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from India Insight:

Regulating journalism won’t cure problems that ail the press

Editors say headlines should catch the eye. I'm one of those editors who says things like that. Here is one from CNN-IBN that caught my eye: "Editors call for media regulation after arrest of Zee News journalists." Why would they ever want that?

We call those "man bites dog" headlines because they're unusual, and that makes them news. Journalists are supposed to resist government attempts to control the way they do their jobs. If you make the government one of your minders, supervisors or shareholders, the argument goes, you compromise your journalists' abilities to report on the government. If editors call for more regulation of themselves, no matter the country, this is the risk that they run.

Vinod Mehta, editorial chairman of the Outlook Group, which publishes Outlook magazine, was the editor quoted in the CNN-IBN article who said the press needs regulation. He said this in response to news that police arrested two Zee News editors after Congress Party parliamentarian and industrialist Naveen Jindal said they tried to extort money from him in return for not airing a negative story about his company.

"I think there is a very very serious need for external regulation. I think internal self regulation has failed and failed lamentably, at least television has your national broadcasters association. In the print media, we have absolutely nothing because all editors say that we don't want external self regulation because we can do it ourselves. I've got a corrections page, I've got a clarifications page, and therefore, we don't need it."

from India Insight:

Zee News editors arrested in Jindal extortion case

(Updated with response by Zee News)

Two senior journalists of Hindi-language channel Zee News were arrested on Tuesday night in an extortion case filed by Congress lawmaker and Jindal Steel and Power Ltd Chairman Naveen Jindal.

Jindal released video recordings last month that he said showed the journalists trying to extort money from the industrialist in return for not airing negative stories on coal block allocations involving his company.

from Money on the markets:

Shares in Zee News zooms

Shares in Zee News rose over 30 percent in intra-day trade before closing 27 percent higher at 18.25 rupees after it demerged its General Entertainment Channel business.

Zee News has approved the scheme of arrangement between the company, Zee Entertainment Enterprises and their respective shareholders and creditors, for demerger of the Regional General Entertainment Channel Business undertaking of the company.