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Poll: Do you agree with the healthcare reform vote?

By Reuters Staff
March 22, 2010

The House of Representatives approved a sweeping healthcare overhaul to create the biggest health policy changes in four decades, handing President Barack Obama a landmark victory.

Do you agree with the House of Representatives' vote to pass the healthcare reforms bill?

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How will the health reforms affect you overall, including the impact on your family and employment?

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This is a must if this country is to maintain a leadership role in the world. To turn our back on 30 million of our citizens is not the America I believe in and not to address this health care issue would make us a second rate country for generations to come.

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I bet Obama tucks his girls in tonight…”See, if you dodge the tomatoes long enough and keep fighting for what your ego tells you is right…sooner or later, you get what you want”

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Posted by LMTB4 | Report as abusive

It is about time!!

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America as we knew it for 230 years prior to tonight is dead. We have now taken the biggest step in American history toward a socialist America. God save us from Obamunism.

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Those that believe that not providing Health Care to all citizens is “UnAmerican” do not know what being an American really means.

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We could have dealt with health care in America more cheaply and maintained our free America by creating incentives for private enterprise to support or create non-profit organizations who can provide that health care rather than having the government dictate it to us. The government has never successfully run any organization other than the U.S. military, and some would even question that one! They have run social security (another socialist program) into bankruptcy. They have run the postal service at a loss of billions every year! And now, somehow, we’re supposed to believe that they can run 1/6 of our economy at a profit? ARE YOU PEOPLE HIGH???

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We are no longer a “Democracy” but more of a “Modified Socialism.” Every day in the country we lose more and more of our actual “Rights”. Health Care is not a right. Universal Health Care is not something that should not be in the scope of our government. “Dissent is the Highest form of Patriotism.” (Howard Zinn) By the way I am a registered Democrat.

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30 million Americans can’t afford basic medical or dental services. Only in this right-wing wacko country could it take decades to rectify this remarkable injustice.

Politicians have been debating this bill – in one form or another – for almost a year.

How long was the debate to consign several trillion dollars into the bonfires in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The utter pettiness and ignorance of the American electorate is simply stunning.

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The government does not have the authority under the American constitution to provide me rights. Only God can do that, and the last time I checked, Princess Pelosi is not being considered to replace God (except in her own mind, perhaps). Healthcare for all Americans is important, of course! However, there are better and far more cost-effective means of providing that health care that would actually spur the American economy than this.

Make no mistake, My Fellow Americans. Freedom lost a major battle today. It will never be the same again. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know what being an American really means!

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Wow he actually did pull it – to all those Obama hating
people, don’t worry too much. Something had to be done about our health industry

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we work hard, we earn a descent living for those close to us and ourselves….only to now have to support those that do not work hard enough, or have chosen paths that do no allow them the comfort of such basic necessities……it sickens me…..All the Democrats have merely done is to suggest to the American people that they do not have to work hard to receive the basic necessities of life…..the government will provide a social program…….reminds me a lot of Marxism Ideology

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My votes were all in the majority.

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Something definitely needs to be done about healthcare. We agree. But this wasn’t it. This was a giant step backwards.

Laxeight is right. We are no longer a democracy. Obama’s promised “change” is exactly that. They are transforming American from a free democracy to the “Socialist Republic of America”.

Have we learned nothing from American and world history? God save us from King Obama’s Obamunism, Princess Pelosi and Prince Reid!

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The Republicans voted against Social Security.
The Republicans voted against Medicare.
Consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds, they were consistent once again, voting against healthcare reform which will bring the U.S. somewhere near all advanced representative democracies around the globe.

But imagine – all around the globe, people got to see representative democracy in action!

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All those years of doing nothing are over.
All those people that whine now and didn’t do anything in the past should keep their mouth shut.
Finally a step in the right direction for a fair America!

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Finally we’re joining the rest of the civilized world.

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Great news! The bill is very far from being perfect, to put it mildly, but hopefully it will initiate the long-waited humanization of our social mores. Country without universal health care cannot be regarded as civilized nowadays.

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Yes, We are moving forward, not backward. If you do not like what has happened, move to Costa Rica with Rush Limbaugh. I’ve had enough his his ignorant loud mouth. He is the epitomy of white trash with window dressing.

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love how so many people seem to be experts on the health care reform. Yet they only know what they have been told from CNN, FOX or MSNBC. If you think that means you understand it then you don’t deserve to vote. I voted unsure on everything. While I approve it to pass I cannot say if it will be good or bad just like everyone else in this country. Until we actually see how it works and it in place we can just theorize about it’s effects.

