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Wyoming Secretary of State talks back

On Tuesday, a Reuters Special Report called “A Little House of Secrets on the Great Plains ” explored the questionable – and sometimes illegal practices – of several businesses incorporated at a single-family home in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The 1,700-sq. ft, brick house is the address of a business incorporation specialist called Wyoming Corporate Services, which has set up more than 2,000 companies there, according to incorporation records.

The article launched a Reuters series which will explore the extent and impact of corporate secrecy in the U.S., which stands in stark contrast to its call for greater transparency in global transactions to lift the veil on shadowy money flows.

In an interview published Wednesday by the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, the local newspaper in Cheyenne, Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield defended the state’s business incorporation laws, while acknowledging they can still be improved.

Maxfield said legislation enacted in 2009 had allowed the state to “dissolve 7,000 phony or fraudulent shell” companies, according to the story, and banned companies from operating in the state without a physical presence. Reuters cited the change in Wyoming law in its Special Report. Maxfield added that “many of the troublesome companies registered to the 2710 Thomes Ave. address were dissolved in recent years,” according to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

from Photographers' Blog:

Paradise city in grizzly bear country

"Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Take me home. Oh, won't you please take me home."

Apparently those few lyrics from the Guns 'N Roses 1987 hit song Paradise City are the only parts of the song I know and also the only song I know the lyrics to. I can't even recite the Star Spangled Banner. But singing in a false seagull strangling soprano while hiking and camping in grizzly bear country was my way of not creeping up on a bear and surprising it and thus becoming bear food.

from MuniLand:

Muni sweeps: Clouds for pretty Puerto Rico

Happy days may be over in our 51st state. Joan Gralla of Reuters reports:

Puerto Rico's credit rating might be cut due to its "deeply underfunded" pension system, Moody's Investors Service said on Tuesday, in a reminder of one of the biggest threats to state and local finances.

Puerto Rico now is rated A3 by Moody's; about $28 billion of debt issued by the Commonwealth was affected by the warning from the credit agency.

from Summit Notebook:

Revealed: Why ‘Conquerors of the Skies’ are homing on Wyoming

There must be something about Wyoming at this time of year.

BRAZIL/Several participants at the Reuters Aerospace and Defense Summit held in Washington this week said they were heading out West -- but declined to say what was taking them so far from hard-nosed airline investors and Pentagon accountants.

But the aviation head honchos tend to shy away from talking about it.

“I like Wyoming very much in the beginning of fall -- a beautiful area,” was all we could get from one multinational corporation chief.

from Environment Forum:

Must the natural gas industry clean up its act?

Natural gas is regarded as a relatively clean source of energy but there is mounting evidence that it has a dirty side.

My colleague Jon Hurdle has reported on Wyoming water woes that have been linked to the booming gas industry. You can see his stories here and here.

from Environment Forum:

Sage, wind and grouse: The “brown” side of clean energy?

CARBON, Wyoming - They used to mine coal in the abandoned town of Carbon. Now this patch of southern Wyoming is a battleground in the debate over what many hope will be the clean energy source of the future: wind power.

At the heart of the dispute are plans to build a network of wind farms in the American West that conservationists fear could disrupt threatened habitat such as sage brush, a dwindling piece of the region's fragile ecosystem.

from Environment Forum:

Group wants oil, gas drillers to follow rules in U.S. West

An environmental group this week issued a report saying oil and gas companies have enjoyed exemptions to common sense anti-pollution federal rules that govern companies in other industries. This has led, the Environmental Working Group claims, to fouled groundwater, creeks and acres and acres of formerly pristine land in the U.S. West.

The report, "Free Pass for Oil and Gas in the American West," contains county-by-county maps of what it says are examples of mismanagement of the oil and gas industry.

from Tales from the Trail:

Cheney to do a little last-minute campaigning in Wyoming

UPDATED - Adds Laura Bush event

WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney will take a different approach than his boss to the presidential campaign this last weekend before election day -- he will spend it at a public rally in his home state.

Cheney will attend a Get-Out-the-Vote rally in Laramie, Wyoming on Saturday, a rare public sighting on the campaign trail by Cheney or his boss, President George W. Bush. Both have attended numerous fundraisers around the country this election cycle but with their job approval ratings hovering around record lows, they have almost all been closed-door affairs.