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Marvel vs Disney: What’s your favorite match-up?

August 31, 2009

Listen up, true believers. Disney’s deal to buy Marvel for $4 billion opens up the possibility of Uncle Walt’s gang going head-to-head with the creations of Stan Lee.

Click here for four of our favorite smackdowns, and leave your own nominations in the comments section.


I guess Spider-Man and Woody. But does this mean Kraven the Hunter will be going after Simba and all that?


Wolverine vs Donald Duck……both have short tempers…one has adamantium laced claws…the other has…no pants?…one has a healing factor…the other has…um…feathers?…one had the back-up of two superhero teams:the X-men and the Avengers…the other has…the back-up of a girlfriend…three annoying little nephews and a mouse and a dog…o boy this is gonna be a close one :)

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1. Doctor Strange vs. Mickey Mouse from Fantasia: Even the Master of the Mystic Arts wouldn’t be able to stop the Broom that Mickey brought to Life2. The Avengers vs. Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers: True, the Avengers have the super powers, the mansion, and the butler Jeeves but I don’t know if they could hold up against Gadget the Mouse, and Zipper the Fly3. Galactus vs. Genie: The Devourer of worlds and his power Cosmic vs. Phenomenal Cosmic power and itty-bitty living space (and the voice talent of Robin Williams)4. Generation X vs. The Mouseketeers: This would translate to Jubilee and Chamber going toe-to-toe with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

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The Winner:Mary Jane Watson/Parker Vs. Jessica Rabbit. (yum)

Posted by Rusty | Report as abusive

Hulk vs. Little Mermaid!


The Human Torch vs. Pinocchio.

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Donald Duck vs. WolverineWith both of their tempers…it’s like running between two kegs of gun powder covered in sparklers.

Posted by Donny | Report as abusive

Wolverine vs Donald DuckScrooge McDuck vs MagnetoPluto vs Beast

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

Donald Duck vs. Howard the Duck!

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

How about Spiderman vs Experiment 626 ? Now *that* would be an action movie worth seeing!


Wonder Woman vs. Jessica Rabbit

Posted by alaska | Report as abusive

Doctor Doom versus the Beagle Boys, but they then form an unholy alliance to battle Huey, Dewey and Louis. Armageddon!

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Aunt May vs. Uncle Scrooge (Can I copyright that idea? No? Nuts).

Posted by Chris Boyko | Report as abusive

I’d like to see the Little Mermaid, with legs, go at it with Jean Grey.

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Gargoyles vs Spider-ManGargoyles was published by Marvel in the 90′s, so it’d be a nice reunion for this underrated series to make a comeback.

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Here are some re-imaginings of Disney favorites:- Dazzler Montana- Sorcerer Supremes of Waverly Place- The Sabertooth King- The Little Sub-Mariner or…- Finding Namor- 101 Multiple Men- Doctor Doom’s New Groove- Emma Frost and the Seven Dwarves (maybe not for the kids)- Blobbo (I never did see a Brotherhood of Evil mutant fly.. er. Well not him anyway)- Xavier Poppins- Arsenic’s Dragon- Secret Public Domain Wars- Xavier School for the Gifted Musical- Beauty and the Beast would only need to be color corrected for blue fur.


Herbie vs Lightning McQueen.Lightning McQueen is the current champ, but Herbie could pull off some extraordinary stunts.Too bad Bumblebee belongs to Hasbro. Else, I will put my bet on him. After all, he does have blasters and rockets…

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Woody vs. The Human Torch. Yes. Giant fireballs might give Woody’s flimsy limbs shivers. But watch out for the cowboy hard-talk. A timely pull of string from Woody is enough to douse all his fire.

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Green lantern vs Peter pan this might be a fair fight.

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Marvel writer Danial Way vs. Toy Story writer John Lasseter. Pit Match to the death. Dan would beat him silly with a Buzz Liteyear toy then make him eat the head of Woody.

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how about inspector gadget vs. Iron Man the battle of the metal heads.

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THE ULTIMATE MARVEL VS DISNEY TAG TEAM MATCH…..Jafar and Maleficent vs Magneto and Dark Phoenix!!


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