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What role now for Clinton?

June 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton stopped short of conceding the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama and said she would consult party leaders in coming days on how to proceed.
She said she was committed to uniting the Democratic Party for the November presidential election against Republican John McCain, but repeatedly talked about the nearly 18 million voters who chose her over Obama in the nomination battle.
Clinton told New York members of Congress that she would be open to becoming Obama’s vice presidential running mate, and her backers began to turn up the pressure on Obama to pick her as his No. 2.
Should Obama bow to that pressure? Is there some other role he should offer her?


Come on, Obama supporters. Even if Obama won, it is ridicoulous to claim Hillary is a nobody. Millions of democrats votes for her. She may have won more votes than Obama (depending on how you count).

You can’t win a national election based on the votes of African Americans and college students. Obama may not like her, but neither he nor Clinton can win this alone.

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Hillary would seem to me to serve better in the cabinet doing work with the medical reform she wants and such things. I would hope she’d concede that the gig is up and move on so that the Dem Party can work against McCain and we can all have a breath of fresh air. She’s been very hostile and some of her voters saying things like they hate black people or don’t trust ‘colored’ people and still think Obama is a Muslim because of that picture that was posted on Hillary’s site…they scare me.

Yes, she has 18 million voters but many of them are also old people who are prejudiced, hate younger people with a passion and forget that it is the younger people of this nation that -need- to work, have a future, get educations and pay for them, be able to buy homes so we can support their Social Security checks and medical bills. I wish they’d stop spewing such hatred and Hillary would stop supporting them as much as she does. What about the people under 50 who strive to hope we can all see that our youth will be able to support us and the pattern can continue in a more progressive way? It would be nice.

So, I’m not against Hillary being VP, but at the same time she does have skill to do more. I’m betting if she was VP she’d be one of the most active ones ever. It would, despite how many people yell against it on both sides, unite people if Obama and Clinton can get along and she treats him with more respect. People flipped out over Jeremiah Wright but Hillary’s older supporters are just as bad and I hope they open their minds and learn to stop hating people of the younger generations who are of all ‘colors’ and want to survive, support our nation and rise out of this stupid rut.

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Mr. Obama has a choice to make; placate Mrs. Clinton and her supporters or choose another running mate (preferably Virginia’s Mr. Webb)and have a chance at being elected President.

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Since she has claimed every reason one can think of to explain why she lost, since she has been so ungracious in
her speech last night, since she threatened him with comments about having to go through her to get the support of her supporters…I would as Ben Franklin did to his own son and cut her out of everything.

Franklin said: “I will leave my son what he would have left to me, nothing.” (paraphrased) Since HRC believes that all things are only possible through her…cut her out. Pick Chuck Hagel for VP and run a unity ticket for our nation and leave HRC in the Senate to wonder what would have possible if she had the basic leadership skills and politness to admit and tip your hat when you have been bested.

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There are many votes in this household, we where going for Hillary. We are told over and over that we need to pull together, if this is how she acts now how would it be in the White House, now she knows how Gore felt when Bush soled the White House, Gore went on. People this is the most important time for this country to say UNITED, Hillary needs to be UNITED stop now and JOIN in with the rest of the country and start the biggest Democrat drive this country has ever seen, for the sake of Our Children, Our Grandchildren and for the ELDERLY that do not get fair treatment in this country unless you are wealthy of course. Thank You UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL

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Obama should learn the first rule of politics, keep your smartest rivals very close to you. Besides, Obama and Clinton need to get over themselves and start working as team players.


Get Real! Obama/Clinton would be a ticket from hell! There would be no chemistry whatsoever and people who are thinking with their brains and not with their emotions realize that. I think Clinton’s strengths would serve the country well if she is placed in a high-level cabinet position. But VP, you’ve got to be kidding!

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Can Hillary remain subordinate to Barack in “his” administration? I think not. Hillary’s claim of having the Hispanic vote in her pocket can easily be trumped by adding Bill Richardson to the Democratic ticket. I would vote for McCain if one could pry him away from the Republican (non-Hispanic friendly) warmongering platform. As it is, and forgive if I offend you, Hillary can only bring in: the woman vote, the white anti-war vote, and the hopeful “universal health care” vote.

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I understand MacDonald’s need people.

I can just see her, hat perched on her bleached head ready to sell you piece of something…

‘Come buy my burgers or I’ll get nasty!’ will be the ‘under her breath’ mantra.

On second thoughts, maybe she should just retire and leave us all in peace? :-)

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My last post was riotously irreverent!

Actually – I now have a slution.

Make her Foreign Secretary of State: let her speak to Iran, Mugabe and the new resurgent fascist dictatorship that is Russia.

She may well be good with despots and dictators.

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Making her VP is wise decision. If both the strong person work together it will be very good for United States as well as rest of the world who depends on America.
The first thing they have to do is minimise war probabilities.
On behalf of India & pakistan I am requesting to both of them to solve the India & Pakistan (Kashmir issue) border problems.

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The present situation demands Barack Obama rather that clinton because of his clear economic and governmet policies which is now most urgent issues that to be resolved for the nation development, otherwise this could show serious repercursions on other nations which has good tie up with this nation.

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i think offering hilary clinton the post of VP would be brilliant. an african american as president and a woman as VP would show that america is changing its ways. Obama should win now as he is young and full of good ideas.

How can a man in his 70′s really run the country. they need someone young and fit …. not a pensioner.

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Hey Thompson, are you going to vote for Obama?

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