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Hillary Clinton for secretary of state?

November 14, 2008

Sen. Hillary Clinton has emerged as a candidate to be U.S. secretary of state for Barack Obama, months after he defeated her in an intense contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

NBC News and The Washington Post reported that Clinton was under consideration for the top U.S. diplomatic position.

Clinton was described by her office as having flown to Chicago on Thursday on personal business.

Should Obama select his former rival for the top U.S. envoy post?


Absolutely! YES!! With the Taliban spewing acid on young girls in Afghanistan simply for going to school, the world needs Hillary championing for women everywhere! This would be a great healing selection from Obama’s campaign and the greatest combination of change yet from America, solidifying how different this next administration is going to be from the previous 8 years! What an awesome choice that would be!

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Selecting a women as a Secretary of State certainly has pros and cons in a world where a lot of the travel will be in or about Muslim nations. But I think it is more important that Obama keeps Hilary in the loop and viable as a political ally to prevent any chance of Democratic party infighting during his presidency.

Posted by Craig | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton would make an excellent Secretary of State. By choosing her, Barack Obama would demonstrate his own confidence as a leader, in surrounding himself with top talent who can stand up to him and deliver the news, bad or good, with thoughtful and bold insight. After 8 years of Bush surrounding himself with incompetent yet fiercely loyal advisors, this would be a breath of fresh air.

Posted by Will Frehley | Report as abusive

This is an excellent choice. So far president-elect has made all the right moves. I wish him all the best and hope that he honors his commitment to the American People


Absolutely – get her our of the Senate and out of the country.


Good grief, what does it take to make the Hill-Billies go away. Its like a reoccurring nightmare. And for those mislead people who think she is bright, IN FACT, she has never released her Yale marks because she was so stupid, and even petitioned to have marks not count for graduation. SECOND, prior to Obama her Senator election was the highest financed campaign in USA history. Yes, she bought her seat. With all the ex-Clinton people being appointed by Obama, its beginning to look like he was a front man for them all along. People are as tired of the Clintons as we are of George W. Obama standing for change?? Thats a joke.

Posted by turismo | Report as abusive

Yes he should seeing she has more know all about the world and what is happening than he does and with her husband help she will do a great job

Posted by RICHARD | Report as abusive

She will be a fantastic Secretary of State — I pray it happens.

Posted by Ingeborg B Steinmetz | Report as abusive

It’s time that she leave the scenece altogether. I am so SICK of seeing that phony face, phony smile and whatever other trash she has in her and her husband’s background. Enough of the rift that needs to be made up. Set her aside and let her ride into the pastures of Arkansas and never heard from again with Billy the Kid. Enough! Enough! Enough of the fooling of our country with these 2.

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Is it just me, or do other people think this deal may have been cut back when Obama first gained Hillary’s support at the Democratic Convention? It makes a lot of sense. Plus, can you name any of the spouses of a previous Secretary of State (unlike the VP spouses)….

Posted by Etherialgirl | Report as abusive

I beleve the Secretary Of State post would be a good fit with Hillary Clinton. She has much to offer this new adminstration and her country, I know she will not disappoint.

Posted by Judy Schoenfeld | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton would be an improvement over Madelaine Albright, that’s about it. So much for changing the face of Washington by appointing Washington insiders like Ron Emanuel, Joe Biden, and now perhaps Hillary Clinton. I guess next we’ll have Al Gore as head of the EPA, and Wesley Clark as Secretary of Defense. While recycling is quite nice for the environment, where’s all the new blood ? Change we can believe in?? More like Clinton Cronies Part II or Back to the 90′s.

Posted by Mark Miller | Report as abusive

A competent and tentative in keeping public relations,and has the greater apptitude in adminitering the nation,would be a successful diplomat holding the top position.Mrs,Clinton,as being the wife of ex-president of the US,has an elongated sight which would allow her to handle this vital position of responsibilities.

Mrs,clinton would be able to execute the Us foriegn policy in democratic manner to keep the world peace significantly.


There’s no doubt that Senator Clinton is capable and experienced enough to do the job. I base her experience upon her years in the United States Senate, not her role as First Lady, or co-President for anything “Good’ that happened from 1993-2000, as she proclaimed during the 2008 primaries. There are probably scores of more qualified candidates that team Obama should consider for Secretary of State. Senator Clinton would be a feel good pick, but I think President-elect Obama and his inner circle of advisors should explore other options.

