from Alison Frankel:

Texas’ untenable anti-refugee case

December 11, 2015

(Reuters) - U.S. District Judge David Godbey of Dallas didn't do a lot of explaining in his order Wednesday denying the Texas Health and Human Services Commission a temporary restraining order to block the resettlement in Houston of nine Syrian refugees. The entire ruling is less than three pages long, and, as Reuters reported, concludes simply that Texas hasn't met the requisite showing of irreparable harm.

from The Great Debate:

Breaking down the legal issues in Sandra Bland’s arrest

July 23, 2015

[This story contains graphic language.]

On July 10 Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old African-American woman, was pulled over by a state trooper in Prairie View, Texas, after allegedly failing to use a turn signal. The confrontation turned violent, and Bland was arrested and charged with assaulting an officer. She died three days later in her jail cell, after hanging herself.

from Jim Gaines:

Clear-eyed dissent from Supreme Court’s ruling to allow Texas voter ID law

October 18, 2014


Before dawn on Saturday morning, the Supreme Court issued a terse, unsigned ruling that, in effect, endorsed Texas’s voter-ID law, the most restrictive such law in the nation.

from The Great Debate:

View from Dallas, Texas: The city isn’t taking Ebola seriously enough

October 14, 2014


DALLAS, Texas -- I woke up to an early text from a close neighbor Sunday morning: “Did you get an emergency call from the city?” she asked. Dallas residents in the “M Streets” area were receiving reverse 911 calls about a nurse who lived on the 5700 block of Marquita, a street just four blocks south and four blocks west of the quiet block of McCommas, where I reside with my husband and two young children. The latest international health crisis patient – the first person to contract the disease on American soil – was a neighbor. Ebola was literally at my doorstep.

from The Great Debate:

Perry’s indictment: Crime and punishment, Texas-style

August 27, 2014

Texas Governor Perry, a possible Republican candidate for 2016 presidential race, answers questions from reporters following appearance at business leaders luncheon in Portsmouth

It’s a big country, where states have their own legal peculiarities, political cultures and definitions of what makes a debilitating political scandal. Take Texas, for example, where the Republican governor, Rick Perry, has been indicted for abuse of office.

from The Great Debate:

You can’t blame immigrants for gun violence

July 24, 2014

A pile of handguns are placed in a trash bin after they were surrendered during a gun buyback program in Los Angeles, California

The eruption of anti-immigrant fury over the federal government’s plans to temporarily relocate undocumented Latino children to shelters and Border Patrol facilities in Murietta, California, and other cities, is largely founded on the expressed belief that immigrants bring drugs and crime, threatening the safety of communities.

from The Great Debate:

Twitter use on the rise in #statecapitals

January 7, 2014

Twitter’s November initial public offering has been a success for the company’s founders and early investors. This reflects the market’s optimistic view of the company’s profit-making potential. For Twitter has transformed much of daily life -- including how we get our news, communicate with others and participate in public discourse. (In fact, many media outlets now factor in what is trending on Twitter when covering news stories.)

from MuniLand:

Texas’ great energy success

January 2, 2014

Texas is America’s energy powerhouse, producing 16 percent of domestic energy, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration:

from The Great Debate:

Democrats: It’s the states, stupid!

July 14, 2013


Unless the Democrats wake up to the importance of winning state legislative elections, they are likely to remain a largely impotent minority in the House of Representatives and equally feeble in the state legislatures. The momentous Supreme Court decisions on the Voting Rights Act, same-sex marriage and affirmative action make winning these races all the more vital, for all these rulings deal with state action. The huge Republican victory in the 2010 election could turn out to be a gift that keeps giving.

from Full Focus:

Photos of the week

April 19, 2013

Our top photos from the past week.