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No one wins in David Letterman blackmail arrest

David Letterman, victim, victor or philanderer?letterman

The married "Late Show" host's revelation that he had sex with female staff members from his show, and that he worked with authorities to have an alleged blackmail culprit arrested, places Letterman in the odd position of having apparently vanquished a social parasite, but at the same time having his dirty laundry uncovered in the process.

Certainly, the audience was on his side during Letterman's 10-minute exposition of what he first described as a "little story" he wanted to tell them. The audience clapped and laughed at even the most awkward moments of his tale, such as when he admitted to, as he put it, the "creepy" detail from his life at the heart of the alleged extortion plot, namely that he had sex with women who work on his show.

At one point, an apparently befuddled Letterman said, "Now why is that funny?"

The question is whether Letterman's television audience is also inclined to laugh off the whole affair. It seems no one can win in this whole debacle, not Letterman, not his family and not the women who were involved with him.

Certainly, Letterman himself seemed chastened by the whole thing, saying that he was motivated to protect his family and also his job.