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Will the collider prove that God does not exist?

September 10, 2008

collider.jpgThe Large Hadron Collider aims to reproduce conditions just after the “Big Bang” 14 billion years ago in an attempt to gain new insights into how the universe was formed.

It may prove the existence of the so-called “God particle,” the mysterious theoretical atomic fragment that lies at the heart of matter.

It may even point to the possible reality of a number of new dimensions.

But by going so close to the origin of the universe it is, some believe, “staring in the face of God.” If it manages to explain the mysteries of creation, does that then mean there is no God?

Do you believe in the Big Bang theory – and is it compatible with the existence of God?


May I offer a further thought to my contribution of 5:11pm, yesterday? If there is God then it is clear where the concept of a power greater than ourselves came from. If there is no God and there is only evolution, how then and why did even the very concept of a god, or God, occur in the mind of early man? What, or who, was the original catalyst? The collider may achieve for the scientist an advance in physical science, and I wish the project well, but that is ALL it will do.

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Dear Atheists, Why all the hate speech? Not all people who believe in God are out to convert you or are whackos waiving their Bibles. To quote the Jesuits: God is an infinite source of energy and love, which no human can Truly comprehend. (Hence the need for faith.) Big bang, darwinism, Adam & Eve, well it is academmic to someone who believes God was always in existence. Those smart scientists can thank God for their worldly intelligence, but they will never prove the incomprehensible, infinite God. He works in mysterious ways . . .


Dear Friends,The Hadron Collider itself is creation of the God….Investigative powers and curiosity of humans are God’s gift, There is God in all particles, not just in higgs bosons…God is a circle whose centre lies everywhere, but nobody knows about the circumference. We play dice, but God doesn’tBest wishes

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I agree with the comment made by Joan Ingram. The words of Jethro Tull from tha album Aqualung say it all:And made made God in the image of himself.Another quote from an unknown source is also interesting:If there were no God man would create one.

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I really feel so sorry for all these poor lonely people (scientice) that do not know God. If they read the Bible and believe they could experience his existence everyday, but I am sure they don’t even have a Bible at home and live for the thing of the world. Thanks for knowing by God and his existence; it does not cost me a cent. These people spend billions only because they don’t have time to read their Bible and go to a church. You really are lonely, we pray for you.

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It is not nuclear physics and the veracity of the Big Bang theory that will prove the non existence of God, the cake/recipe/baker example is a good illustration of the irrelevance. I just don’t know why everyone seems to forget that science has long ago proven the non existence of God as portrayed in the monotheist religions: biochemistry and the theory of evolution of species clearly demonstrate that humans, animals and other beings have never been CREATED in their present shape and form (as reported in the desert dogmas) but EVOLVED through chromosomal mutation from the tiniest froms over hundreds of millions of years. So I guess the creationists will first have to prove that theory wrong before plunging into the far more complicated field of nuclear physics.

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Colin Catlett – re quote from unknown source – it was Voltaire I think and seems to refer to mans need for a higher authority to resort to when all else fails – someone to believe in.If the belief makes you a better person then it is a good thing – it just doesn’t make it true for anyone else and therein lies the danger, once a belief system leads to the use of force to change even one mind then it cannot be morally supportable can it? Sorry if this isn’t strictly on topic and I expressed my thoughts on the topic at 10.08 am yesterday. I note that quite a few contributors did incidentally adopt the strategy I said – it’s because they believe and must be able to defend that belief if only to themselves.Best

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The LHC could theoretically create another universe inside our own universe. Some people might think that is cool or something of the sort but it wouldn’t be because certain laws of the universe state that a universe can not coincide with another. so theoretically if we create a universe inside our universe then it would destroy reality and everything would cease to exist.

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If the LHC does create a black hole and it quickly evaporates as they say it should even though its all based on a theory. Then the next step they will probably take (considering human nature)would be to create a sustainable black hole here on earth. This would be an extremely bad idea because black holes absorb everything (EG: Matter and energy such as light).Therefore it if physically impossible to create a sustainable black hole here on earth because where ever it is it will absorb and expand until there is nothing left to absorbed.If this is tried I can guarantee that all of humanity will cease to exist.

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What some of you people that read the bible has to realise is that its just a book of morals and story’s not a fact and history book.Some of you people that don’t believe in the big bang have to come to terms with the fact that if god wasn’t created and he/she has always been there. Then the anomaly that caused the big bang could have come from nowhere aswell

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In agreement with Jemie-Lee^^^^^^

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Who gave these people the authority to do this monstrous experiment? Why would they do this if there were even the slightest chance of creating a black hole which could destroy us all!

