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Exorcism at the ghost fair

February 5, 2013

Malajapur, India

By Danish Siddiqui

Malajpur is a small but not ordinary village in central India. In fact it is probably the only village in India which has been hosting a ghost fair for the past several years. People from across the country come to this fair to get rid of ‘evil spirits’ that they claim to be possessed by.

from FaithWorld:

Haiti quake raises fears of child-eating spirits

January 28, 2010

haiti kids

Children in a homelss camp in Port-au-Prince, 27 Jan 2010/Eduardo Munoz

The earthquake that shattered Haiti has unleashed fears that child-eating spirits, mythological figures entrenched in Haitian culture, are prowling homeless camps in search of young prey.

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Tibetan mountain spirits

August 28, 2009


Every summer the green hills of Rebkong are home to unique celebrations during which local Tibetans believe the mountain gods visit villagers -- and each other -- through human mediums.

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Recessions are so hard on the rich

April 24, 2009

The global recession is taking a severe toll on luxury goods, with LVMH -- owner of Dom Perignon, Louis Vuitton and De Beers -- reporting sharp declines at its wines, spirits, watches and jewellery divisions.

from Shop Talk:

Constellation’s holiday drink sales less than stellar – CEO

January 7, 2009

FOSTERS/With so many forecasters talking about the 2008 holiday season in extremes (the weakest since 1970, one of the worst in modern times), it's refreshing to hear an executive suggest that, ok, things were not great, but they weren't horrible either.