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Poll: Do you agree with the healthcare reform vote?

By Reuters Staff
March 22, 2010

The House of Representatives approved a sweeping healthcare overhaul to create the biggest health policy changes in four decades, handing President Barack Obama a landmark victory.

Do you agree with the House of Representatives' vote to pass the healthcare reforms bill?

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How will the health reforms affect you overall, including the impact on your family and employment?

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Will the passage of the reforms influence your vote?

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I cannot wait for November. I will support anyone running angainst ANY Democrat for ANY office. I used to vote for the person… I am so through with anything called Democrat.. I will never vote Democrat again. The Blue Dog Democrats that I had so much hope in – have flushed my hopes away.

Blue Dog’s Why did you sale your self to this… this is not about Obama it is about our Nation. You are bankrupting us. Democrat’s have betrayed this nation.

Posted by DaleOIFVet | Report as abusive

And to CosmicDude,
You been smokin’ WAY too much CosmicShiiiiitttt!
“Greatest moment of this century”?

Posted by anamul | Report as abusive

If HCR is so great, why won’t the Congress get on it instead of their custom healthcare? If it’s good enough for us, it should be good enough for them & their families!

Posted by PuterPrsn | Report as abusive

You repubs are ball-less. If you hate this idea of providing health care to all americans, have the guts, you fing chicken hawks, and push for the end of social security and medicare/medicaid.

Posted by DemandSide | Report as abusive

The view from here is that the Republicans threw everything they had at this thing and still lost – again.

Posted by Fishrl | Report as abusive

Question, Is it legal for the Democrats to pass a Bill requiring all Americans to buy a product from their political contributors? I think it is unconstitutional, illegal and morally wrong. Passed using dubious if not illegal means, it is a disgusting display of arrogance and ignorance and these goons need to be removed from their jobs

Posted by lilywhite | Report as abusive

time for a revolt. America needs to take back its country.

Posted by tbone877 | Report as abusive

Now that this is past us, I cant wait to see how the Republicans are going to fight Financial Reform. This will show their true colors. While they rant and scream about our freedoms and so called socialist policies, how the hell can you be saying that and then not support financial reform??

Its just hypocracy. If the American people cant realize that the Republican party was at the helm of creating our govt fiscal deficit, trade deficits with China and financial dergulation to the point of systemic collapse, then the country is lost anyway.

Republican ideaology is one thing, outright disinformation and total hypocracy and social elitism is another.

Posted by Marcus180 | Report as abusive

“For the first time, most Americans would be required to purchase insurance, and they would face penalties if they refused.”

This is the new freedom we’ve won.
Maybe Democrats can celebrate by renewing the patriot act, or getting us in some new wars, and starting the draft. Maybe they can bring back industry by passing cap and trade, and tightening regulation. They could cure the unemployment situation by opening the boarders. They’ve already nationally banned some cigarettes, what about the rest? And salt, like in New York. You see full well how much they like keeping their laws off people’s bodies. Freedom, indeed.

Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato.

Posted by Novalis | Report as abusive

I’m glad Congress finally had the guts to vote in favor of health care reform. It’s sad to read so many negative comments from individuals who obviously have health insurance and are just worried that they’ll be forced to pay more. From what I’ve read, unless you’re making more than $200,000 (single) or $250,000 (married), you’re not going to pay any extra. And I really don’t understand those who are shouting “socialism”. How is this bill pushing our country toward socialism any more than federally supported highways, education, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, social security, etc.? Does guaranteeing that everyone in the country has access to affordable health care make a county socialist? I pray not! And for those of you who are upset because the bill requires everyone to carry health insurance. Just point that finger toward the capitalist insurance companies. The only way they agreed to support the bill is if insurance was mandated for everyone. (Their theory was that, if it was not mandated, then only those who needed health insurance would buy it – not the young and healthy who allow them to profit. )
And for those of you who have the same opinion as Libby59 who said “I’ve found there are basically two kinds of people. Group #1 consists of hard working, law abiding, sane, financially sound people who take care of themselves and their family. Group #2 consists of people who think they are special. They have no sense of responsibility,live beyond their means, can’t budget their money, buy everything they want and then CAN’T AFFORD INSURANCE because there’s no money left. Duh So Group #1 now has to pick up the tab for Group #2. This is the Democrat way.”. I’m a Democrat who is hard working, law abiding, sane and financially sound and I take offense at your ignorant ravings. I have good group insurance provided by my employer, but I know many people who are employed full time who cannot afford health insurance. Many of those people work more than 40 hours a week just to provide food and shelter for their families. I also know several people, in their mid to late 50’s, who until recently were gainfully employed and had health insurance. These life-long employees were let go by their companies either due to the economy or down-sizing. Some ended up having to go out and buy individual policies, with high deductibles, for $1500 to $1600 per month and others only have health insurance because of the COBRA subsidies provided by our government. The reason I support health care reform is because, other than by the Grace of God, I could be in the same position as those people.
Is this bill perfect? No. But at least it’s a step in the right direction and something long overdue. And thank God, the Democratic Party had the courage to stand up and do something about it! Now if we could only get the two parties together to work toward reducing the cost of health care for everyone!!

