from Global Investing:

When Japan was an emerging country

June 12, 2013

Recent wild swings in Japan's financial markets -- stocks, bonds and the yen -- make Japan look almost like an emerging country.

from Raw Japan:

Ozawa’s image headache

January 29, 2010

Shadow Shogun, The Destroyer and Backroom Fixer.

Japan's ruling party kingpin, Ichiro Ozawa, has earned several less-than-flattering nicknames for an approach to politics that has seen him shaking up government in the country for decades, culminating in his party's historic election victory last August.

from Raw Japan:

Japan’s ‘shadow shogun’

December 18, 2009

Often said to prefer to rule from the shadows, ruling party Secretary-General Ichiro Ozawa dominated the front pages of most of Japan's major newspapers on Thursday, after giving Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama what reports said was a dressing down over government spending the previous day.