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Mar 14, 2013
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Fashion Week: A splash of Kumbh on the runway


While millions washed away a lifetime of sins in the Ganges, some people brought back interesting things from the largest religious congregation on earth – the Maha Kumbh Mela. Designer Tarun Tahiliani brought back ideas for his latest collection.

More than 2,000 years old, the festival is a meeting point for Hindu sadhus, some of whom live in the forest or in Himalayan caves. The sadhus at the Kumbh can be quite a spectacle – some are ash-smeared, some naked, sporting dreadlocks and beads, while some wrap themselves in saffron clothing.

Mar 13, 2013
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Fashion Week: When in doubt, wear a sari


Just when you think that there is nothing more that you can do with a sari, someone will prove you wrong. On the first day of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi, we saw saris with lipstick prints and telephone booth imprints, a sari wrapped around a bikini top and hot pants, and Peter Pan collars on sari blouses.

“It’s sexy, it’s a sari, it’s comfortable, but it is hot.” said designer Anupama Dayal, who brought her collection “Ishq-e-Dilli” (“Delhi Passion”) to the show.

Jan 31, 2013
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“Vishwaroopam” touches yet another Indian nerve


(Any opinions expressed here are those of the author, and not necessarily of Reuters)

Actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan’s film “Vishwaroopam” was supposed to open in cinemas last Friday, but that’s not happening in Tamil Nadu after Muslim groups protested against scenes that they consider offensive.

Jan 29, 2013

in-exile deplores lack of international action on Tibet

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The head of the Tibetan government-in-exile on Tuesday accused the international community of doing little to break the deadlock over Tibet, where nearly 100 Tibetans have set themselves ablaze since 2009 to protest against Chinese rule.

Lobsang Sangay, prime minister-in-exile in Dharamsala, told a news conference in New Delhi that Tibet remains a test for the international community with Tibetans taking drastic measures to protest what he called repressive policies and no freedom of speech.

Jan 20, 2013
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Women voters in India want to stand up and be counted


Several years ago, a dinner-table conversation about state elections in Himachal Pradesh veered towards a candidate who gave away pressure cookers to woo women voters. Of course, bribing voters is illegal, but I remember wondering whether all I wanted as a woman was a pressure cooker.

The Delhi rape case and the molestation of a young girl in Guwahati in Assam last year have underscored the place that women often occupy in Indian society. These incidents have made me wonder to what extent our country’s political parties will focus on gender inequality as they look forward to the 2014 general elections. How will they vie for the women’s vote?

Dec 21, 2012
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Delhi gang rape: a case for the death penalty


(Any opinions expressed here are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Thomson Reuters)

“It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines along. That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines,” he said.

Nov 6, 2012
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Civics clashes with religion as women face bans from some Indian shrines


(The opinions expressed are the author’s own, and may not necessarily reflect those of Thomson Reuters)

Mumbai’s Sufi shrine Haji Ali Dargah Trust has barred women from entering the sanctum that houses the tomb of the Sufi saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. The reason: authorities said that they saw a woman visit the tomb in inappropriate clothing.

Nov 4, 2012
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Women fast for their men on Karva chauth, but why?


(Any opinions expressed here are those of the author. They are not necessarily those of Thomson Reuters)

Nov. 2 was Karva chauth. I wouldn’t have known it if it weren’t for the special discounts at stores, the diamond and sari advertisements, and articles wondering whether newlywed actress Kareena Kapoor would fast.

Oct 9, 2012
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Peplum, ruffles, fascinators: Delhi Fashion Week, not the Royal Ascot


It is not often that Indian designers do evening gowns and dresses without using any Indian elements. Designer duo Gauri and Nainika are two of the few who do.

Their show on day four of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in Delhi could as well have been a day at the races, with bold ruffles, mermaid cuts, pencil dresses, flares, slits and peplum.

Oct 7, 2012
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Fashion Week: It’s always sunny at a Manish Malhotra show


Having grown up on a big dose of Yash Chopra and Karan Johar films with tonnes of weddings and wedding clothes, it is natural to be excited about a Manish Malhotra show, one of the most successful Indian designers and pretty much the official designer of Bollywood.

I have often wondered what would it be like to be at a Malhotra show, which I finally got to do at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in Delhi. It was the most crowded show of the day. Women, young and old, famous, not famous, were all there. Well, there were men too, though what do they do there? Malhotra has dressed some rather famous ones, including Shah Rukh Khan in the 2000 film “Mohabbatein”, and his collections feature men’s clothing.

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