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Murdoch mad as hell and ready to charge

November 24, 2009

Rupert Murdoch is mad as hell and it appears he’s not going to take it anymore. The media mogul and News Corp chief is upset at Google, saying the Internet search giant is ruining the newspaper business.

Not one to sit and around and just gripe about things, Murdoch says he might pull News Corp’s news from Google’s Web search results and list the stories on Microsoft’s Bing. The catch is that Microsoft would pay for the service, giving Murdoch a fresh revenue stream.

The problem is that many news organizations are fed their Web audience via Google search. If viewer rates fall, so too, the theory says, will ad dollars.

If it works, however, you can bet big dollars that other publishers and content providers will follow suit.

What do you think? Will Murdoch’s gamble work?  Should search engines pay for the privilege of listing a publisher’s content?

Leave your comments below.


Problem with these kind of mainstream media is that for a couple of years ago the were absolete on the internet. The MSM laughed at internet and time and again you could hear them say that it was not to be taken seriously.So why the madness from a guy like Murdoch now all of a sudden? Times have changed and youngsters don’t read papers anymore they go on the internet. Problem for Murdoch is that a lot of people were there long before him and now he want’s a piece of the action but he’s got one big problem. He’s a control freak so now he wants to change the internet according to his greedy attitude.I like to say to the dinosaurs “get lost and die off” or adapt to the new game. Stay a way from our inetnet and cerainly not try to change it cause than a whole group of very satisfied internet users will get angry. They love the freedom which you hate and you gotto stay away from that control freak!

Posted by Youri Carma | Report as abusive

This move is completely driven by short-sighted strategy. Even if Murdoch is making the move for a long-term gain, it is heck-of-a gamble.


Mr Murdoch just never did get the Web.Here he is, showing his age again.Just saying this will weaken NewsCorp, I sincerely hope he tries to implement.

Posted by Dafydd | Report as abusive

You can own licence for movie or music, but it is difficult to own licence for news or information in general. If Mr. Murdoch cut Google from source owned by NewsCorp, there will come another source that will be free. The flow of information on net is unstoppable. And at the end there will be only one loser – Mr. Murdoch!

Posted by tlaruso | Report as abusive

I have not heard anything to the effect that businesses cannot sell to whomever they please. There is a limit to threats. Sounds like another bully who never really grew out of eighth grade.Competition is competition and Mr Murdock can vend wherever he wants, but it would seem that we all might be a little safer without him running his ship.My business changes and I have to adapt to new ways. We could be still making drawings with paper and pencil, but the computer drawings are much easier to make and send over the internet.

Posted by f belz | Report as abusive

I applaud Murdock in getting content provider in thinking new ways of creating revenue. The article’s argument against this proposal is just silly. There’s no reason for DOJ to feel that this is anti-competitive given that :1) there are plenty of alternative news source and blogs on the web albeit a lot of them are not good quality.2) the traditional news media is struggling to stay alive! If other search engines want to include those “exclusive news”, then pay up. It’s no different from different legitimate music sites that charges for music instead of stealing music.They are plenty of cheapskates who want things for free (think about stealing of music, …). But looking at the hoopla about “Michelle Obama”s photo search on Google as well as the sharp decline of reviewers on Wikipedia, maybe it’s coming to a point that web-users want to ask if they want paid-for quality content or free junk content (with plenty of viruses and malware included)!

Posted by Roger | Report as abusive

I find the claim absurd. If people do not buy newspapers because they are in the internet, then the model of business has changed. It is like stores complaining against teleporting companies because people can beam up from home to work without visiting their stores in the way.Murdoch may be living in a ghost town and he expects the highway to be rerouted to visit his town.

Posted by Pablo | Report as abusive

What an arrogant s.o.b. Yes, Google is ruining the newspaper business. So what? The automobile industry ruined the horse-and-buggy industry. That’s progress, Murdoch. Either get with the program or get out!

Posted by Mufaso | Report as abusive

Murdoch is heavily invested in a dying model. He has every right to be upset, -at himself.If he really thought such a move would be beneficial, he would do it. In fact, all he has is the empty threat and it smacks of desperation.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

Some jobs that were around in the 1800s are no longer relevant, horse and buggies are no longer relevant… Why can’t things change? If it is ruining the current form of news business.. perhaps it was meant to morph into something else?

Posted by Marge | Report as abusive

It’s just business Rupert. Get used to it.

Posted by Richard | Report as abusive

Someone has to pay the investigative reporters to get the story. They are the ones who need to be paid. If that is Murdoch, then so be it. Without investigative reporters, there will be no news. How you control that, is the billion dollar question.