Posted by weneedchange | Report as abusive

Republicans and their supporters are making international fools of themselves over nothing.

The American health care system with this bill is only a fraction of what most other developed countries have.

The US will still have one of the worst health care and insurances systems in the western world even with this latest policy.

That Republicans have gone insane, and it has scared their own people off the Republicans, and made the rest of the world laugh at the weirdness and extreme reaction.

The political result will be an increase in Obama’s standing and in Democrat support.

Posted by Kina | Report as abusive

I have looking over the comments, I would like to make a post that does not read out like an opinion paper. So I decided to just post the facts. There isnt enough room to post as much as I would like to. For anyone interested in researching, one might want to know what websites to trust. most universities consider only primary information (information obtained from a .org, .edu, .gov etc. website)to be submitted on student papers as this type of info has been signed and verified.
According to the World health organization rankings of 193 industrialized nations: The U.S ranks 37 in level of healthcare and we spend around 16.9% of our gross domestic product on our healthcare system. Canada ranks better than we do at 30 and spends around 10% of their GDP on healthcare. And the claims that Canadians have long wait times is not true. It is true that some come here, however one might want to note why; for elective surgeries, so if you want a boob job or botox, then yes you will have to wait for it in canada. Canadian system is not socialized medicine; it is properly refered to as a single payor system. America wake up!!! just because some big self interest has enough money to buy T.V time and advertise in our faces does not mean we should believe it…dont be lazy!!! go and research it yourselves!!! France currently has the #1 healthcare system in the world. so why were we looking at Canada’s? good question other than they are our closest neihbor. I could go on, but I really wish the rest of you would actually start looking it up yourselves!! Alot of us have a computer probably less than 20 feet away…oh well. I am glad for this to finally pass!! Its a big step in the right direction and yes I voted for him and look forward to doing so again. havent had one for the people since JFK.

Posted by ZULUtime | Report as abusive

After seeing the last administration squander lives and billions of dollars in the middle east and in huge tax breaks for bankers Obama has turned the Oligarchy Express that Bush/Cheney created around in favor of the common man.

Thanks Obama, Pelosi and the others that came and did what they promised instead of what the business world wanted.

Hey look, we have a Government again.

Posted by jstaf | Report as abusive

FOLLOW THE MONEY… If you can find out who lobbied for HRC and how much they spent, then you will see the true beneficiaries of this bill. Way too much back room, secret dealing on this. Absolutley agree with PuterPrsn… if HRC is good enough for the taxpayer who elects and pays the salaries and benefits of thier representatives, it’s good enough for those same representatives and thier families!

Posted by cablmn | Report as abusive

To you whining, chicken**** right wing cretins: when it comes to Marx, you don’t know the difference between Karl and Groucho. What sore losers, crying foul that things dealt with in “secret” when Republican philosophy is tantamount to a secret police state. Get off the internet and read a real book.

Posted by hanaokelele | Report as abusive

How do you all like living in a zoo? The people wandering around throwing peanuts at you…who are they?…they are your keepers called politicians. It doesn’t make a difference whether you choose to call them repubs or demos… they are your keepers. You are not living free…you are couped and controlled. Go get your goodies…the bell is ringing.

