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Abortion – time for a change?

October 24, 2007

embryo1.jpgThe highly charged issue of abortion is once again becoming a hot political issue.

Ever since terminations were legalised in1967, there has been heated debate between those who argue that abortions are morally wrong and those who say it is a woman’s right to choose whether to have a baby.

Then there are the medical issues. Doctors support maintaining the 24-week upper limit for abortions, arguing that is the point at which a foetus is considered viable. However others say scientific advances mean this is no longer the case and this limit should be reduced.

Last year the number of abortions rose by 4 percent and Lord Steel, who brought forward the original Abortion Act as a young MP, has voiced his concern that there are too many terminations nowadays and some women are acting irresponsibly.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has also said he worries that people need to think harder about the consequences of their actions.

So should there be a change in the law? Or should people instead be given better advice and sex education to help them avoid unwanted pregnancies in the first place?

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There should be no laws regulating abortion. A woman’s body is her own. I can’t even believe this is an issue at this point in history.

Posted by June | Report as abusive

With the current growth of overpopulation and finite resources available to sustain humanity abortion should of course be a viable option for those not wanting to place a burden on the planet, their lives and the potential lives of their children when they do decide to have one.

A more viable option in my opinion should be that people need to prove they have the justification and means to bring a child into this world and look after it, rather than swamping already beleagured economies and governments with needless extra flotsam.


Once again this problem is being laid at women’s door, “some women are acting irresponsibly” as if the man has no responsibility, perhaps Lord Steel needs more “sex” education. However, as someone who recently passed through the schooling system more sex education is not the key. Better methods of sex protection are. At present the only method of contraception which guards against pregnancy and STDs are condoms. These are fiddly and time consuming especially in the heat of the moment as it were. Some young men argue that condoms are uncomfortable and refuse to wear them. Instead of spending all this money debating this issue we should be spending money on research for better contraceptive methods then there would be less need for abortions in the first place.

Posted by Skyola | Report as abusive

What a depressing thing it is to see to the men in the world trying to control women again in this day and age. It seems that it will never end. Abortion is a personal choice- more education certainly may help prevent the higher number of women choosing to have one, but in the end, it is wrong to say that anyone but the woman herself can decide whether or not she should get the abortion. No one controls a person’s body but the individual themselves, male or female.


The glaring ignorance and stupidity of June, Laney, Skyola, and Colbert is staggering. Apparently they’ve never considered where they would be if their mothers had had abortions. You can continue on with vain babblings about how overcrowded the world is and how people need to be evaluated to determine whether or not they have capability to raising a child. What, did you all grow up reading nice little bedtime stories out of the Communist Manifesto or Mein Kempf? I suspect that you did. A little self-control would go a long way towards stopping abortions. People, both men AND women, have no self-control. They want to have all the fun of sex, but they don’t want to be burdened down with a child. Well, tough luck. It’s not your choice whether or not another human lives or dies. You are not God. There are many alternatives to abortion. You had the fun and now you have to bear the consequences. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions and it is just plain easier to go and kill the child. I daresay that those who wrote above cry more over the death of some rediculous animal than the death of a baby. It’s sad but invariably true.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

well said Mike,
the idea, June, ‘that there should be no laws regulating abortion’ is both illegal and immoral. I presume that in Junes books its ok to go and have a ‘coathanger’ abortion at eight and half months? Please June – and others – think before you type…


What Mike says on 26th October I entirely agree with. If we have to allow abortions, then the maximum term needs to be a lot less than 24 weeks, in Denmark for example it is a maximum of 12 weeks. I nver really thought about abortion until my 30′s when I become a father. My perception of abortion (especially late stage) is now one of mudering a human babay rather than a inconvenient medical procedure. Better contraception methods also need to be developed to help reduce unwanted pregancies.

Posted by Dean | Report as abusive

The stoneage mindset and vicious fascist (literally) diatribe delivered by Mike stunned me when I read it and his inability to see the world as it is is terrifying. Responsibility for your own actions – yes, yes, yes! – but preventing other people from acting responsibly – NO, NO, NO!

- There ARE too many humans in the world and the blind human-centric viewpoint is so prevalent animals do need more protection.
- There is no God, just fairy stories dreamt up by frightened old men to keep them in power.

Well, when the light dies for me, this old man is going to be composted and spread in his garden where his cats have been buried for the last 30 years and his wife of 40 years will join him – no children!

Posted by Anthony | Report as abusive

What a strange discussion thisis turning out to be: the anti-children versus the rest! Abortion is not about this. It is whether or not your view of a foetus us a potential life or a life with potential. Dean’s experience of having and raising achild and the way it alters your perception of things strikes a chord with me. I had a scan at 17 weeks to confirm I was pregnant and saw my baby curled up and sucking its thumb, just as he did when he was born. So no one should assume a foetus is just a collection of cells that can be ‘got rid of’ as a nuisance.

Posted by Beeks | Report as abusive

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