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from India Insight:

For Oscar-winning Tanovic, Emraan Hashmi’s “serial kisser” tag didn’t matter

When Danis Tanovic chose Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi to play a Pakistani whistle-blower in his new project, the Oscar-winning Bosnian film-maker wasn’t aware of the actor’s notoriety as Indian cinema's "serial kisser".
Tanovic eventually watched some of Hashmi’s Bollywood hits and found it funny that the actor had such a different image in India.

"Here he comes with a bunch of luggage and in front of me he came as a man, as an actor," said the 45-year-old director, describing Hashmi as a "very calm, decent guy."

In "Tigers", an Indian-French production that premiered at the Toronto film festival last week, Hashmi plays a young Pakistani salesman who exposes the harmful effects of the multinational infant formula he's peddling.

"It's a story that has been happening since 30-40 years and it is still happening today," said Tanovic. "Thank God not much in India but there are many countries that suffered. It’s basically talking about corporate responsibility versus profit," he told India Insight in an interview.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

It’s a jungle out there…


Johnson, get your butt into my office!

What did I do now, Boss? I thought I was improving as a news photographer.

GERMANY/You are! I see all of our clients used YOUR photos of new those tiger cubs at the zoo. It's as if the competition didn't even send anybody!

They did send a photographer, Boss. The tigers ate him. It was pretty gross.

And while this poor guy was being torn limb from limb, you just kept shooting the cute little cubs?

from Environment Forum:

Backyard tigers

ENVIRONMENT-TIGERS/Would you keep a tiger as a pet?

A puppy-sized tiger cub can be bought in the United States for as little as $200, and there are probably about 5,000 such backyard tigers across the country, about the same number of privately owned tigers in China, according to World Wildlife Fund.

That is far greater than the approximately 3,200 wild tigers worldwide, compared to the estimated 100,000 wild tigers a century ago. The growing number of these animals in captivity poses a threat to the species in the wild, WWF reports.

from Oddly Enough Blog:

I guess he’s seen a dart gun before, Earl!


I'll tell you what, Earl, this ain't good. When a tiger escapes from a zoo, somebody notices something like that!

I got it under control, Boss!

tiger dart crop 260Under control? It's Family Day here, a huge tiger is stalking the grounds looking for lunch, and it's under control?

from Fan Fare:

“Birds” star Tippi Hedren says Michael Jackson’s tigers doing fine

Back in 2006, actress Tippi Hedren adopted Michael Jackson's two tigers from his Neverland Ranch, the Central California property that Jackson all but abandoned after his 2005 trial and acquittal on child molestation charges.tippi-hedren

How are the big cats doing? Just fine, Tippi says.

"They're just great, and they were beautiful when they came to us," Hedren told reporters on Tuesday, on the red carpet of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which was celebrating its 100th anniversary.

from Left field:

The shoot-out where blazing over the bar is a good thing

Major rugby's first shoot-out was followed, almost inevitably, by a tidal wave of complaints about how unfair it all was.

Leicester secured a slot in the final of the Heineken Cup, Europe's premier club competition, after beating Cardiff Blues 7-6 "on penalties" on Sunday.

from Environment Forum:

Can Indiana Jones help save tigers?

World Bank President Robert Zoellick (L) and actor Harrison Ford take part in the launch of the Tiger Conservation Initiative at the National Zoo in Washington June 9, 2008. The initiative will bring together wildlife experts, scientists and governments to try to halt the killing and thriving illegal trade in tiger skins, meat and body parts used in traditional Asian medicines. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES)Indiana Jones and the World Bank sound like an odd couple to get anything done ("Quick, shoot that robber!" "Wait, we have to do a two-year feasibility study first!") but are part of a new alliance trying to save the world's tigers. (Read my colleague Leslie Wroughton's fine story here)

Will it work? Tigers are under threat from loss of prey and habitats and a black market in tiger skins and bones.