Posted by Franklyspeaking | Report as abusive

Congress voted and the ones who voted for this have committed out and out treason against the United States of America. They have walk on there own grandparents and futher generations backs graves and they do not care at all about it. They have created a future that includes only death and destruction. They have thrown out the constitution and the ones who claim that I do not have health care do not get it. I do not have health care but I know that no one will get health care ever with this bill. I have read all 2000 some odd pages and two things that keeps me scared to death are the following.

1. The government will create a committe that will decided what health care treament will be allowed. Congress will have no authority over this committee and will have no ability to even override what decisions this committee makes. This committee will be given complete control to determine when a disease becomes to expenive to treat and can cut off serivces due to age and diesase.

People that means they will kill your grandparents.

2. There is a cap to how much serives a family will recieve every year that cap is $10,000. Grow up people what happens when your little girl get cancer then you will have no services and no ability to even help her without leaving this country and spending every last dime you have to try and save her.

There is much more in this bill that scares me like anyone being able to access your records for research purposes, and allowing any group to do expeiements without your knowledge. Congress is also extempt from being included in this health care plan and over 40% percent of doctors have threaten to quit.

Our Vets will no longer be cover under this plan like they used to be.

I could go on and on but I can tell by the brainwashed idiots that they have no idea what is in store for them. Like a little girl being turn away from the closes hospital because of a 3rd degree burn and being toward to travel 50 miles away in her parents car to get treatment else where.

Or the Chicago Medical center issue after Mrs. Obama got through there that turn out a little girl who’s lip just got bitten off by a dog and her mother was given tokens to ride the bus to go an hour away for care of it.

Realty is regardless of what the brainwashed idiots who hate this country and freedom have said on this site this is a bill that will be know in history and the bill that destroyed this country and people like me will hold personally responsbile all people who had a say in working to get this illegal bill passed. We will not forgot who they are from the illegal alien Obama on down to the lowest person who has shown so much weakness that they are brainwashe beyond belief.

Posted by freeamerica | Report as abusive

Amen ZULUtime!! The people promoting that Canadians (and others)coming to America don’t mention that it is for cosmetic reasons…My father was in Sweden a few years back and had a hearet problem. He was taken to the hospital and given the proper care . When he left and asked to pay for his bill he was told there was no bill. He ws covered by the Swedish medical system even though he was a US Citizen!!!
And DAle, show your intelligence and RESEARCH the BS they crammed down your throat before you decide to vote Republican! If you can’t afford Health Care there are programs that will be set up TO HELP YOU! The Republicans don’t tell you that part!! The Republican stance was paid for by the Insurance Companies, the HMO’s and the Pharmaceutical Companies….You think THEY want HEALTH CARE???? WAKE UP AMERICA!!! THEY ARE SHOVING THEIR BS DOWN YOUR THROATS AGAIN!!!QUIT BUYING THEIR RIGHTWING, SELFISH CORPORATE AGENDA!!
I have ALOT of friends in England, France and Norway. They all LOVE their FREE medical and FREE schooling. Here we have half of our kids not getting through High School….WAKE UP!!!

Posted by rokboy | Report as abusive

Thank you for a calm, reasoned argument weneedchange. Now allow me to respectfully disagree. You correctly identify lowering healthcare costs as a problem, which has not been solved by this leviathan legislation. It would have made more sense to attack costs first, via solid tort reform, computerized records, and promotion of wellness programs. Then fix funding for Medicare and prescription drug payments. Follow that with incremental insurance reform, such as subsidies for those at risk and interstate portability.

The bill passed over the weekend will raise the total cost of health coverage in ways we cannot yet imagine (and which the CBO has not had time to adequately analyze.)

