from The Great Debate:

NSA as ‘Big Brother’? Not even close

June 28, 2013

Reader holding a copy of George Orwell's 1984, June 9, 2013.  REUTERS/Toby Melville

from The Great Debate:

The great paradox of Hobsbawm’s choice

October 3, 2012

The words “communist” and “socialist” are now used so recklessly in the United States that their meaning has been devalued. But Eric Hobsbawm, the British historian who died Oct. 1, was the real deal.

from Fan Fare:

Daytime therapist, nighttime filmmaker captures Soviet life

June 25, 2010

Photo by Daniel Bases

He's a physiotherapist by day and a filmmaker by nights, weekends and everything in between. Semyon Pinkhasov has captured facets of Soviet life that rarely get shared beyond Russia's borders, even after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

Gramps was a big fat poopy-head!

December 28, 2009
RUSSIA/ You have to respect people who defend the proud name of their ancestors. It's all too easy to take cheap shots at folks who are no longer around to defend themselves. So, hats off to Yevgeny Dzhugashvili for suing a radio station for negative comments about his grandfather, who was, let's see  just a minute here, Josef Stalin....Wait a second. Did I read that right?

from Global News Journal:

Death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn – dissident and writer

August 4, 2008

Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn talks to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin after receiving a State Prize for his achievements in the humanitarian field at his home in Troitse-Lykovo outside Moscow June 12, 2007.Tributes have been pouring in for Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian author, former Soviet dissident and Nobel Literature prize laureate who died on Sunday aged 89.