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Poll: Do you agree with the healthcare reform vote?

By Reuters Staff
March 22, 2010

The House of Representatives approved a sweeping healthcare overhaul to create the biggest health policy changes in four decades, handing President Barack Obama a landmark victory.

Do you agree with the House of Representatives' vote to pass the healthcare reforms bill?

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How will the health reforms affect you overall, including the impact on your family and employment?

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Will the passage of the reforms influence your vote?

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This is a must if this country is to maintain a leadership role in the world. To turn our back on 30 million of our citizens is not the America I believe in and not to address this health care issue would make us a second rate country for generations to come.

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Posted by LMTB4 | Report as abusive

I bet Obama tucks his girls in tonight…”See, if you dodge the tomatoes long enough and keep fighting for what your ego tells you is right…sooner or later, you get what you want”

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Posted by LMTB4 | Report as abusive

It is about time!!

Posted by bbob | Report as abusive

America as we knew it for 230 years prior to tonight is dead. We have now taken the biggest step in American history toward a socialist America. God save us from Obamunism.

Posted by AmericanEnt | Report as abusive

Those that believe that not providing Health Care to all citizens is “UnAmerican” do not know what being an American really means.

Posted by laxeight | Report as abusive

We could have dealt with health care in America more cheaply and maintained our free America by creating incentives for private enterprise to support or create non-profit organizations who can provide that health care rather than having the government dictate it to us. The government has never successfully run any organization other than the U.S. military, and some would even question that one! They have run social security (another socialist program) into bankruptcy. They have run the postal service at a loss of billions every year! And now, somehow, we’re supposed to believe that they can run 1/6 of our economy at a profit? ARE YOU PEOPLE HIGH???

Posted by AmericanEnt | Report as abusive

We are no longer a “Democracy” but more of a “Modified Socialism.” Every day in the country we lose more and more of our actual “Rights”. Health Care is not a right. Universal Health Care is not something that should not be in the scope of our government. “Dissent is the Highest form of Patriotism.” (Howard Zinn) By the way I am a registered Democrat.

Posted by laxeight | Report as abusive

30 million Americans can’t afford basic medical or dental services. Only in this right-wing wacko country could it take decades to rectify this remarkable injustice.

Politicians have been debating this bill – in one form or another – for almost a year.

How long was the debate to consign several trillion dollars into the bonfires in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The utter pettiness and ignorance of the American electorate is simply stunning.

Posted by jrpardinas | Report as abusive

The government does not have the authority under the American constitution to provide me rights. Only God can do that, and the last time I checked, Princess Pelosi is not being considered to replace God (except in her own mind, perhaps). Healthcare for all Americans is important, of course! However, there are better and far more cost-effective means of providing that health care that would actually spur the American economy than this.

Make no mistake, My Fellow Americans. Freedom lost a major battle today. It will never be the same again. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know what being an American really means!

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Wow he actually did pull it – to all those Obama hating
people, don’t worry too much. Something had to be done about our health industry

Posted by nick76_dune | Report as abusive

we work hard, we earn a descent living for those close to us and ourselves….only to now have to support those that do not work hard enough, or have chosen paths that do no allow them the comfort of such basic necessities……it sickens me…..All the Democrats have merely done is to suggest to the American people that they do not have to work hard to receive the basic necessities of life…..the government will provide a social program…….reminds me a lot of Marxism Ideology

Posted by edmundhaley | Report as abusive

My votes were all in the majority.

Posted by Mudsprings | Report as abusive

Something definitely needs to be done about healthcare. We agree. But this wasn’t it. This was a giant step backwards.

Laxeight is right. We are no longer a democracy. Obama’s promised “change” is exactly that. They are transforming American from a free democracy to the “Socialist Republic of America”.

Have we learned nothing from American and world history? God save us from King Obama’s Obamunism, Princess Pelosi and Prince Reid!

