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Who’s walking the line?

December 4, 2008

AT&T is joining the ranks of companies sending its employees to the unemployment line. The top U.S. phone company says it will cut 12,000 jobs as the economic crisis bites deeper. Chemical maker Dupont added its own dash of dour news, announcing 2,500 job cuts. While there was some cause for cheer from weekly jobless data that showed the number of workers filing new claims for benefits unexpectedly fell last week, the figure was still in line with a shrinking labor market and economy. So, really, no good news there.

“We are going to see more layoffs as the economy continues to weaken,” said Barclays capital economist Michelle Meyer.

What do you think? If you have a job, are you worried about losing it? If you’re out of work, how tough is the market?


I am continually worried about finding a job. In December 2003 I was layed off from my job as a Senior Managing Director making 550,000 per year after witnessing an accounting Fraud at my firm and refusing to sign off on it. June 2004 I provided a business model [powered by - 'you be the star'] to Google, Inc. to be an ad partner after having spent over $500,000 in development of my new career. Simultaniously I provided the pre-cursor to QUT, Quantum Unified Theory of Lattice Quantum Dynamics to Jet Propulsion Laboratories [JPL] which was the capstone of 15 years of independent research in physics which can be seen at

Since the US Government forced itself into my life, I have remained unemployable, my family has been devistated, My divorce is now pending and no funds as have been promised of Two (2) years ago have been received as government agencies have a tendancy to bureaucratic delay where their failures in maintaining Law and Order are concerned.

In all this I have learned, that if America believes Government Involvement is Good For Business, our resultant recession will be very hard on individuals and entrepreneurs to whom the Government is more likely to stand on their necks like an IRON BOOT than support as the Hope for the Future.

I have no Hope whatsover after 4 Blacklisted Years.


As of right now I work as a sub-private contractor, when I first started late summer of this year, there was so much work that my boss was turning down jobs or sourcing them out to other contractors. Now, we struggle to find work.
As for the contracts that have been completely only half of those customers have been able to pay the full amount on time. Not that they don’t want to pay us, they simple just don’t have it. I’m losing my job because my boss first can’t get paid for the work we’ve done, second people are so desperate we have tools and equipment stolen every time we walk away from the work truck, and third their is actually regular customers opting to deal with water damaged ceilings, bad wiring, and all manner of homes in disrepair because they can’t even afford to go out buy the materials needed, let a lone pay a skilled labor to do it for them.
As for the job market?As a 21 year old high school graduate, I’ve struggled to find a job. As of now I’m looking for more work, but be damned if I could even get an interview, or a call back. No ones hiring, those that are hiring, the competition is so stiff that unless your god wrapped in bacon served on a silver platter, you have your work cut out for you. Especially the market I live in, a college town, due to just not being able to afford schooling, I play a second string to any student looking for work, or hell most of the those students jobs now, are occupied by actual graduates who can’t find work in their respective fields, so they either keep or take low paying jobs because any work is better then no work.

Added to fact I’ve got a metric ton of debt, might be losing my job due to the lack of work available, and the fact my boss is currently bleeding money like a fresh amputee, I think I’d like a bail out too.

Posted by Luke Kahlor | Report as abusive

The New World Order requires you to accept terrorism, and therefore, you are resolved to become impoverished, while the World Bank(s) turn the USA into a 4th World Nation.

It is time to vote for the end of The Federal Reserve Bank,
and return to the Gold Standard, while there is still time.

God Save the Republic, and Wake Up America and realize that International interests are taking your way of life away!!!

Posted by abe bee | Report as abusive

Of course this is something everyone should worry about regardless if you are employed or not, because everyone will be affected regardless if you are employed or not. And I dont see any light at the end of the tunnel. But the Scriptures have foretold these things anyway. None of us will not make God out of a liar.

Posted by Jessup | Report as abusive

Jessup…..I agree with your the last part of your comment: “But the scriptures have foretold these things anyway. None of us will make God out of a liar”.

Here’s my encouragement to you and all people struggling in this nation:

“Don’t worry about anything: instead pray about everything”. (Philippians 4:6)

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Came across this interesting fun site which kind of acts like a stress buster – I bashed my ex-bosses to my heart’s content ;)


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