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Should the Queen call it a day?

December 20, 2007

queen1.jpgThe Queen becomes Britain’s oldest monarch on Thursday beating the record set by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria.

Despite being the ripe old age of 81, the monarch shows little sign of slowing down and there is no talk of an abdication.

However Republicans say it is time she hung up her crown and enjoyed her retirement.

What do you think? Should the Queen consider passing the mantle to Prince Charles now? Or, indeed, should the monarchy itself carry on after she dies?


BIG F*****g deal !!

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Long live tyhe Queen.


Long live the Queen.


The Queen should reign until she no longer wishes to reign. Her son, who will hopefully show better judgment on the throne than he has beside it, should ascend as he was meant to; and then his son, and his children following.

Why are people so anxious to cast off the trappings of the past? Our Monarchy gives us a tangible connection to our past, and without our history, what are we? The British Empire has evolved into the Commonwealth under the watchful eye of the Crown; the United Kingdom is a modern, flourishing democracy, maintaining the pace of contemporary societal growth with the Queen on the throne. So where does the motivation to toss is all aside come from?

Posted by Andy Chalk | Report as abusive

Yes the queen should retire, and the monarchy should be abolished, as soon as possible.

Posted by ROB | Report as abusive

I totally agree with Andy; the Monarchy has been part of Britain’s history for centuries, & should not be cast aside on the whim of one generation. It is reassuring to have the constancy of the reigning monarch, independant of changing governments. The current Queen has such a wealth of experience & wisdom to draw upon, & as she does not have to court votes we can rely on her to have the nation – & indeed the Commonwealth – ‘s best interest at heart. She has never let us down, but has had to give up her whole life – as has our unsung hero Prince Philip; surely the least she deserves is our heartfelt gratitude! How about concentrating on the positives, rather than stirring up discontent.

Posted by KiwiRob | Report as abusive

Yes, she should!!! My quarrel is not with the individual, Elizabeth Windsor, but with the outdated institution that she represents. More money (which could otherwise provide for the poor, the NHS, the Police Force, etc.) has been wasted on the monarchy than on any Presidency. It is high time that the Great British public had a democratically elected head-of-state! This not political correctness (which I cannot stand!), but simply the morally right thing to do!!!

I would like to add that I was once myself a staunch monarchist, until I saw the light!!!

Posted by Philip Woods | Report as abusive

Absolutely not!!!
Set against the Quislings of the current UK government, she is the single example we have of responsible service to the nation. As for the fool who would succeed her, God Save US – not HIM!!

Posted by Mike T | Report as abusive

The Queen does a great job and we are lucky to have her, as she brings stabily and international recognition to the UK. Who for example has heard of the President of Italy or Germany. There is only one president we have heard of and that is George Bush, so the alternative to the Queen is a terrible thought.

Posted by Paul Galley | Report as abusive

The Queen “God Bless Elizabeth” knows her duty and the duty of any Monarch is to reign until they are dead.

If the succession was to Charles and Diana I think Elizabeth might stand down. But CAMILLA AS QUEEN!

Nothing other than proof the Royal Family had Diana killed could damage the Royal Family more than if Camilla were to become Queen of England.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

The English Monarchy gives a level of check and balance to England that other peoples in most other countries can only dream off.

Above the law, totally unfettered by any financial or business considerations the Monarchy is free to do what they believe is right, and they have been doing this as a family for hundereds of years.

If anyone anywhere in the world thinks this is not the top level of the best possible system of government they must be Religious, or sadly lacking.

Posted by Don | Report as abusive

The monarchy is not fair in its judgements against Diana. They have allowed prejudice to filter into what they actually call truth-ie, “Cover up of a Royal Murder;Errors in the Paget Report” by John Morgan, is definitely proof positive that that report was prejudicial and the Princess was most likely the victim of a conspiracy, which makes me think of the royal family as a system of liars and wannabes
thanks-myra mcqueen


Let us not forget that our Monarchy pulls in a lot of tourism and dare I say, respect. I don’t see the need for things to change. I think if the Queen is willing and able, she should continue to reign accordingly. That said, I’m not so keen on Charles taking over the reigns!! :)

Posted by Lexy | Report as abusive

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