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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

August 15, 2008

Road signs are seen in Kokomo, Indiana May 6, 2008.It’s become a truism that Americans are driving less due to high fuel prices. Here are five signs that signal a decline in demand:

1. Drop in volume: The fall in U.S. oil demand in the first half of 2008 was the biggest in 26 years, according to the EIA.

2. Less time on the road: Americans are spending less time behind the wheel, according to the Dept. of Transportation

3. Taking the train : A record number of riders are turning to mass transit to get around

4. Fewer buying gas : Retail gas sales have dropped below year-ago levels

5. Safer roads : Fewer drivers mean fewer road accidents, according to Warren Buffett. Berkshire Hathaway is the parent company of Geico, one of the largest U.S. auto insurers.

Is the writing on the wall? Share your signs of dropping oil demand.

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Maybe a 6th sign, or the other side of number 5, would be less road accident victims in ER of hospitals (and the subsequent drop in their revenue stream from insurance companies).

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It is really a quotable matter, the the nation of the United States of America,in few preventive measures,has restricted their fuel consumtion considerably. Thus the the US could have managed to reduce their overall national demand for fuel. It is really an encouraging not only to the concerned but also to the other nations as well.Such fall in demand of fuel is always welcome ! Eliminating personal car or vehicle uses, may contribute many good things for the nation. Economically and environmentally,the purposes must be served as well.


I live in Sacramento Ca and after watchin”Sons of Anarchy” am curious. WHERE is Charming Ca?

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