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Ending the debt limit crisis: Dear Ben Bernanke

October 9, 2013

Warren Buffett calls the debt ceiling a “nuclear weapon, too horrible to use.” Obama administration official Jason Furman says the consequence of a default on U.S. government debt is “too terrible to think about.” When asked about a default, Wells Fargo strategist James Kochan simply commented, “Holy cripes.”

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The fiscal cliff and “budgetary crystal meth”

October 10, 2012













Want to scare yourself a little? Bill Gross, who runs one of the world’s largest bond mutual funds, says that U.S. Treasuries are losing their status as the top global asset. Bloomberg has the story (emphasis mine):

from James Saft:

The death of the Treasury benchmark

July 26, 2011

James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.

A U.S. default or debt downgrade may set off market fireworks but the longer-term effects of the death of Treasury bonds as a universal benchmark of risk may ultimately be more significant.

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Debt ceiling & dumber: No safe haven for your money?

July 15, 2011

Washington is now acting out a scene from Tennessee Williams' classic play Glass Menagerie. The ever-fragile players are about to shatter .

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Scary and scarier: rising prices and rising rates

April 12, 2011

Data expected out of Washington this week may raise anxiety levels of investors and consumers who are already worried about inflation and rising interest rates.A gasoline pump is seen hanging at a petrol station in central Seoul April 6, 2011. REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

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Glassman’s redemption: Find an investment safety net

February 21, 2011

James Glassman is seen in this American Enterprise Institute undated handout photo released December 11, 2007.  REUTERS/AEI/Handout It's hard to climb out of an abyss in which you've predicted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would hit 36,000 -- only to see it crash twice and get pinned to the mat for years. James Glassman was one of the many bubbly U.S. stock cheerleaders who recommended stocks for the long term at the wrong time.

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Phony Social Security reform arguments: When will media get it?

February 14, 2011

BRITAIN/Why do reporters parrot misinformation about Social Security? It's probably done in the name of balance and a centrist approach. Trouble is, the center on this issue has been pulled so far right that the Beltway consensus portrays Social Security as a program in crisis and a main driver of the federal budget deficit.

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Bond. Treasury bond.

February 4, 2011

A handout photo of David Gaffen REUTERS/HandoutThe following is an edited excerpt from Never Buy Another Stock Again: The Investing Portfolio that Will Preserve Your Wealth and Your Sanity, written by David Gaffen, who is the Reuters markets editor. It was printed with permission of FT Press, an imprint of Pearson.

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Muni bonds: A tale of two cities

January 4, 2011

Rick Ashburn is a chartered financial analyst and the founding Principal Chief Investment Officer of Creekside Partners, based in Lafayette, California. The opinions expressed here are his own.

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The 10 fastest-growing ETFs of 2010

December 3, 2010

Since the first batch of iShares funds debuted in May, 2000, the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry has grown almost 20 times in size. And it all happened during the so-called lost decade, when the stock market made virtually no gains.