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Textbooks out, technology in?

July 7, 2008

Gone are the days of pencils, paper, notebooks and dog-eared textbooks. Schools across the U.S. and beyond are embracing new methods of teaching through technology and offering glimpses into the future.

One school in Boston, Massachusetts gives students a laptop at the start of each day. Classwork is done in Google Docs, or Apple’s iMovie and special educational software like FASTT Math. Teachers and students maintain blogs, and staff and parents chat over instant messaging.

Students at a school in Tokyo use the Nintendo DS consoles to learn English, with sessions on vocabulary, penmanship and comprehension.

What do you think of technology’s role in schools? Will students learn better this way? Will textbooks and old-fashioned methods become obsolete? Share your thoughts.

Caption: A teacher answers a student’s question at the Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School during a class in Dorchester, Massachusetts June 20, 2008.


It’s not just the software and web tools that equip the students better to learn more effectively at school, but also the web community, such as the social network sites, makes learning more engaging and “real” for students.

This is particularly true in the areas of learning a foreign language. Coupling with the free VOIP tool like Skype and tons of high-quality audio/video materials readily available online, the technology is shifting the language learning scene from teacher-centered, classroom-based model to learner-centered, network-based model. It’s much more cheaper and effective, too.


Yes, students will learn better in part by much of what David has pointed out. The world as a whole will benifet when a multitude of people can and will wor in real time to solve problems.

While I think many counties will adopt these new standards I do not think much of the American public system can and will. In large part due to the spending regulations in place.

When a School, the Military or any other institute HAS to spend all it’s money or get less the following year They Can Not Afford to Not Buy Text Books.

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Never, without reading text books with attractive pictures,without using pencil or pen on the blank paper, can not initiate intra-personal communication within the students.The students should be driven by emotional activities at this lower stage of age.Students are fond of nurturing emotions and fantacy.It is their inherent characteristics and that should not be impeded by providing computers with a view to grabbing the lucrative and attractive technical education just to making them ‘Money-Machine’by killing their chilhood.Is it deniable that,reading those text books,there are so many technologists have been asigned in many respectable working positions.The study in the childhood should be entrusted with glaring amusement and emotions.Otherwise, these students of soft- heartened,could lose their human sentiment and cordial attitude, making them commercial machine.


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