Posted by BobGebhardt | Report as abusive

The healthcare bill falls short of what our citizens need or want. One reason that the US spends so much today on healthcare is the high-cost of prescription drugs. In Canada, Mexico, etc. meds are significantly cheaper. Another reason for the high healthcare costs in the US is the large number of top medical schools in the US, who pad the healthcare billing for their intern doctors. Frequently, hospitals will bill insurance companies for multiple doctors and nurses for procedures, and waste and discard unopened medication that is unexpired once it was prescribed for a patient. Contrast the wait time for a doctor appointment, in the US doctors are available and the US is rated #1, while in Canada patients must wait for 3 months for an appointment, while the wealthier patients go outside the Canada healthcare and self-pay for treatments in the US or Canada. Contrary to France’s rating as #1 healthcare, recall that Lady Diana and Dodi died in France, while if the accident had occurred in a major city in the US – most medical opinions stated that given her injuries Diana likely would have been rushed to the hospital for emergency procedures and survived. What the US needs for healthcare, we still are not getting with this bill – such as, lowcost drugs, fair billing practices, less waste of medical supplies, prompt availability of competent medical care, no prior exclusions for pre-existing conditions. The bill needs pulled and reworked. We must clearly vote out those who voted only on their political party basis and not to work smarter for their citizens.

Posted by Johnebardo | Report as abusive

It’s not about what is best for you, it’s about what’s best for everyone. Not just the members of YOUR group, but for all members of society. What we have now is an excellent system of healthcare for a small group of people, and inadequate healthcare for the majority. What reform is trying to do is to provide affordable healthcare for the majority of people. Those who toot their horn about America having the best healthcare in the world clearly are only looking at a small section of the United States. Overall, our healthcare system is inadequate and not reflective of the normally high standards we Americans have come to expect.

We used to be a country that believed in the equality of its people, that each person had the same rights as any other person and that to provide those rights to all of its members was one of the primary responsibilities of government. The trend for the last few decades has been toward letting “the Market” drive our nation, with sometimes disastrous results. I look at reform as a renaissance of the ideals that our country was founded on, namely, equality for all.

Posted by lhathaway | Report as abusive

I am a US (born) citizen living for most of my life in the UK.
It pleases me to see the US moving in this direction because all US citizens will soon be entitled to medical care (presuming appropriate contributions are paid into the system). I cannot see why anyone objects particularly when the US has found the huge amount of money now expended on Iraq and Afghanistan. I would add that I do support the US and UK service men & women and what they are trying to complete.
On reflection why not hold a referendum and let all the people speak?

Posted by tbink | Report as abusive

WOW What a great victory….. Especially for the Chinese, who now can finance our defecit to the tune of an additional 562 BILLION, or maybe if you are a prospective government employee, 116,000 new openings at the IRS for agents to enforce compliance upon the enslaved population. Democracy DIED yesterday, AmeriKa
the beautiful, Heil to the liberal chief.

Never, I repeat NEVER in my lifetime will I consider voting for democrat for any office whatsoever.

Posted by MichaelM | Report as abusive

WOW What a great victory….. Especially for the Chinese, who now can finance our defecit to the tune of an additional 562 BILLION, or maybe if you are a prospective government employee, 116,000 new openings at the IRS for agents to enforce compliance upon the enslaved population. Democracy DIED yesterday, AmeriKa
the beautiful, Heil to the liberal chief.

Never, I repeat NEVER in my lifetime will I consider voting for any democrat for any office whatsoever.

Posted by MichaelM | Report as abusive

Its gratifying to see that liberals are still posting their toughts openly. This shows that they are ignorant of the issues and what goes on in other countries.(ZULUtime and kina) The WHO (not the rock band) publishes garbage. The difference in the health care debte on who is #1 or who is #37 does not show the true basis for their ratings. They don’t count new-borns that die at birth as a dieath like we do for one thing. Canadiens come here for their health care as they can’t afford to wait for 6 or 8 months for a procedure that would probably save their lives. The UK and France along with a few other EU countries are no different. you don’t see us leaving the USA to go to Canada or France for medical services. Its like people always condemning the USA for terrible behavior and what not, but you don’t see people racing to LEAVE the US. They break the law to come here. This health care overhaul is a monster that is so bad, that the politicians won’t have to abide by the bill. They will be keeping their cadilac policies at our expense. Only we lowly ciizens have to suffer with a broken medicare plan or wait in the urgent care areas behind the illegl aliens who crowd them now, as hospitals and emergency rooms cannot by law turn anyone away, like they can in Canada or the UK, or France. Hopefully we will be able to kill this off in the future as it doesn’t take affect until 2016 with the exception of the taxes that will be required to fund the unemployed. They will start almost immediately. Hopefully the states rights movement will shun the commie pinko bedwetting president and the gang of socialists in congress and tell them to pound sand.

