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Treading on Welsh sensibilities

November 30, 2007

A Northern Irish man is convicted of racial harassment for calling a Welsh woman an English bitch.

There may not be much love lost between the various parts of the United Kingdom — particularly where the English are concerned — but the judgment of Welshpool magistrates appears to add a new dimension to the relationship.

The man, Mick Forsythe, used the insult against Lorna Steele after a minor traffic accident in Wales. He says the sentence is political correctness gone mad; she says she couldn’t let him get away with what he said.

What do you think? Was racial harassment too heavy a charge to bring or was it justified?


Much too heavy a charge… Yet again, the PC brigade shout and all those within hearing distance bow down to them…Ridiculous; far worse things are spoken in some private homes…

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

if the insulted woman was white then no prosecution should take place….

Posted by lordfec | Report as abusive

why do there seem to be so many folk with chips on their shoulder, people should learn to stop taking things so literally and just get on with living life the best we can, I know it’s hard enough without petty squabbles like this.

Posted by colin henderson | Report as abusive

Did he have a teddy called Jesus?

Posted by paul law | Report as abusive

I would have thought that the offence caused was because the man called the Welsh woman “English”.

That’s insulting enough for anybody.

Posted by Iva Biggen | Report as abusive

What a joke – Perhaps she was so sensitive for having it pointed out she was in fact Welsh – and that she would rather be English!!!!


I was born on the Welsh border (the right side)and grew up in Welshpool. There is no bigger insult for a border Welshman/woman than to be called English. We may look the same, many of us even sound the same. But we’re not. We’re Welsh. Any Mick who calls a Taff English deserves to go to jail.
Frank Williams, Prague

Posted by Frank Williams | Report as abusive

Given time, this women will hopefully come to realise it was the greatest compliment she has, or is ever likely, to receive.

Posted by Y.Gallimore | Report as abusive

Listen to yourselves.

Lordfec- who cares what colour someone is? Racism is racism.

Frank Williams- you can’t possibly mean that if an Irish person calls someone English they should go to jail

Makes me glad I left Britain. There are people dying and all you petty British care about is whether someone confuses your nationality.

Posted by Scottish lass | Report as abusive

I think that there is probably a little bit more to this story than meets the eye. If he thinks he can go around calling an unknown woman a bitch then he seems to be a bit on the nasty side himself.

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

This has got nothing to do with political correctness, racial harassment or stupid judges. It is simply another example of the tools used by this deeply cynical and unscrupulous Socialist government to divide the country by setting different segments of the population against each other through devolution, regionalisation, unrestricted immigration, the invention of “hate” laws designed to highlight the differences between people instead of to unite them and implementation of education and social policies which are designed to exacerbate and entrench class divisions. The damage already caused will take years to repair and the sooner the process begins the sooner the country will return to some form of cohesion and stability. Use your vote and get these contemptible people out of office.

Posted by Mike T | Report as abusive

Mike T,i don’t agree ,this has nothing to do withn political correctness. The socialist government you mention will find anything in anything overtly offensive, unless of course your English.
Hearing this story makes me proud to be a thick skinned Englishman as living in a place where people are so sensitive is my idea of hell.

Posted by C.Ross of St George | Report as abusive

Free Speech? Not any more.

If he threatened or attacked her then court would have been fine. It was wrong to even allow this to go to court.

Still the Irish are hotheaded and the Welsh are too easily upset, so its hardly a surprise.

Think the above is racial? You haven’t met enough Irish and Welsh people.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

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