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What was the year’s most memorable news event?

December 19, 2007

It was the year Tony Blair finally gave way to Gordon Brown, England failed to get through to the finals of Euro 2008 and smokers were kicked out of pubs, the hardiest of them now shivering in miserable patio areas and muttering darkly about human rights.

We saw a bank run in Britain for the first time, followed the tragic but compelling tale of the McCanns and wondered how so much fuss could be made over naming a teddy bear Mohammad.

Some of the most dramatic pictures of the year came from Tewkesbury as floods swamped huge areas in the Summer, while in eastern England H5N1 birdflu made its first appearance in British poultry stocks.

We all now know at least one Bollywood film star thanks to Shilpa Shetty and thousands have had a chance to see big names from the past back in action like Led Zeppelin and the Spice Girls.

Such were the headline grabbers of 2007 but what was the most memorable news event for you?


Japan Suspends Humpback Whale Hunt.

All Whale hunting is a terrible evil . But to kill Humpbacks is like killing people, and Japan fails to understand this.

They claim whale hunting is a cultural heritage. But the truth is Japans Whale hunting tradition was inshore by fishermen in small boats when Whales came in to close proximity to the shore.

But the Whaling they are doing now was introduced to them by by the USA after the end of the second world war to help prevent Japan from starving.

This for me was the best news item covered by the media in 2007

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