Posted by Bogsbob | Report as abusive

anamul, if this deal was so ‘bad’ for Americans, why did the insurance industry spend millions to fight it? Why did the politicians with the biggest contributions from the insurance companies talk the loudest against it? Can’t you see the yes vote meant corporate dollars didn’t win out over the very real needs of Americans for reform in health care and health insurance?
As for the bill being written ‘secretly’ aren’t most bills written without a public audience? What matters is that the bill was up on the internet for anyone to read before the voting took place.
I’m guessing if this bill keeps my insurance premiums from rising half as much as they have, my about-to-graduate college son can stay on our insurance plan, we stand to save $2900 in 2011! I pledge to save half of that and spend the other half on needed items that are made in America!

Posted by peace101 | Report as abusive

What I have noticed from a lot of you dem’s is that you all agree that REFORM was needed to lower costs and you all want to holler that the point of Pre-existing conditions should not be a reason to deny health care. Are you screwed up? It is called insurance for a reason you get the policy as an “Insurance policy” in case something happens they should not be allowed to go and get it once they find out something is wrong that would be like allowing you to bet on roulette once the ball has stopped. Now I agree with the fact that if the condition was not found BEFORE the policy was issued then make a ruling that any condition not found before cannot be called a pre-existing. And the 32 million they claim as uninsured have you ever looked at what that group is made up of? Mostly people who could afford it and DECLINE it because they believe they do not need it, and now they are being forced to have it. And where do you people get off saying that well only people who make sooo much have to pay more? Why should they pay more? You keep preaching that everyone is created equal but you want a small group of people to be responsible for the rest of us! That is the single most selfish thing I could think of. You people make me sick. The Democrat motto is “Wow I like everything you have and worked so hard to get, I want that also. But I don’t wanna have to work for it so I will just take yours.”

Miss Nancy kept stating that it was with great Humility as well as Pride that they did this! WTH? You can’t have both they did this with great arrogance and pride! They are now in the same category as those who started Social Security and Medicare. Well does anyone realize that they are proud to follow 2 programs that are losing money at an enormous rate? Cost the Taxpayers a fortune? And are not going to be there for those of us that actually put in. Social Security is failing, and one of the Dems said that proof the program was good is you would have to take it from our seniors with Uzi’s! of course we would THEY PAID FOR IT YEARS AGO! Taking that away from them now completely would be like telling you your guaranteed CD is not going to pay you.

In summation what is required would be REFORM not completely rewriting things into a governmental power grab that not only included health care but also student lending. It was about time something was done but a terrible action as a solution will only make the problem worse not better. As I stated before what will they do once the rest of us that are paying for you lazy people decide it is more fiscally responsible to be a leech as well. I think the very wealthy should move out for their own sakes all this current government is gonna do is rape them like a drunk prom date. (But don’t worry another Dem personality trait is breaking the law violently is not your fault it was someone else who didn’t hug you enough as a child who is at fault so rape away)

Posted by mr_large | Report as abusive

We won.

Game over.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

The fat lady has sung.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

Game. Set. Match.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive


Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive



Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

I hate to gloat…but it’s so much fun.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

For all you gloaters…….if it is such a good plan, then why the heck aren’t all the politicians that are trying to ram it down the American Public’s throat not going to be participating in the plan???? Because it s*cks,that’s why? I’ll take a safety for that…your touchdown was denied after referee review. :)

Posted by Cindy7 | Report as abusive

Everyone that thinks this is such a great thing, and all about fixing health care, ask yourself; If the insurance companies are such a problem, and as the Dems have repeated over and over, this bills allows them to control the insurance companies, why haven’t the insurance companies put forth ANY fight against this bill? Could it be that they know that they now have customers mandated by LAW that have to purchase their products. Now, look at the investment backgrounds and political contributions for the biggest pushers of this bill. What you’ll see is major investments in insurance companies, and major political investments from insurance companies to those individuals. Who by the way, just back-doored a law which require all of you to purchase a PRODUCT from companies they are invested in. When did the constitution provide the federal government with the authority to force an individual to buy a companies product? Let’s take it to the next step, I own a restaurant, and well, people have a right to eat, so we need a law that requires them to buy their meals at my restaurant. Sounds good to me, now, where’s Pelosi’s email address…..

