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Your take on Obama’s address to Congress

February 25, 2009
President Obama delivered his first major speech before a joint session of Congress, walking a fine line between frankness about the state of the U.S. economy and optimism about its recovery. Did you find his speech reassuring? Do you think the U.S. will emerge “stronger than before”? Share your thoughts below.

Empty words. He is the next Stalin.

Posted by Josh | Report as abusive

From Reuters
“President Obama said the U.S. would emerge stronger from the economic crisis but didn’t say how it would get there.”

Does this surprise anybody? In the past 18 months we heard he said “I disagree ……”, “we should not do that…..”, from him a lot, but how many time we heard he said what he is going to do, or what we should do.

President Obama and Mr. Geithner are same team, Right? Good teamwork,-no detail, sorry.

Posted by jeffwu96 | Report as abusive

It was clear before the election that Obama was/is not qualified to be President. Now it’s clear that he is in over his head, and is leading American down the primrose path.


Our President spoke directly and accurately, especially stating the fact that his new administration was handed this “gift” by the Bush team. Unfortuantely the former administration choose not to address the economy, energy, healthcare or education in any manner to benefit the country.

Posted by Theresa | Report as abusive

Well thought out and to the point, the president made clear his agressive programs. He told congress what they need to do rather than ask them. He once again showed the country that he is a leader and not a sit back and do nothing politician.


President Obama gave a great, uplifting, positive address to the nation. To a limited extend, it’s just what the country needed to hear. Too bad he, nor anyone else it seems these days, doesn’t realize the economy doesn’t run on hope.

Last night was his stump speech to shore up wavering faith in the questionable stimulus bill.

The sad thing is, most Americans have never read a history book about repeated failed governmental action during the Great Depression, don’t have a clue what the term “Keynesian” means, or just don’t care enough about their liberty anymore to realize when they’re being led down the wrong path by a charismatic and charming guy.

Posted by Andy S | Report as abusive

The office of the President is obviously controlled by the international banking cartel that is pushing for a world dictatorship. The current President is tasked with carrying the agenda forward as was established by those before him. Its just a different rhetoric, only more eloquently delivered. The agenda to bankrupt the U.S. economy, grow the government and render the constitution as an historic relic is still on. If more people wake up and things stall, expect another false flag terror event like 9/11 to catylyze popular opinion and bolster the need to bring in a virtual police state in the U.S.


I was not encouraged by anything Obama had to say in his speech. I was hoping he would have spoken more on fiscal responsibility and the national debt. From the Bush administration’s chaotic spending for bailouts to Obama’s recent economic stimulus package (and more spending likely in the future); I am concerned about how this kind of governmental spending will affect the stability of our nation in the long run. The recession is bad enough, but how long can the American government continue this kind of haphazard spending, considering it is funded by foreign lenders? Consequently, Hillary was recently in China encouraging (a polite word for begging) their government to continue buying US treasury bonds to help fund Obama’s upcoming spending spree. There is nothing more disheartening than to stand by and helplessly watch as my own country deteriorates into a hopeless quagmire of debt.

Posted by Kim Lipp | Report as abusive

President Obama did a superior job of reassuring Americans of hope and a better future. He has only been president 1 month and republicans only use cristism with no real solutions to our problems. How many people really have the answers to our problems that took over eight years to get. If President Obama fail we all fail. A lot of cristism but no real solutions. He inherited such a hugh debt. Help him don’t continue to use the same old trickle down politics that has cripple our nation. There is no red state or blue state but the United States of America. Lets embrace our nation and its leader.

Posted by Sharon Hardy | Report as abusive

I have a lot of hope for Pres. Obama. Currently I haven’t seen the changes that HAVE to happen to rescue our economy.

I wonder how many times will we, the American People, have to pay for big business? My car is an example, I paid for it once by buying American, I paid again, through tax incentives, I paid again through bailout funds, I will pay again through the national deficit. Still nothing has radically changed to make this endless subsidization end.

There is no real relief for me, the taxpayer.

How many of you watched who stood up, who applauded, how loudly and for what in the Congress’ chamber?

I can’t say it enough times…they are all crooks! But we have the ability to have a REAL representative democracy now! A democracy that is comprised of the voices of all Americans. An ability to decide OUR fate, the fate of the people, not the fate of the top 2% of our nation.

Can any of you conceive of what a true representative democracy might be like? A democracy that truly represents US and not the top 2% like we have now? What would our country look like if it was represented by the 98% of working people it is comprised of, instead of the leftover crumbs the top two percent throw at us to pacify us?

For the first time in history we have the ability to communicate directly without representation. We need to utilize technology to FREE us from these blood suckers. We have the ability to have a true democracy, the first in history!

Stop living on your knees America!

If there has been any progress made it is simply the crumbs thrown to pacify, it does not approach wealth or security that is our blood right, as a member of the human race.



The guy is an idiot..Spending will not solve anyting..Cutting taxes will..Easy Economics People……

Posted by joe | Report as abusive

What do I think about his speech? Americans should have voted for Ron Paul.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Nice words, no action at our level. Lower the refi rates to 3% and many of us will refi, that will put extra money in our pockets! Until then, nothing has changed for us, our wages stay the same(we still have jobs for now)prices are going up, so until we have extra cash we don’t spend. This no way to jump start the economy.

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