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Filling Hillary’s Senate shoes

December 3, 2008

If Hillary Clinton is confirmed for secretary of state in President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet, New York Gov. David Patterson must name a replacement to fill her Senate seat. The front-runner is New york Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. Former President Bill Clinton’s name has also been thrown in the mix.Patterson can name anyone, famous or not, to fill the seat. Who should he select and why?


The best for this country is for Bill Clinton to take the Senate Seat. “Its the economy stupid” John

Posted by ginsengjohn | Report as abusive

Spitzer for Senate!!

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

Bill Clinton should replace Hillary Clinton…reason: he is super intelligent and would work with all parties to get this country moving in the right direction again, something that has been lacking over the past eight (UGH!)years.

Posted by Len K Bloomfield Indiana | Report as abusive

My vote is for Mario Cuomo, not Andrew. He’s a senior statesman, an old Democratic party stalwart, and, not incidentally, I think he’d make a pretty good US Senator for New York.


Bloomberg!!! He is the ultimate Republicrat (the new Republican/Democrat morph). He will bring depth and breadth to the Senate – especially in dealing with the New Really Big Deal programs that Sen. Reid will be pushing. Then Bill Clinton can be Mayor of NYC.


I think Elliot Spitser would fill the job nicely.

Posted by robin oakley | Report as abusive

Andrew Cuomo or a Hispanic would be nice. I wish the press would leave Bill Clinton alone. They get hold of a story and just harp on it ad nauseum!

Posted by Elaine | Report as abusive

Elliot Spitzer having made an error in judgment regarding a personal relationship of a sexual nature should be forgiven his transgression and offered the position in the US Senate.Prior to the affair Mr. Spitzer served New York well and in particular with trying with above average effort to correct AIG’s business wrongdoings which have now gone on to cost the American Taxpayer 150,000,000,000.Elliot’s judgment was 150 billion Right on AIG and 5k wrong with a professional Escort. Do the math, he’s not the first person to have a sexual transgression while in public office.He is much and rightfully missed from Public Service.


I think Governor Patterson should name Former President Bill Clinton to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat


NY Gov. Paterson needs to take this seat in the Senate. He would be a breath of fresh air. Then, NYC Mayor Bloomberg could abandon his ill-advised 3rd term run ad step in as NY Governor……….

Posted by Belle | Report as abusive

Gee, we keep putting the same small group of lieing SOBs in power and we wonder why things get worse. People in general are stupid. LOL Sure Bill Clinton for senate why not.

Posted by Tarro | Report as abusive

Anyone but Andrew Cuomo, thank you. Mario, YES. Andrew, notsomuch. I’d be happy with Bill Clinton or Eliot Spitzer, too. Both have dedicated themselves to public service but had personal failings… like all of us, only ours aren’t splashed all over the front page. Lucky us.

Posted by Laurie | Report as abusive

Why fill hillarys shoes? She hasn’t done anything for a year. Lets save the salary.

Posted by Will Wiehn | Report as abusive

Cumoee is old. Lets give Patterson the call! A new face in ny government would be great!! How about Patterson? Peace

Posted by Michael Malley | Report as abusive

If the interest is in a more secure America, Rudy Giuliani would be hands-down the best choice for both New Youk and our country. Greg Neubeck

Posted by gneubeck | Report as abusive

What in her history makes any one think that she has the expertise,patience or knowledge to be the secretary of state of this country. But then again, with that thought in mind, many people felt that she was qualified to be president. She proved that there really is no experience needed and so did Obama. Wonder how people will think about the “change” that will take place in the next 4 years!!!!!!!

Posted by John | Report as abusive

we certainly don’t want America’s most recently impeached president back in government. how about America’s mayor instead? he wouldn’t be any worse.

Posted by dave | Report as abusive

I think they should patrol the streets of NYC, find the most slovenly uneducated homeless person and force them into office. They would be more in touch with the real world and probably get more done. They may be more inclined to promote more handouts and bailouts, on sencond thought probably not.

Posted by scott mitchell | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton has very small shoes to fill. She has done virtually nothing but raise money for her presidential campaign since she has been our senator. The idea of Bill (who is completely non-compus) repacing her is patently ridiculous. She is apt to do as well as Secretary of State as she did running her campaign and reforming ntional health care. When will people wake up to the fact that she is a blithering incompetent?

Posted by Ellery | Report as abusive

Senator Obama had it right the first time! She lacks any knowledge of world affairs to be Secretary of State! Secondly her Bill is a disgrace regardless of his high demand! We are facing a world depression and Obama is paying off the clinton’s with his choice! He already has Bills old staff! Terrorisim,depression 2wars and Hilary is to much for any president!

Posted by casper | Report as abusive

Both Clintons are morons who did absolutely nothing to garner the love and kisses poured so freely on them by liberals. I live in NY and Hillary has been nothing but a cancer on this state. Business is drying up and leaving, taxes go up at any opportunity, and to see this woman get praised for anything other than keeping a well-upholstered seat warm is ridiculous.Bill Clinton? Hahahahahaha you’ve got to be kidding me. The guy is pathetic and if you lefties think he will “unite”, well, he has about as much chance of “uniting” as Obama has as much of a chance at “changing”.Good Luck liberal and your party were a thorn in our side for 8 years, now enjoy the fire..hahahaha

Posted by Art | Report as abusive

Here is my list of three: 1. Elliot Spitzer2. Mario Cuomo3. Andrew CuomoIf anyone is keeping Elliot out of the running because of his recent problem, just remember one thing, D.C. is not a holding area for saints.