Posted by pwn23a | Report as abusive

62.1 percent of American bankruptcies are medically related and 75% of them have insurance…

How many Medical bankruptcies in, Canada, France, Costa Rica… or any of the socialized medicine counties


this is a good start…
Alan Grayson’s bill to open Medicare to anyone who wants to buy in…is the best next step..

Posted by redjb | Report as abusive

All the politicians will be a part of this plan when in kicks in..

Posted by redjb | Report as abusive

The following comes down pretty hard on the electorate. More likely, and irrespective of party, people do have inadequate political knowledge, generally the result of: many other (often trivial) interests; job, union and ethnic influences; disaffection with The Congress and the whole political process; and…. the good old American pastime of rooting for one’s team (good or bad!). This is a sorry state, which may require a calamity to arouse the “folks”.

Great quote. Too bad we don’t know who wrote it….

The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”
— Author Unknown

Posted by FLM | Report as abusive

Time to REVOLT – Step one of weath transfer has begun. Transparent whitehouse my tail! Mr nobama stop the lies and read the poles. Your agenda needs to be that of the American people! Instead of ripping us from where were are the best (Space exploration) you feel we should add inefficiencies to small businesses to support 30 mllion at the expense of 200 million.

Thanks for Nothing – Sad day for America – one that our revolutionary war forefathers and our signers of the Constitution would no doubt not appreciate.

Posted by dougsuny | Report as abusive

It so strange to me that a Centrist like Obama is called a far Lefty..
I WISH he was…but alas…he is not..

Fox news has really done a good job infecting all you sheeple with their lies..

Posted by redjb | Report as abusive

please tell me what part of the constitution

Obama is damaging….

he did teach Constitutional Law …and so is a Scholar of the Constitution..


Posted by redjb | Report as abusive

It’s so very apparent that the Dems favored the Big Pharm and Big Insurance, while at the same time telling us how evil they are. While I do not condone the greedy business practices of those business groups, I do condemn the Dems for their hypocritical brow-beating of such enterprises, all the while greasing their palms with multi-billion dollar faovrs, at the same time ignoring the faults of the ambulance-chasing trial lawyers. Why don’t the Dems, in the interest of “CHANGE”, pursue those greedy, manipulative lawyers with as much zeal for tor reform, as they have the evil insurance companies? Because almost all the Dems (and Republicans) in Congress ARE greedy, manipulative lawyers!
It’s the fox minding the chicken coop. Nothing less.

Posted by HopsBrewster | Report as abusive

Hey redjb… Congress is specifically EXEMPT from this plan.

Posted by HopsBrewster | Report as abusive

so…congress, who are now in a government run program,..

are exempt. ..this is your argument…they wouldn’t think of leaving their Government run program..

truth is they did not exempt themselves…that’s just More Lies By your leaders..Fox News And Rush, Glenn Hannity….

Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform answers a question from outside the recent town hall in New Hampshire on why Congress voted to exempt themselves from reform. This is a myth: there is no exemption and there has not been any such vote. To the contrary, reform gives all Americans access to an insurance exchange much like the one Congress has enjoyed, and just like Congress, Americans will be free to make their own choices.”

Posted by redjb | Report as abusive

“How’s that hopey changey thing workin’ for ya?”

well pretty darn well Sarah….you’betcha

Posted by redjb | Report as abusive

Not only will I vote rep., I will donate to any oppent running against yes votes running, in any state or district.

Posted by labayou | Report as abusive

“Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.”’

Posted by Franklyspeaking | Report as abusive

“The next time I have meat and mashed potatoes, I think I’ll put a very large blob of potatoes on my plate with just a little piece of meat. And if someone asks me why I didn’t get more meat, I’ll just say, “Oh, you mean this?” and pull out a big piece of meat from inside the blob of potatoes, where I’ve hidden it. Good magic trick, huh?” Jack Handy

Posted by Franklyspeaking | Report as abusive

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