh? And that would be because airport expansion was a vital issue during the 1901 to 1910 Edwardian era? Or because protesting without a fun period costume just isn't done?

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A shoe hold up

Since Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi hurled his shoes at President Bush, footwear has become an integral part of rallies around the world. You Witness contributor Roshan Norouzi shows us the shoe effect during a protest in Tehran against Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

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Hold my bomb while I find my matches, pal!

I've blogged before about how today's protesters just don't seem to be as dedicated as they were back in the day. I'm starting to think they're not as bright as they used to be, either.

This anarchist is making a Molotov cocktail, a basic tool of the anarchy game. But then, in the bottom photo, he HANDS the fricking thing to a SECURITY GUARD, to be passed along to an ambassador, who's supposed to give it to protesters in Greece!

from Our Take on Your Take:

Mayhem in Mexico


It's a rare moment for us to get so many great pictures from one event.  Diego Uriarte managed to get up close and personal with these protesters in Mexico, close enough to capture the faces of the police as they reacted to the demonstrators.

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Inside the Tent: On the verge of violent protests

Sarah Miller of Eagan, Minnesota, a single mom and college student, talks about goals of protesters at the Republican National Convention, and the likelihood of further violence as the convention draws to a close.

After this video was filmed on Thursday afternoon, several hundred anti-war protestors had hoped to march to the convention hall to confront Republicans, but were blocked by police clad in riot gear on a bridge several blocks away.

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Inside the Tent: Code Pink

Reuters Inside the Tent has more than 40 delegates and other attendees in Denver and St. Paul, equipped with video cameras to capture the conventions from the ground up. The following video is from Kelly Nuxoll, a correspondent for Huffington Post's Off the Bus.

Nuxoll interviews Anne Toepel, a 41-year-old elementary school teacher who founded the Denver-Boulder chapter of Code Pink, which has built its reputation protesting the Iraq war.

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Those moving medal moments…

Isinbayeva on the podiumRemember the Black Power salutes from the podium in Mexico 1968?

The 2008 Beijing Olympics medal ceremonies might not produce anything to match that, but there has been no shortage of drama so far.

In the full emotional spectrum, we have had:

Anger - Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian stormed off the podium to dump his bronze on the mat in a protest against referees.