Posted by AmericanEnt | Report as abusive

The Republicans voted against Social Security.
The Republicans voted against Medicare.
Consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds, they were consistent once again, voting against healthcare reform which will bring the U.S. somewhere near all advanced representative democracies around the globe.

But imagine – all around the globe, people got to see representative democracy in action!

Posted by pegw | Report as abusive

All those years of doing nothing are over.
All those people that whine now and didn’t do anything in the past should keep their mouth shut.
Finally a step in the right direction for a fair America!

Posted by LoveAmerica | Report as abusive

Finally we’re joining the rest of the civilized world.

Posted by oldschool | Report as abusive

Great news! The bill is very far from being perfect, to put it mildly, but hopefully it will initiate the long-waited humanization of our social mores. Country without universal health care cannot be regarded as civilized nowadays.

Posted by Heretic1 | Report as abusive

Yes, We are moving forward, not backward. If you do not like what has happened, move to Costa Rica with Rush Limbaugh. I’ve had enough his his ignorant loud mouth. He is the epitomy of white trash with window dressing.

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love how so many people seem to be experts on the health care reform. Yet they only know what they have been told from CNN, FOX or MSNBC. If you think that means you understand it then you don’t deserve to vote. I voted unsure on everything. While I approve it to pass I cannot say if it will be good or bad just like everyone else in this country. Until we actually see how it works and it in place we can just theorize about it’s effects.

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I’m still waiting for just one Republican to show me exactly how Health Care Reform is a step closer to Socialism. But then again, I’m also still waiting for just one Republican to show me that they even known what the word means. The majority of them are just parroting something their buddy Rush spouted off one day and we all know that if Rush says it; it must be true.

Posted by DHites | Report as abusive

It’s pretty simple DHites. We believe in States rights and limited Federal government. Any government that can regulate the type of toilet in your home is one that is out of control. Conservatives see this as a power grab over individual liberty of epic proportions.

I would add that compassion is fine…but how compassionate will everyone feel when all these social safety nets run out of money? Because I worried about bankrupting my country, doesn’t mean I’m not compassionate.

Posted by IWMPB | Report as abusive

Anytime the government steps in and mandates that’s a step closer to socialism. No american who presents to a hospital can be denied care due to economic status so how can anybody say 30 million americans go without health care. L

Posted by linda_her | Report as abusive

My company of 30,000 plus employees will all be taking a direct health care reduction thanks to this.

I guess we currently get benefits that are just too good. Hence the company will pay a tax surcharge or we will begin a reduction in health benefits … guess which one they chose?

This isn’t negative speak … it is just a fact. I don’t appreciate being railroaded and/or just ignored.

Posted by iworkforaliving | Report as abusive

God help us. This will bankrupt our country. We will now face the worst financial disaster the world has ever seen. We will be lucky if our children get even a hint of the country we grew up in.

For me, this isn’t so much about the so-called reforms in the bill…it’s far more about the COST of the bill. Now isn’t the time.

Damn them.

Posted by WayneFielder | Report as abusive

when you rob Peter to pay Paul…you will ALWAYS have Paul’s support.

Posted by JLaw | Report as abusive

When there are no doctors left, who will benefit from all this “reform?” Government healthcare? Unconstitutional. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves tonight. A sad, sad day for America. :(

Posted by lawprof73 | Report as abusive

It’s sobering to consider what the Democrats could achieve for America – in terms of education, employeement, infrastructure and healthcare – if they did not have the albatross of two unnecessary Republican wars hung around their necks.

