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Is the recession harder on women?

July 23, 2009

In 2009, more men are putting an emphasis on stability and security in their job and are looking for a girlfriend as a potential wife, according to the annual Great Male Survey by

But how are women fairing in comparison?

Yahoo! Shine asked 19,000 women in the Great Female Survey and found that more women see their career on hold. Fifty-six percent stated that any upward movement in their career is cut off because of the economic crisis while only 24 percent of men saw the same problem.

Asked how their unemployment status had changed recently, 28 percent of women said they had to take a pay cut, pay freeze or lost their job altogether – 10 percent more than their male counterparts.

Looking ahead, women were split on wether the worst of the crisis was behind them, whereas every second man thought it would get better from here on out.


I don’t understand the last paragraph. I think it’s saying about half of women think things will get worse, and half of men think it will get better.So…men and women are evenly split on their outlooks?


1/3 of women think the recession is still underway, but the worst is behind us; 1/3 think the worst is still ahead; and 1/3 say “I have no idea where we are on the crisis timeline.”Among men, 53% think the recession is still underway, but the worst is behind us.

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Job performance is the best indicator. Correct the misspelling of whether and make sure your paragraphs are able to be understood.Get back to work and learn to use spellcheck.Professional Journalism died with the invention of the web.

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Women will always be the first to lose their jobs or get a pay cut. Since men are most always (still) in charge of everything they still have this misguided idea that the “little homemaker” doesn’t really need to work. They forget how they dumped their last wife and don’t pay their child support so the woman has to support not only herself but her children too and therefore needs a job just as much if not more then a man, especially since women still make less then men for doing the exact same job. The men will all be back to work before the women are. Then they can write articles about how we all wanted to stay home in the first place. Yeah, I really love waiting at the food bank to feed my kids.

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Not all men are pigs, nor do all managers think women don’t need to work. I know lots of single moms and I also know some women who have run off good men in their lives. This article ignores one US-based aspect of this recession and it is that MEN, specifically in professional positions and middle management have been hardest hit. Bottom line: It’s hitting everyone. Let’s just act like adults.

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I thought the recession (at least this recession) was supposted to be hitting men harder because of the particular sectors which are expering the worst layoffs (i.e. construction, manufacturing). At least some of the fields which are more female-dominated – such as nursing and teaching – are doing better.

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