Posted by dave | Report as abusive

Reminds me of the child’s nursery rhyme… ‘the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker’… I guess we still have candlestick makers in the world… somewhere… its just wax got old fast when electricity arrived. How to make money from something people no longer want to buy is always a good question and no doubt candlestick makers tried many innovative and desperate things back in the day. However it is dangerous to confuse the gorilla with the banana and I don’t believe any candlestick makers survived by trying to corner the market on wax.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

I’m amazed to many Americans objecting the move by Mr. Murdock.Assumption :–Simply as a person below 35 years old you must have got used to read news online, forget about people above that age, maybe they do and maybe not.Assumption 2 :– You need good quality news, that means cost of reporters, travel, equipments, offices…..etc if the newspaper bringing this high quality news to you will start loosing money because you guys prefer to get it for free online….then the result is simple… NO MORE HIGH QUALITY CREDIBLE NEWS….Finally , if you want anything of good quality you need to pay for it…be it new or carpets ..its the same…you wouldn’t work for free so why you want murdock to provide you the news for free…


What would happen if Mr Murdoch gets his deal with M$FT and gets his stories out of Google? Yes he will get a new revenue stream BUT 1) He will get less traffic obviously, less ad revenue. 2) Web users most likely won’t notice the missing results in their searches since there are plenty of news sources. Remember is this day and age news are exclusive for the first 30 secs before the rest of the internet knows it. So it won’t affect google at first 3) If other news outlets follow suit, they will be just getting out of the as well and other FREE sources will get in the results which will get them the ad revenue that the others willing left. All this time google will continue to just index and serve links of whomever wants to be indexed. If the news organizations get out of the index they will just loose audience and lots of money, and will be effectively giving it to the less greedy news sites.


Content cost money to create. If you want worthwhile content you have to pay. Google indexes everyone else’s content for money. Why shouldn’t News Corp profit from it’s content if Google is.

Posted by Ken | Report as abusive

Mr. Murdock, Sir:Rather than whining, build a News-Site-People-Will-Trust. For many years you were manipulating people, let ideological motivated editors push their little agendas (which required lying) and readers stopped to trust you. So now you have to spend a few years to win them back with honesty, or die. As simple as that.

Posted by Btom | Report as abusive

Great! Then I won’t have to skip over the Cluster Fox items in my Search Results!

Posted by Buddy's Buddy | Report as abusive

Mr. Rudolph needs to satisfy his greed and control yet again!


Why hell, I’ll just get my news elsewhere than Murdock, happy to do so anyway, Huffington Post here I come.

Posted by Siana | Report as abusive

Newscorp won the right to lie in any story they publish based on “it’s” first amendment right to free speech. I can’t see how anyone can refer to them as a trustworthy news source.

Posted by joshua johnson | Report as abusive

It seems just another example of Murdoch trying to control everything he can in the media. The reason so many Americans are ignorant about what is really happening in the world is that they are fed news that is not fair and balanced and in fact are often lies or at best,stetching of the truth.

Posted by Judy | Report as abusive

This old man has far too much power and influence, and his non ethical business practices are appalling abuses of human rights. If anyone can be accused of ruining the newspaper industry it is Rupert Murdoch himself.


I personally would love to see this backfire on Murdoch. I’ll be googling it to check out what happens next.

Posted by JB | Report as abusive

I support this move. The issue isn’t that Murdoch is greedy and wants to get paid. It’s that google makes money when people view its news search, and the news stories that drive those views deserve some of the money.This is a different side of IP piracy.


Murdoch can hit the fan all he wants, but on account of its widespread toxicity and pathological falsehood, everybody in the world has already paid more than enough for NewsCorp’s excreta.

Posted by The Bell | Report as abusive

“Rupert Murdoch is mad as hell…”. Isn’t that pretty much the only emotion Murdoch knows?Someone his age should be trying to enjoy life, not snorting up every news media outlet on the planet. As this photo clearly demonstrates, it’s beginning to take its toll. It makes you wanna grab the nearest stick and poke him just to make sure he’s breathing.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

I avoid google wherever possible. They are parasites expert at making money on the work of others. The threat of Microsoft domination was small potatos in comparison.

Posted by gphx | Report as abusive

The issue is not about Google Vs Murdoch. Its about a very enlightening word called ‘Change’. That’s the nature of the beast. When typewriters gave in to computer, mail post to email, landlines to cell phones….why is Murdoch surprised when people are moving from newspaper to e-news online!!The following saying Confucius has a lesson for Murdoch and us in generalThey must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom. ~Confucius

Posted by Harbir | Report as abusive

A several perspective in comments had posted, from my view: in eco-friend or global-warming concern, News-Paper are the most consuming Papers>pulp>trees>plantation>forest>gree n leaves>Oxygen>Ozone atmosphere> Climate exchange> and others environ & ecosystem destruction> that bring Flood, Storm, Sun-ray Heating etc as disaster to earth & peoples.
In this Concern, e-news>internet news as PAPERLESS is a wise option alternative to redeem against earth’s destruction.

Posted by Oneuni | Report as abusive

Other perspective in social media, deep concern about the proportional balance of mass media/journalism ethic against business in R.Murdoch and all others media. after long decades in dispute and debate among peoples.
Here now, When e-news had came as 3rd-wave & wind of Change, and it did. If we can see it clearly, actually this is the awaiting answer for that polemic’s dilemma of New’s Stigma.
The Google’s news and others e-news, are the ANSWER. It surely will redeem the News exploitation empire without succession. At last peoples had chose and justify it to recovery the News For Peoples, From Peoples & By Peoples.
as like the American’s father said.
Obviously, with the “Adwords & Adsense” and “Everyone authors/publisher” in Google, it is self explanation of “Justice for All” in People News media as American-way.
what else could be “FAIRLY” than it.

Posted by Oneuni | Report as abusive

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