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to the person who deleted my comment thanks man, im trying to prove a point and i am entitled to an opinion arnt i?? i dont understand why these scientists need to try such an experiment, it could destroy everybody and i feel for anybody who doesnt give a crap and why are they trying so hard to destroy people that have put their faith and trust into god, im not a religous person but the scientists that are trying so hard to prove that there is no god are very very selfish, what will happen to the people that have put their lives into this? It makes me quite angry that these scientists have to do this more to prove to themselvs than to anyone, get a life, get a wife and have children, stop ruining peoples lives that are trying to live.

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One last thought: We have too many references to the bible going on here. A person can have a “godly experience”, a “highly spiritual encounter”, which cannot be denied unto themselves, without ever even reading much of the bible. The bible is not the end-all or be-all of relating to God. Give me a break. No one will Ever prove or disprove the existence of God. It is designed that way. Anyone with a monopoly on the truth strikes me as someone who hasn’t thought things through, including ME!


Very intriguing! But how should a mere creature discover in physical matter His Creator. Nope! Biblically speaking, God is Spirit. How can you see, hear or touch Him?


I am rather excited about the findings of the LHC. I really hopes to disprove some of out “concrete theories” of Higgs and the like. Steven Hawkins has already bet $100 against the LHC proving any of our current theories. As you can see, this test has nothing to do with Creation/Creationism. Don’t worry, baby “Christians”, no one is going to stand up on a metal table in their PJ’s shouting “FU God”.

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I am an Atheist and technically speaking there is no proof that the human race can or will ever be able to find the existence or the non-existence of god.But as I said before(Some of you people that don’t believe in the big bang have to come to terms with the fact that if god wasn’t created and he/she has always been there. Then the anomaly that caused the big bang could have come from nowhere aswell). So there is a 50/50 chance that god does/don’t exist and the simple and honest truth is that we will never find out.I have doubts about the LHC and the effects it could have on earth but I am also curious of the benefits.

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i read that if there is any chance of a blck hole being created it would not be large enough to consume madder anway.

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I’ll sure bet there was a big bang when it all started. I think this accelerator is a terrible thing to do right now. It is a crime in the face of all on this Earth as they have placed us all in possibly grave danger with their arrogance.

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If God exists then it is in the mind of those who want a God to exist, some people jump from tall buildings believing they can fly! some people dont need a belief in a supreme being and can accept their mortality, some need to believe they will go on, that the life they live will be immortal.If God should exist, then I hope Its not the God of scripture, you know the one who supports slavery, the killing of children and the old, ethnic cleansing, the one who can allow and permit mass murder, untold suffering and wars and more klling done in his name, and does not have to answer to anyone for any of these crimes. We need religion to stay, as without it the world might break out in peace, and then what?

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In re: Entons post: Physical creatures most certainly receive spiritual messages and contact. God can touch you so hard, there is no doubt. I’ll never know why some are “touched” and others not. It doesn’t mean we are holier, but perhaps that we needed quite God desperately (not to be confused with some fantasy or hallucination or even wishful thinking). I feel a bit foolish in being such a pro-God blogger, but you really caught my eye. Humans usually reach out to God in prayer, and in their dedication to fine works, and unselfish works. If you call God a spirit, that is great. Sounds good. It is beyond all question, all doubt,to the “receiver” that God IS God when he answers you back! At that point, there is NO question at all. You know it when it happens and it can happen for everyone, regardless of church attendance or religious readings. When the spirit hits you, you will have zero doubt. I hope it happens to you & we will have no more fun debate:)God has much mercy for physical creatures in our potentially painful physical forms. Why he reveals himself more to some of us than others, I will ever know. Final thought: I used to be a non-believer. I don’t think I went looking for God, God zoomed in on me. Does this make me blessed? Yes & no. My life is exceptionally problematic. (no offense)


Well i soppose if its god that makes people happy, and be good people good for them. the one problem with christains: they need to leave non-belivers alone, faith is somthing people should figure out on their own, not forced into.

