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from Oddly Enough Blog:

Oh, the humanity!

Blog Guy, can you settle a bet I have with my investment manager's astrologer?

Wait. Doesn't it bother you that your investment manager HAS an astrologer?

Nah, it beats the hell out of his damned Magic 8-Ball. "Should I get out of the stock market?" "Ask again later..." Sheesh.

Anyway, he says the Pope gets a summer vacation, but I think the Pope works all the time.

You're both right. The Pope does spend time at a fairly nice summer residence, at Castelgandolfo, Italy.

Just "fairly nice?" What's wrong with it?

They don't have TV reception there, not even basic cable. There's no "Everybody Loves Raymond," no nothing.

from Environment Forum:

Why is this Great White Shark smiling?

For this Great White Shark, it's even better now in the Bahamas.

The long-running tourist slogan has a new meaning for all 40 of the shark species around the Caribbean island chain after the Bahamian government banned all commercial shark fishing in the approximately  243,244 square miles  (630,000 square kilometers) of the country’s waters.

What's good for sharks is good for the Bahamian economy. These big fish bring in about $78 million each year, or more than $800 million over the last 20 years, according to the Bahamas Diving Association -- the Bahamas is one of the world's premier shark-watching destinations for divers.

from Tales from the Trail:

Washington Extra – swimming with the fishes

The U.S. economy continues to swim with the fishes – weekly unemployment claims are at a nine-month high and the director of the Congressional Budget Office says the unemployment rate won’t fall to around 5 percent until 2014. Not much in the way of economic sunshine today.

USA/President Barack Obama commented on the economic cloud before heading to Martha’s Vineyard where his family is taking their end-of-summer vacation.  

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Don’t poke that shark in the eye, Lamar

jaws publicity girl 490

As some of you know, a string of shark sightings in recent weeks has rattled swimmers in Massachusetts, and is evoking memories of the "Jaws" movie hysteria.

Officials in the Cape Cod town of Chatham have warned beach-goers to stay close to shore after "numerous" sightings of great white sharks.

from Global Investing:

Deflation to jump the shark?

The recent spate of shark attacks on Australian beaches could mark a turning point in global deflation and signal a change in fortunes for some beleaguered emerging economies, if Nomura strategist Sean Darby is to be believed.

Speaking at a Nomura investors forum, Darby said a chance sighting of a shark on Sydney's famed Bondi Beach three weeks ago made him realise that prices of grain and other soft commodities -- punished of late by global recession fears -- could be due for a rebound.

from Global News Journal:

Best reads of January

Gaza gets 180 minute respite to shop, bury the dead - "For 180 precious minutes, Israeli warplanes and tanks held their fire, giving 1.5 million shell-shocked residents of the coastal enclave a chance to check on family members, shop for essentials and bury their dead."

Spain's jobless lose homes, tensions mount - "'One day this place is going to explode,' said unemployed waiter Miguel Roa, a Spaniard. Since December, he has lost his job and his home as well as seeing his family split as economic crisis ended 14 years of growth in Spain.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

We lose more Santas this way…

Blog Guy, I know you sometimes do fantasy photos for your readers. Do you have any money left in your 2008 budget?

Some, and I have to spend it by December 31. What do you have in mind?

A guy riding a bicycle underwater.

I should be able to manage that.

Hey, not so fast. I want him dressed as Santa Claus.

You're very weird. Anything else?

Can you throw in a live shark?

You know what sharks cost in December? Oh, okay.

Can he be holding a waterproof copy of Dogs Playing Poker?

Sorry, that puts me over-budget. Just take this and shut up.

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A diver in a Santa Claus costume rides a bicycle in a shark aquarium at Jakarta's Sea World, December 19, 2008.  REUTERS/Supri