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Revisiting the Waldo Canyon fire

Colorado Springs, Colorado

By Rick Wilking

Covering natural disasters is a strange thing. You get there all in a huff, as fast as you can after the tragedy, and then try to seek out the major damage. You document all that, often busting hump for very long days, for a week or more depending on how bad it is.

Then inevitably the first weekend after the storm or fire comes and the story falls off the radar. Your editor sends you home to lick your wounds and wait for the next “big one.”

As I wrote this, another tropical storm cooked up off the coast of Africa, heading west. "It might be here in a week," I thought. (Yes, people who cover hurricanes monitor such things.)

Would this be the next big disaster story? Or would it fizzle out?

After covering dozens of hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires (no earthquakes for me, at least not yet) I have often thought about what happens to those places after the media says adios. Sure, after Katrina we all went back for the one-year anniversary to look around but most places are just ignored years on.

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Waves of fire

As wildfires rage through California, photographers Patrick Fallon and Jonathan Alcorn describe working on the fire line.

By Patrick Fallon

Driving up the 101 towards the Dos Vientos neighborhood in Newbury Park, California, I could see the fire's thick, black smoke - a sign the fire was burning fresh brush, fueled by strong winds.

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Photos of the week

Our top photos from the past week.

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“Birds” star Tippi Hedren says Michael Jackson’s tigers doing fine

Back in 2006, actress Tippi Hedren adopted Michael Jackson's two tigers from his Neverland Ranch, the Central California property that Jackson all but abandoned after his 2005 trial and acquittal on child molestation charges.tippi-hedren

How are the big cats doing? Just fine, Tippi says.

"They're just great, and they were beautiful when they came to us," Hedren told reporters on Tuesday, on the red carpet of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which was celebrating its 100th anniversary.