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All good questions. And the search continues into the 21st century of where do we come from? Why are we here? I want to becarefull how i word this. But not prepaired just surfing and finding this. First of all everything being so exact in it’s placement speaks volumes. So yes i believe in a super natural spiritual being,omin present,all powerfull awesome undescribable power. BUT with much research,in search of humanitys truth,i find the very first post speaks volumes too of the ignorance of religion. WIth much of our own individual life learning experiences. We can only be ever so fortunate to be in america to learn the difference between relgion and the power of intentional thought{s}. With relgion and the holy bible we have many questions,yet many beautifull wise things written,yet;many violent things written w/ much indifference. We are all indifferent to something or one.Whether lackingin knowledge or just stubborn to seak out a possible wrong led thought pattern,we all fail to give each other what we want. But we want. But we do not want to give. This is shown moraly in the holacost,historic documents of what humans have done to one another-fact,not fiction. All on dillusions of being better, holier than though. Counting all someone else’s sins to their divine deity of divine perfection of being the —fill in the blank…the christ for example. I think not. When in fact the bible is a wise book yet jewish history as isreal still today and surrounding countrys unearth facts of such civilizations once debunked as myths and legends. We are all consuming in wanting to know,a most perplexing problem we have in a deep need to know how it iall fits in to us? We all want to know if our life means something and if their indeed is a god who cares for all the suffering in the world. The new testement is the holy covenant. IF one were to perceive miracles as a change in perception,that would be in the way we think which is powerfull proven through our history of humans. How provoked thoughts can bring people to do such horrid acts to their fellow being of same orgin. IF love is the greatest which i believe profoundly in,we for certain have failed as we evolve to do right amoungst our fellow beings because it is factually shown we do not care for the least of these. So leaving all biblical scriture out of this statement,you still find the truth in what can lure humans to look the other way and greed takes over. We have to get it or someone else will. There is not enough to go around,survival of the fittest. When indeed we are not lacking in having it to give,food shelter water education,we are just indifferent to those less fortunate. We the people cannot control the massive power giants corps that run this world. But one race proves to be seen,whom can rule the universe? I dare anyone to try to own this massive giant. So they continue on and disrespect our mother earth and it’s occupants. There has to be a reason for allowing this,there has to be a reason for everything i agree. THermoydynamics is so cool i think. Since we have all the same elements as the stars,how can we denie we are of a origin that defy’s all our imaginations? IN our infinite minds we can only pray we learn to love each other. It is the only thing that will save this growing planets population. What is the answer to that? Genocide? Whom would be on the block of such? IF we have not learned anything from our history,it surely will repeat itself. People believe the gov’mts do not care and with all hypocrisy and bigotry on the table,and what they have to serve for us to eat,are we really free or just being led to the slaughter of another kind of greed. Of whom gets to live and whom gets to make and make all laws for corporate gain? One cannot deny their is something when you look inside the living cell and see a machine,who made that? The problem is we must respect life but we have failed miserably and owe the universe a huge i’m sorry for taking your people,your creation and finding myself better to live than them.

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It seems that the God concern is mostly raised by religionists, those whose faith should supposedly be strong enough to not be concerned about God’s existence. The God-mongers think that they are having a “debate”, one sided as it is, where they will always win because of their absolutism, not accomplished through scientific methods. Their method is reading ancient “scriptures”, vindicatively edited throughout the milleniums, written in Renaissance English, and of questionable translation. This is not testable, because those who purport the point of view of these “scriptures” will not admit to any fallability from this book.The “debate” then becomes a moot point, since the “debaters” are of one-side. Science is not done based on the notion of faith.Working scientists have little time for such things. I think those who work at LHC have their hands full with the Higgs boson, let alone debate that God exists. The two may be identical, depending on the results of future particle research, but the American Christian churches concept of God doesn’t have a big enough tent to include an idea like that.

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The answer lies in answering the following question.Just consider the stars and their distinctive velocities. There are some among them which do not budge from the positions appointed for them. There are others which move from zone to zone and have their distinctive velocities. Each one of them has two velocities – one due to the cosmic motion in the direction of the west, the other its intrinsic velocity in the direction of the east.This is comparable to the two velocities of an ant on the upper piece of the grindstone. The grindstone moves to the right and the ant in the opposite direction. In such a case the ant will have two velocities – one its own direction, the front direction and the other unintended, along with the grindstone.Now just inquire from these people who claim that these stars have come into being by themselves without the Design of’ the Almighty Designer, as to what was the hindrance in their all becoming stationary or moving bodies?Creation without Creator presumes a single pattern, why should there occur two different movements on a definite pattern and quantum? All this clearly demonstrates that the movement of the two categories of stars as it subsists at present, is the result of a definite Purpose, Design and Ingenuity, not something meaningless as these materialist atheists claim.

