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Fill ‘er up: Cheap gas

November 20, 2008

With oil plunging to record lows, and the average retail price for gas sinking to less than $2, will Americans rekindle their love affair with trucks and SUVs?

Falling gasoline prices are putting extra money in the pockets of consumers, but there is also some concern that drivers may return to their gas-guzzling vehicles.

Are you taking advantage of cheaper gas prices? Could this be the second coming of gas-guzzling vehicles, or is this simply a brief reprieve? Share you cheap gas strategies.


I traded in my six-cylinder sedan for a compact 4-cylinder way before this gas debacle happened. Even though the prices are dropping, I am still limiting my driving.

Hate to sound cynical, but there are far too many short-sighted people who will go right back to their SUV’s and forget about the long-term implications as soon as the price goes down.

Though wouldn’t it be something if the majority still continued to limit their fuel consumption….

Posted by Carrie | Report as abusive

Going back to big trucks and SUVs is the last thing we need to be doing now. We need to do all we can to conserve NOW, and keep fuel prices at this level.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

They can have my diesel Excursion when they pry it from my cold, dead hands! I love hearing from all the “Chicken Littles” who ran right out and bought their hybrids. Now that things have come back into equilibrium, they are trying to justify the extra money they spent, and continue to spend, trying to maintain these POS’s. Maybe the new “Climate Czar” will change my mind on global warming (snake oil), but until then I am proud not being one of the Lemmings.

Posted by Short-sighted Person | Report as abusive

I think anyone that really thinks that limiting fuel usage will HELP anything is very confused on the real problem. It doesn’t matter how much we limit until we get rid of it completely it is a problem. There will always be the situation where you stretch your “limit”. Hybrid cars are another joke on the world public. When they go to full electric, or anything not based on a pollution source, then it will get better, though still not a total solution.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

I don’t think that we are going to see a lot of consumers switch to SUVs. Gas prices are low because of low demand and consumers cutting back on everything including gas bills. We cannot expect the same consumer to spend more on gas while cutting back on everything else.
Unfortunalely, limiting fuel usage by driving a hybrid really does not have a big impact on gas prices. Emerging economies like India, China and oil speculators are the primary reasons we saw $147 oil


Am I enjoying sub $2 gas? You bet I am, am I driving harder and more often yes I am. Would I ever buy a hybrid or an eletric car? Not a chance, electricity comes from coal and last I checked that is a pretty dirty fuel source. Hybrid, no way look at what it takes to prodce one in terms of energy cost, second the battery is not even recylcable. My V8 hemi has a lot less impact on the enviroment than any of these so called green machines

Posted by Love my Hemi | Report as abusive

I agree with Ben, with one major difference: I don’t think most people understand the real nature of their fuel consumption. It is not limited to the act of driving, or even transportation in general.

When we choose to buy bananas from Ecuador instead of apples grown right here in Washington (I live in Seattle), we consume fuel. When we buy that piece of furniture or electronics made in China, we consume fuel. Why is the price of gas so low right now? Because we’ve been driving less? No, it’s because we’re BUYING less – and it’s the consumer goods that really drive fuel consumption.

And then, of course, there’s the question of what you heat and light your home and/or office with. I’m lucky enough to have hydroelectric power easily available, but most Americans use heating oil or coal-sourced electricity. All of which further increases our fuel consumption.

But, again, it’s the consumer goods, both durable and edible, that really drive fuel consumption. If driving less made a noticeable impact, gas prices would have stabilized sooner, when everyone began curbing their driving.

Posted by Valerie | Report as abusive

The problem is this is a monopoly run by OPEC whom “determine” the price not the market. When OPEC believes there is too much oil on the market (i.e. it drops below the price point they want) the pull product back. OPEC artificially controls the price of oil, that plain and simple is the problem.

The only fix is to find and use our own sources of oil! Remove the stranglehold countries in OPEC have on us (most of whom don’t like us) while we research new ways of producing domestic energy from the money that would otherwise go to OPEC countries.

Posted by Another Sheep | Report as abusive

What kind of poll question is that. What a stupid Question.
Of course we are taking advantage of cheaper fuel costs.

Posted by J Bateman | Report as abusive

Ummm…nowhere did I say that my 4-cylinder was a hybrid. Living in an urban area, I do not have any use for an SUV or V8 engine.

If you can afford to fill up your gas tank, more power to you.

Posted by Carrie | Report as abusive

i cant wait for prices to go back up
traffic has gotten a lot worse in the last few weeks
and all the new drivers seem to have forgot HOW to drive
4 bucks a gallon is a cheap price for peace of mind(and less pollution etc..)
im glad to see so many dont care about the impact of their
oil usage.
your kids appreciate you thoughtfulness

Posted by dick bohanon | Report as abusive

I ride a moped. I have a minivan, but have left it in the driveway because sooner or later we are going to learn that oil does not grow on trees, it is not unlimited and our survival depends greatly upon management of the dwindling supplies we have. So, for all the folks who want to mash their foot to the floor, get their big diesel excursions all fired up, I have four words. I Told You SO…

SIgned, OPEC


I have one thing to say ! Let’s pray things pull through tommorrow so I can concentrate on stabalizing America and move forward instead of backwards. I no longer have patience or will tolerate misconduct thrown in front of me that I have to correct myself. I leave this website either a friend or foe

truly, Scott West


Some of this “cheep gas” is real. But some is to break the ethanol producers who spent multi millions for equipment based on $4. gas. Now they will not be able to pay their debit, and big oil will buy them out for cents on the dollar.

Posted by James Clausen | Report as abusive

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