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Has swine flu made you change your ways?

April 27, 2009

A couple wearing mask wait for their relatives to arrive from Mexico at Sao Paulo's international airport

There are fears that a swine flu outbreak that has leapfrogged from Mexico, across North America and into Europe could become a global pandemic,  rekindling memories of the SARS crisis that caused widespread turmoil six years ago.

The flu virus spreads quickly between humans and although it has so far only killed people in Mexico, governments across the world are taking measures to try to reduce its impact.

As the number of cases increases, what have you done to protect yourself? Have you stocked up on hand sanitizer, called in sick, or opted to walk to work instead of taking public transportation? Have you had to cancel travel plans or are you going about your life business as usual?

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This virus claimed 150 just in 3 days. Death toll raising with speed 50 lives a day faster than anything else! SARS claimed ~750 lives over 3 mo ~10 lives a day all across Asia.It is better to clarify where these numbers are coming from!!!!Is it because virus so contagious?Does it affect much bigger area than Mexico?Does spread through food?I hope health officials just revisited resent cases over last 15 days and attributed them to new flu.

Posted by SKV | Report as abusive

Unless you live in absolute squalor with no hope of medical attention in a third world country you should not even think twice about swine flu. Even if you are for whatever reason living in these conditions you have better things to worry about killing you like starvation, AIDS, hepatitis, violence, and the common cold.

Posted by JaySin | Report as abusive

Didn’t google say the could help predict disease out breaks? Can you follow up with them to see what data they can share out the spread?

Posted by Howard | Report as abusive

I am still waiting for the development of the disease, but its wise if I could postpone my trip for at least a safe time two months. The government should help anyone that had to change flight dates and reservations.

Posted by Guilherme Hartmann | Report as abusive

My bestfriend has a daughter that is very ill right now at a University. She has all the symptoms of the swine flu but has not been to Mexico. She has been told that they will NOT TEST HER because she has not been to Mexico. This is crazy. I do not understand. I told my friend to go get her daughter and insist that she is tested.

Posted by Anne Hoovestol | Report as abusive

I´m from Mexico, I´m fine as well as my closer relatives and friends, and I can tell you that my habits have changed a little bit, obviously in order to prevent any infection, much more hygiene, btu what is really amazing is the feeling in the population, because is something unknown for all here, in spite of this the hope is that we all are going to be ok sooner than we might think.

Posted by armando | Report as abusive

The global population is SEVEN billion and 103 people with zero health care have died in Mexico. Now what percentage is that??? NO ONE ANYWHERE ELSE has died. Get on with your lives folks and ignore the the doomsday, hand-wringing, god-help-us-all media machine.

Posted by Kno thing | Report as abusive

Business as usual, laughing at media wackos.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

There are a few news articles published on huge sales of surgical N95 masks.


All those travellers canceling and postponing trips could very well be the final straw for some already battered airlines.


Read up, Kno thing. Yes, a child has died in Houston, TX.Yes, you are affected when your schools are closed as they are here. And David, you had better keep your hands washed or you will be laughing with a cough and upper respiratory infection. Depends on where you live.

Posted by Billy | Report as abusive

First, I have a thought for the family of the people who have died from this outbreak.Has it changed my ways? No.There are 27 cases in the UK at present, in a total population of more than 60 million. Besides, these people have had minor infections and their lives aren’t at all in danger.However, it does show that we have to be very vigilent, because of how quickly infections can spread around the world. Not to the point of total paranoia though!


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