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iam a christiani do believe in god for i have gone through a lot of problems in my lifeits not god who creates this problems its satansatan as i have been told by my very relgiious christian uncle is the ruler of this world.sciencetest are messing with the world because thier lost and confused they want no more this is because they do not believe in god. god can create many miracles and it is said god will decide when this world ends and only god not a machine! if you come god and follow his teaching and ask him for forgiveness of his sins he will forgive you he will help you when you ask him. however if you are narrow minded and use his words aganist him you are drawn more to sataniam gods child i have done a lot of wrong in my life which iam not pleased with but i know god forgives me.and he will forgive you if u ask him.we are all one we’re not something made of stone.

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nothing will prove there isn’t not God seeing as people who believe in God are stubborn to no end. The idea of a God is obviously already useless in this day in age, where evolution and science can explain pretty much everything. This will just be one more thing pointing towards the fact that there is no God. But as far as proving that there is none, how do u prove that there isn’t something if the people who believe in it already find it to be imaginary. Religion does not need proof against God, they need common sense.

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God exists only as a memeI learned that from the great Richard Dawkins

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I dont understand why some people get so hung up on proving that theres is no God, that the universe evolved out of whatever.There are a lot of people who rely on faith, they live their lives for God.Why prove it wrong? Why not just accept that they believe something that is different than you?Why does everything have to make sense scientifically?

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Everyone here kind of understands things and misunderstands alot of things. First of all, a lot of people believe that Science can prove everything. It cant. It cant always explain how other galaxies were made exactly, it cant 100% explain where the moon came from. Its almost harder to believe in Evolutoin than in a God. Its almost abosultely rediculous to think that everything came from a “big bang.” if you guys have any questions about the bible or if God exsits or not email or vist his blog at ude he can awnser your questions. I personally believe the whole GOD PARTICLE Idea is crazy and stupid.

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Some of these comments are idiotic, some more reason based but literally none of them have a good answer for someone like myself who may be in danger of not existing should this whole CERN experiment actually go down.

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What would be interesting is if they could create a stable black hole…could solve the problem with waste products that are littering the world…

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God is s word that means to Generate–Organize–and Destroy. We give words to perceptions and that is as close as we can get to reach some kind of consensus reality.To commune–to communicate to commute.God is a word that has been used and abused. I prefer to use the word ‘being’ or undefined awareness. I believe that we as human BEINGS can experience relative miracles if we were to intend and produce things as a collective body.Try to produce a Jet airliner yourself and it will surely seem impossible if you look at what it really takes. But as a collective body we have enormous power and can produce not only jet airliners but things much more complex and relatively unreachable by the individual.—as if an individual actually exists.If you would take a look at the present moment—it has no time to occur in and yet occurs in between measurable time—everything that exists in the universe that we can perceive exists ONLY in this space where there is no time. We cannot separate anything, including our selves from this timeless presence—obviously everything must be one thing because of this. Maybe if we could focus our minds on the one thing more often we could actually ‘be’ the answer to our most important questions and problems. The collective –aligned body has enormous power—imagine a whole culture of people praying and intending the western world to fall or to be destroyed.Take a deep look at what is taking place in the US/world right now.The mind is an amazing tool–unless we let it run us.We all live and exist in a memory based paradigm. There is no mind in the present moment–it is not needed there.This is why the Hindu calls the world Maya (illusion)I have Forest Gump as my Guru. Ciao

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The “Collider” will prove that God does not exist, only to those who choose not to believe in Him in the first place. For those who choose to believe in Him, it will not make any difference.God’s existence (or not) has nothing to do with imaginative (and expensive) projects that do not deal with the nature of, and Person of God.Put it this way. Let us say you have a very good friend that lives in another country. You talk to him by phone quite often, and occasionally he writes to youl.Now let us say that you want to introduce him to another friend of yours. However, for some reason, this second friend does not want to believe you have such a friend in another country. You could produce phone records to prove it, but he would just say that means you are calling someone (maybe an over the phone sex comment). You produce some of the letters that the first friend has sent, but the second friend just say’s you wrote the letters yourself. The first friend even goes as far as offering to come to the second friend and introduce himself. He is then called a fraud, or someone you have paid to pretend to be a friend.The point is, that only if the second friend chooses to believe in the existence of your other friend and wants to get to know them will any method of proving his existence work.I have a friend. His name is God (Jesus in this case). I talk to Him everyday, and He communicates with me everyday by His Book, and a personal relationship He gives to all who would like to get to know Him. He has done so with Billions of people.You can come up with all kinds of plausable and implausable explanations to account for this and still not believe in this friend, including saying that I (and Billions of others) are merely deluded. Such arguments prove absolutely nothing.However, if you would simply allow yourself to be introduced to Him, you would end up having no doubt to His existence.

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