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Harvest Moon rising

September 20, 2013

London, England

By Toby Melville

"Moon, Daddy!" exclaimed my two year old daughter excitedly from the rear seat as I drove her back home from a day with the childminder. "Where's the moon?" I inquired as I concentrated on navigating through the evening rush hour on the busy roads of west London. "Over there: moon!" she repeated.

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A star that shined for me

July 5, 2012

By Ueslei Marcelino

It's always a challenge to photograph nature, and the moon is certainly a part of that. Everyone at some time has looked at that giant orb shining in the sky.

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Hazy shade of Dhaka

December 11, 2009


By combining a silhouetted worker and the headlights of a vehicle, Your View contributor Saad Shahriar has depicted what a hazy night on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, looks like.

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A postcard moment: rain, late arrival, 100 competitors

February 19, 2009

Going for an assignment where you're sure of a good picture can cause more stress than you imagine.

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There is always one (but in this case two)… Part two

July 24, 2008

It didn't take long this time to find a photograph that leapt off the screen. I had intended to select the one image from the Reuters daily file that knocks your socks off. The problem is I found two!