Posted by Mark Miller | Report as abusive

i see a new crop of anti war stickes appearing as the left now hold center stage.if hillary gets the job i hope she remembers the slogen “peace in our time”has been used.perhaps she can use “peace at any cost”as a substitute.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

absolutely. her knowledge will be a tremendous asset to President-Elect Obama as he travels the road of President for the next four years (and we’re looking forward to another 4 years after that!) Ms Clinton is a
natural for this job. She has the character, fortitude & already has experience behind her in world affairs, having been the First Lady. Obama is choosing well, and he won’t be sorry if he chooses this “classy” lady who is so smart! She is the best choice for this particular appointment. Please appoint her. She is a loyal person and truly wants to serve where she can most useful!


If the old saying of “keep your friends close and your enimies closer” applies, then the uneffectual senator would be a good political chess play. But for the good of the people, the country, and the world, BO could fine better candidates.

Posted by Joe Colter | Report as abusive

In reply to W. Ozelle’s post. GIVE ME A BREAK! Youre automatically giving this guy 8 years ! He hasn’t even served one day. No one knows what he’s going to do as
president. He has no track record to go by, just rhetoric, and finely articulated speeches. He seems like a smart guy, and hopefully will govern from the center.
Now, about Saint Hillary. What a bunch of baloney!! “she wants to serve where she can be most useful” The correct statement would be, she wants to serve where she can have the most power or influence. She is a loyal democrat, and typically votes the party line. So if that means she is loyal, then she is loyal.

Posted by mark miller | Report as abusive

I believe that it is too early to be predicting cadidates for posts in the new cabinet. Personally, though I didn’t vote this year, I would like to see Obama provide a politically diverse cabinet. wouldn’t it be a fulfillment of the promises and boasts of “crossing party lines”? I think if we are going to be a united nation, we should have both major parties represented, especially with some of the major “battle ground states” being close to going to either candidate in terms of the election.

Posted by Braden Peters | Report as abusive

Hillary as a Secretary of State?
Love Obama with all my heart!
But now I am a little disapointed, I mean so far the template that is being built is based on the old.I thought this was going to be change not a throwback, we have all of the same players affiliated in some way with the impeached Clinton from 9 years ago, please President Obama, start tapping into the talent of tomorrow and the powermovers of the NOW, Hillary and the Clintons made me lose a great deal of respect, however, they seemed to patch things up but I would not have her in my cabinet or adminstration if he knows what is right for him, loyalty is the most important asset or your team, she has shown the cards of being able to cast a spear into his back and not bat an eye.Wake up Obama!

Posted by Nick-Nick | Report as abusive

ABSOLUTELY NO!!!!!! BIG MISTAKE! If we wanted the Clintons we would have voted for them. We voted for a change. Mr. President you are able to find a better choice than Hilary Clinton for example Bill Richardson. Mrs. Clinton will fight you all the way on all issues. Your views are broader and more wise. Please think twice about your choice.

Posted by Deborah | Report as abusive

Hilary Clinton… Hmmm…

Isn’t that the one who faced sniper fire in Bosnia?

Sonds like a great choice to me.


Posted by Michael Osborne | Report as abusive

Some how Mrs. Bill Clinton has figured out a way to not go to jail in Arkansas, somehow come from New York to become a senator, and has now wormed her way into trying to become secretary of state. Will this woman stop at nothing to further her career, she could care less about our country, just about herself. As a person who was born and raised in New York, I am ashamed to have her as a senator, I lived in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was the Governor and have to say it was the most backwards state I have ever lived in and she was never even heard about, except for the scandal after wards. Health reform, never happened until her husband was president, I guess the people who lived in Arkansas were not good enough for her until it fit her needs to be known. She is like an infection that you take antibiotics for but just can’t get rid of. She just keeps coming back to fulfill her own self indulgent need to be someone. On my end of the stick, I still can’t find a job, my property taxes have gone up and the woman who screamed that Obama was going to pay her bills is gone. Please tell me what in the heck the democrats are doing for us, I thought they could fix what was wrong with the country in like 2 days, as far as I can see, it is still getting worse, but I guess Mrs. Bill Clinton will fix everything (Since apparently we didn’t vote for her). Nothing like spit, superglue and duct tape to fix any issue of the country. If we want the country to be stagnate, by all means throw her more money and a better job when no one else can get that in the country, break the constitution, go against the will of the entire country. This will make the presidency legitimate to all of us. Break whatever rules you need to in order to get what you want, sends a great message to our young people. The perfect way for our first black president to be. I am ashamed!

Posted by K W | Report as abusive

For some reason Hillaary’s website will not post my blog, I guess the constitution does not hold true there either. Freedom of speech is out the window, unless you are saying something good about her. What a crock, please tell me we can do better than this for our country. I am having flashbacks to 10 years ago, what change! I guess it is baby steps at this time, and if the country doesn’t like it, well to bad you voted for the Clintons, sorry, the Obama’s

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