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Ask Jeffrey Immelt


Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland interviews General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt on the U.S. economy, the jobs crisis and GE’s future on Monday October 17 beginning at 8:30am EDT. What would you like to ask Immelt? Post your questions as comments on this post or tweet them to #newsmaker.

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Bye bye BlackBerry?


As Research In Motion deals with the fallout from service disruptions that have affected millions of BlackBerry users around the world this week, a survey by Aite Group shows that out of 402 financial advisers polled, 45 percent say they would choose an Apple iPhone or iPad, while 14 percent would pick a BlackBerry.

What do you want to see in a passenger bill of rights?

    Extra legroom Time stuck on tarmac should not exceed 1.5 hours Carry on one bag for free Freedom to rebook if flight is delayed over 3 hours Restore smoking privileges

What tech gadget do you plan to buy?

What tech gadget are you most likely to buy this holiday season?

    Kindle Fire iPhone 4S Android smartphone iPad Kindle touch or Kindle reader Nook reader Another brand of tablet computer None of the above

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Will you buy the new Apple iPhone?


Apple took the wraps off a new iPhone on Tuesday but may have left some fans and investors wishing for more than an updated version of last year's iPhone 4 smartphone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who took the reins from the co-founder Steve Jobs in August, and his executive team showed off a souped-up device that comes with voice recognition and a better camera, but it looked identical to the last phone and did little to lift the bar for smartphones. Let us know below what you think of Apple's latest device.

Would you consider buying the Kindle Fire?

Photo unveiled its long-awaited tablet computer with a $199 price tag, potentially cheap enough to give Apple iPad some serious competition for the first time.


Would you consider buying a new Amazon tablet computer?

    Yes, the Kindle Fire with WiFi for $199 Yes, the Kindle Touch with 3G for $149 Yes, the Kindle Touch with WiFi for $99 No, I will not be buying an Amazon product

Will Obama’s jobs plan find traction?


President Barack Obama proposes a jobs package heavily weighted toward tax cuts for workers and businesses to help boost the economy. The challenge will be rallying enough popular support to pressure Republicans to get behind his plan, despite their vehement opposition to most of his agenda.


Will Obama's jobs plan pass Congress?

    Yes Yes, with significant revisions No

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If the proposals pass Congress will they lower unemployment significantly?

    Yes No The only thing that can turn this economy around is a new administration

Do you favor U.S. defense budget cuts?


The U.S. Defense Department is preparing to cut at least $350 billion from its previously projected spending through the next decade. Additional Pentagon cuts of up to $600 billion would kick in absent congressional passage by year’s end of at least $1.2 trillion more in deficit reduction over the same period.

Last week, General David Petraeus, while retiring from the Army to become CIA director, warned against sacrificing U.S. military capabilities to ease the budget woes. How will the savings, if implemented, affect the level of national security? On the tenth anniversary of September 11 attacks how safe do you feel?

What would you ask Bank of America’s CEO?

Bank of America Chief Executive Brian Moynihan will undergo the most sensitive investor call of his career tomorrow when he submits to a public grilling from Fairholme Capital founder Bruce Berkowitz, one of the bank’s largest shareholders. Fairholme, which manages about $17 billion in assets, set up the call before the bank’s shares lost one-third of their value last Thursday, Friday and yesterday amid concerns about mounting mortgage-related losses and how the bank may be affected by a worsening economy.

Berkowitz has invited investors to submit questions at, but, our Wall Street team led by Jed Horowitz, has come up with some of our own. The answers could shed light on crucial issues such as whether the bank will need to raise more equity—and whether Moynihan can survive.

How does the stock market turmoil affect you?

On Monday, stocks plunged resulting in the S&P 500′s worst day since December 2008, down more than 6 percent for the day and off more than 17 percent since the index peaked in late April.

Is the current slide in stock prices, the ratings downgrade and weak economic data causing you to:

How should we respond to the “enormous” cyber attacks?


Security company McAfee uncovered a series of attacks on the networks of 72 organizations including the U.N., governments and companies around the world and said there was one “state actor” behind them.

What should be the priority in the wake of the biggest series of cyber attacks?