Posted by jrpardinas | Report as abusive

Congress started taking control when they invented Freddie Mac and Fannie May, the Fed. gov. has very limited powers by the constitution and these Progressives don’t care. It’s time to get the Progressives out of DC. They are going to trade your information between the health care and the IRS to decide how much your HC is going to cost you, on page 63 you will get a plastic card, it will hold all your information, including and read this carefully, What Dr. you qualify for, what hospital you qualify for, and also what procedure you qualify for.
Plus I’m sick and tired of paying for all the people who don’t work and live off of half of what we work hard for. It’s time for some Fair Tax to take the power away from the IRS – Congress -the Unions and the lobbyists, it could be simple and everybody has to pay when they spend their money, why on earth should we have to pay tax on what we earn, it’s our money? but not anymore, we are know going to be Congress’s slaves paying 75% to 80% of our income in taxes-hide n watch.
And I’m esp. sick of Congress handing out our money to 9 churches to bring Somali Muslims to the U.S. and we pay for eveything for them including Medicaid and they don’t have to pay income taxes for 5 years Why? Congress gave 13.7 billion to churches – the Catholic church got over 10 billion and that’s just from the State Dept. and more from DHHS, and now that Congress has taken control of ALL waters and given that power to the EPA just wait till you are paying 3 to 4 times for water – gas is gonna look cheap.

Posted by newdeckindc | Report as abusive

thank you God…..finally it passed….finally Americans can have a better quality of life like the Europeans…you should always judge a country by how it takes care of its people…..and health to a human is essential…i cannot believe how backwords is the thinking by many in this country….who cares if it socialism or capitalism…what matters is what kind of quality life we live……

Posted by porschedesign | Report as abusive

Three cheers for the United States of America!
Everyone join me in singing patriotic songs!

Also, to those of you who are so upset that the USA may someday be USSA (United States of Socialist America, get it?)… when your house burns down, remember that tax dollars support your fire department. When your house gets robbed, be glad that the police department is publicly funded instead of being funded by the black market or some shady organization. Then get back to me.

And as for myself, I will sleep a bit easier knowing that me and mine will be a little better taken care of in the years to come.

Posted by PurpleSunflower | Report as abusive

As the largest industrialized country on earth, does the US have the lowest healthcare cost/person, the lowest infant mortality rate, the lowest morbidity and mortality rate, the highest number of primary care providers per capita?? The answer is NO. If the government provision of roads, schools, judicial system and a military isn’t proof of socialism — then how is healthcare socialism???

Posted by Tamar | Report as abusive

Want to learn about socialism first-hand? Try having the IRS agent at your door. That’s what happened tonight–the IRS was just given the power to control our bodies.

So, tell me, you lib-idiots, who doesn’t understand socialism? You? Methinks so.

Posted by novelator | Report as abusive

Obamacare is a Hugo Chavez move on our economy and healthcare. We’ll have 30% less doctors to take care of 31 million more people, hiring 150,000 Fed Govt employees to administer.

Wow…the efficiency of the U.S. Post Office with the compassion of the I.R.S. Can’t wait.

Posted by CalinCA | Report as abusive

to pegw, think the Gop was right, all these agencies are now using their IOUs in that lock box, cause that’s all thats in the vault cause all the money is gone that was suppose to be there for SS and medicare, it’s gone.
What the Dems don’t seem to be able to understand is, we get our rights from God, not Congress. If I go to my doctor, I pay for it. That’s the cheapest health care anywhere, no insurance just take care of yourself. I just got back from Germany, socialized medicne country, everyone goes to the dr. for everything, some older people go just to visit with others in the waiting room.
Now ask yourself has this form of constitution just because it’s not in writting the Progressives have rewritten the US Constitution. Look at Russia’s constitution in 1977 and you’ll see where we are headed, and it didn’t work there or anywhere else in the world, WHY do people think it’s going to work here? Or are these only the people that don’t pay for their healthcare now?

Posted by newdeckindc | Report as abusive

ALL HAIL THE IDIOTS WE ELECTED. They have taken our Government away from us and put it in charge of our lives. We are no longer a Nation under God, thanks to the atheists, and now we are no longer one of, for and by the people.