Posted by Robert Talarowski | Report as abusive

Well, it’s time for New York to get back to having two Senators. It has been nice for the Empire State to give Arkansas a third Senator, but it really hasn’t worked too well.As for nominees, is Sean Hannity a resident of NY State?

Posted by Patrick in Texas | Report as abusive

Some change. We’re letting the wolves into the chicken coop. This is an abomination of our constitution and I am SOOOO very glad I can support and defend myself. These politicians are looking out for themselves…YES…OBAMA TOO. Cover your buttocks and head for the hills people…ROME IS BURNING!!!

Posted by cameron | Report as abusive

Hillary Clinton is not allowed to be secretary of state because she voted for a pay raise for state department.Conflict of interest, even though there is another term for it, they are pulling the wool over our eyes and the media is going right along with them because its all in the liberal view. Oh and by the way, where is his birth certificate anyhow? Good luck to all of us and the mess we voted in

Posted by John Smith | Report as abusive

great it’s a time to celeberat …….

Posted by robinsingh | Report as abusive

H Clinton is the worst choice Obama could make for SS.She’ll try and run the whole shooting match.


I’m thinking a trained monkey. Maybe Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. Their not doing the job they have, so maybe a demotion is in order.

Posted by Brock | Report as abusive

Can’t imagine that he’d do it, but Bill Clinton would be tops.

Posted by Tamara | Report as abusive

Reading the comments reminded me that I voted for George Bush twice. And, I would have loved to vote for him again. But, in my opinion, a vote for George is a vote against the United States of America. Your comments are nothing but comdemnation of what this country stands for, which is freedom and democracy. Well, I should have known.

Posted by Frank Chu | Report as abusive

Hill-Billy can’t be approved as appointed unless the Democratic Congress changes a few rules retroactively. He two noteable accomplishments are embroilment in an Arkansas real estate scandal and her failed heath plan. Her overseas experiences consists of flying and vacationing at our expense. She has represented NY by running for President and not doing her job in the Senate. Her primary goal seems to be just to be ‘in front of the camera’. She did not even have the guts to leave her miscreant husband which any self-respecting women would have done. Why appoint someone like that! Just shows how feckless Obama is and how the majority of Americans are unhappily going to get what they voted for. What a shame! And those of us that voted against him are still going to have to put up with this……Ole Will R. said, “America is strong enough to survive any President.” I hope he was correct!

Posted by jcj | Report as abusive

Somehow I’m reminded of something my cat once did in my shoe. I think ‘it’ would have made a better senator for the good people of new york.(just sayin)

Posted by Jaedyn | Report as abusive

Thank you Obama,,,just when we think we are finally through with the Clinton’s someone goes and gives them new life…God help us….by the way, what in the heck has she had done to her lips,,, they sure look strange to me….


As always, the Clinton haters are out in force. Just browse through these comments and it’s clear that a few have too much time on their hands & spend much of it hating Hillary & Bill Clinton! Barack Obama made an outstanding choice in selecting Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. She is perfectly suited to the role given her political resume & her global fame. I for one look forward to her representing the USA around the world. As for her replacement in the US Senate, I seriously doubt Bill Clinton has any interest in this role. And given that men already dominate US politics, Hillary Clinton’s place in the US Senate should be taken over by another woman. The last thing we need is yet another man in politics…And I’m a male.

Posted by Clinton Supporter | Report as abusive

Hilary will leave behind some large shoes to fill.This will be tough act to follow but I think Christine Quinn is more than qualified and up to the demands of the job.Thank God Obama had the common sense to choose Hillary for SoS.Now I can sleep at night knowing she’ll still be answering that 3 a.m. call.

Posted by Meredith | Report as abusive

Why the good people of New York put up with the political machines that put out-of-state carpetbaggers in office as their “representatives” is beyond comprehension. A senator from New York should at the very least be “from” New York, born and bred, and have a true vested interest in serving on behalf of the people who populate this great state. Send the Clintons from whence they came. Draft a native New Yorker who loves the whole state, not just the City. Return to our roots and pick someone who is really interested in New York and helping New Yorkers have a real voice in the Senate, not a puppet.

Posted by Jake | Report as abusive

Anyone who says Hillary hasn’t spent any time in the Senate serving NY needs to get a taste of reality (i.e. stop watching Fox News). She was elected in 2000. Just because you only started paying attention in this election cycle doesn’t mean that’s when politics began.As for all the “carpetbagger” nonsense, your precious W. isn’t exactly FROM Texas… fake accent, “ranch” and cowboy talk notwithstanding. He went there to run for office when he saw an open seat. And who cares, anyway? Why all the obsession with where someone was born, and the idea that you have to be born on a specific patch of land in order to serve the people there? The irrational xenophobia in this country is way out of control. As long as my senator works for my state’s interests, I couldn’t care less where he or she happened to have been born. Intelligent and dedicated public officials come from everywhere.God, the ignorance shown on these threads is almost comical. The same tired cliches and long-disproved talking points, over and over again. Don’t you ever get bored with parroting nonsense that you heard someone on TV say 10 years ago? Don’t tell me… and Hillary killed Vince Foster, right? *yawn*

Posted by Laurie | Report as abusive

Hillay is leaving the senate but is going the wrong way.She should be going home and leave politics to people who would do somthing.I mean like she had 8 years under Bill and nothing happen.Oh sure someone out their will try to blam someone besides her,but she didn’t.


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