Posted by Sonnyjc9 | Report as abusive

the question is, do other people have a right to your money and your labor? if you answer yes, then you’re a socialist. government supercedes private ownership and autonomy, taking your money which is the representation of your hard work, and gives it to someone else; often to people who are unwilling to work and to others who make more money than you do. creating an entitlement to other people’s money and hard work is a fundamental departure from our founding fathers and the constitution. i’m ashamed of my country and the people who voted for obama thinking he was a centrist.

Posted by brianj2 | Report as abusive

To purplesunflower: but that’s local gov. the way it should be, do you really think the Feds having been using our money wisely? It’s broke, have you ever been broke? if you’re broke – I mean really broke – you don’t go to the bank and borrow a couple million to pay your bills – they’d laugh at you. The U.S. gov. is running out of banks to borrow from – then what?

Posted by newdeckindc | Report as abusive

For all the folks on the right, don’t worry too much, it’s almost the same plan that Mitt Romney proposed and close to identical to the Republican proposed plan in 1993-4, last time their health care donors were in trouble.

For the US to compete in a world economy, Health Reform was a must! We would not survive without it. Now remove the restrictions that prevent Medicare from negotiating drug prices and we are well on the way to turning our health care market into an actual system (what happened to the free market crowd on this one?). Good work Dems!

Posted by Arillius1 | Report as abusive

So here we are…marching merrily toward insolvency with liberals and socialists celebrating our latest step toward the brink. When the U.S. cannot meet its debt payments and medicare and health care bankrupt the treasury, those same liberals and socialists will say “its all the fault of capitalism”. How very, very sad. This is “change” that we all will live to regret.

Posted by richjacy | Report as abusive

Leave the country.

Run Screaming!!!

Posted by retired_sandman | Report as abusive

You all said haha, lol, lmao, when brown won. I say it back to you now, finally I can get the health Care I deserve. I own my own company, but could never afford health care, unfortunately i broke my ankle a little over a year ago, and could not afford rehab after surgery. I cant walk normal anymore, and running is definitely out. With affordable health care coming, and the guarantee that i cant be denied for a pre-existing condition, hopefully i can get my ankle fixed right and be able to play ball with my son, in the same side yard my dad played with me. I am so thankful tonight!!!! ive been so tired of hearing that we as americans didnt want reform, close to 2/3′s of america disagreed on election day a year ago last nov. And today, we simply say Take That!

Posted by TakeThat43558 | Report as abusive

There’s an entitlement mindset in this country that is overriding the concerns of the common worker. People go on and on and on about socialism when first of all, they forget conveniently that the USPS is government-subsidized and that Medicare and Medicaid are… what?… government programs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving people the opportunity to buy into an alternative system. NOBODY is going to lose their doctor. Rationing may happen, but it already has been!! It’s those with pre-existing conditions that I am most concerned about because insurance companies are quick to deny coverage for these people and it’s extremely sad that there are those people such as the “tea baggers” who will look the other way and have this “screw you” attitude towards other Americans. Well guess what tea baggers, your party had its chance and FAILED. The ONLY people that Republicans represent are CORPORATIONS and the CORPORATE INTERESTS! Period. It’s time to take back this country from corporate interests and SERVE THE PEOPLE!

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Posted by joe1985 | Report as abusive

To those of you who believe this is a good thing, you understand neither liberty nor justice nor rights. How are we improving liberty, justice or rights by enslaving any portion of our society to provide benefits to another portion?

Until you can answer correctly, I would suggest that it is YOU that needs to keep silence for a while.

God did not inspire this, but I can tell you who did.

Posted by Invictus_Maneo | Report as abusive


Posted by csmarker | Report as abusive

This is going to give 32 million middle-class people a chance for affordable health care, it will create jobs because of the new patients into the system, it decreases the debt. What’s not to like?

Come on people, it’s not the end times. Jeez.

Posted by joe1985 | Report as abusive

To brianj2: you are so right, I going to look into sending the IRS a death certificate, they can’t put us all in jail, esp. if they think we’re dead. LOL

Posted by newdeckindc | Report as abusive

Tamar, your understanding of what constitutes Socialism is infantile.

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