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I’m still waiting for just one Republican to show me exactly how Health Care Reform is a step closer to Socialism. But then again, I’m also still waiting for just one Republican to show me that they even known what the word means. The majority of them are just parroting something their buddy Rush spouted off one day and we all know that if Rush says it; it must be true.

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It’s pretty simple DHites. We believe in States rights and limited Federal government. Any government that can regulate the type of toilet in your home is one that is out of control. Conservatives see this as a power grab over individual liberty of epic proportions.

I would add that compassion is fine…but how compassionate will everyone feel when all these social safety nets run out of money? Because I worried about bankrupting my country, doesn’t mean I’m not compassionate.

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Anytime the government steps in and mandates that’s a step closer to socialism. No american who presents to a hospital can be denied care due to economic status so how can anybody say 30 million americans go without health care. L

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My company of 30,000 plus employees will all be taking a direct health care reduction thanks to this.

I guess we currently get benefits that are just too good. Hence the company will pay a tax surcharge or we will begin a reduction in health benefits … guess which one they chose?

This isn’t negative speak … it is just a fact. I don’t appreciate being railroaded and/or just ignored.

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God help us. This will bankrupt our country. We will now face the worst financial disaster the world has ever seen. We will be lucky if our children get even a hint of the country we grew up in.

For me, this isn’t so much about the so-called reforms in the bill…it’s far more about the COST of the bill. Now isn’t the time.

Damn them.

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when you rob Peter to pay Paul…you will ALWAYS have Paul’s support.

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When there are no doctors left, who will benefit from all this “reform?” Government healthcare? Unconstitutional. Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves tonight. A sad, sad day for America. :(

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It’s sobering to consider what the Democrats could achieve for America – in terms of education, employeement, infrastructure and healthcare – if they did not have the albatross of two unnecessary Republican wars hung around their necks.

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Congress started taking control when they invented Freddie Mac and Fannie May, the Fed. gov. has very limited powers by the constitution and these Progressives don’t care. It’s time to get the Progressives out of DC. They are going to trade your information between the health care and the IRS to decide how much your HC is going to cost you, on page 63 you will get a plastic card, it will hold all your information, including and read this carefully, What Dr. you qualify for, what hospital you qualify for, and also what procedure you qualify for.
Plus I’m sick and tired of paying for all the people who don’t work and live off of half of what we work hard for. It’s time for some Fair Tax to take the power away from the IRS – Congress -the Unions and the lobbyists, it could be simple and everybody has to pay when they spend their money, why on earth should we have to pay tax on what we earn, it’s our money? but not anymore, we are know going to be Congress’s slaves paying 75% to 80% of our income in taxes-hide n watch.
And I’m esp. sick of Congress handing out our money to 9 churches to bring Somali Muslims to the U.S. and we pay for eveything for them including Medicaid and they don’t have to pay income taxes for 5 years Why? Congress gave 13.7 billion to churches – the Catholic church got over 10 billion and that’s just from the State Dept. and more from DHHS, and now that Congress has taken control of ALL waters and given that power to the EPA just wait till you are paying 3 to 4 times for water – gas is gonna look cheap.

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thank you God…..finally it passed….finally Americans can have a better quality of life like the Europeans…you should always judge a country by how it takes care of its people…..and health to a human is essential…i cannot believe how backwords is the thinking by many in this country….who cares if it socialism or capitalism…what matters is what kind of quality life we live……

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Three cheers for the United States of America!
Everyone join me in singing patriotic songs!

Also, to those of you who are so upset that the USA may someday be USSA (United States of Socialist America, get it?)… when your house burns down, remember that tax dollars support your fire department. When your house gets robbed, be glad that the police department is publicly funded instead of being funded by the black market or some shady organization. Then get back to me.

And as for myself, I will sleep a bit easier knowing that me and mine will be a little better taken care of in the years to come.

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As the largest industrialized country on earth, does the US have the lowest healthcare cost/person, the lowest infant mortality rate, the lowest morbidity and mortality rate, the highest number of primary care providers per capita?? The answer is NO. If the government provision of roads, schools, judicial system and a military isn’t proof of socialism — then how is healthcare socialism???

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Want to learn about socialism first-hand? Try having the IRS agent at your door. That’s what happened tonight–the IRS was just given the power to control our bodies.

So, tell me, you lib-idiots, who doesn’t understand socialism? You? Methinks so.

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Obamacare is a Hugo Chavez move on our economy and healthcare. We’ll have 30% less doctors to take care of 31 million more people, hiring 150,000 Fed Govt employees to administer.

Wow…the efficiency of the U.S. Post Office with the compassion of the I.R.S. Can’t wait.

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to pegw, think the Gop was right, all these agencies are now using their IOUs in that lock box, cause that’s all thats in the vault cause all the money is gone that was suppose to be there for SS and medicare, it’s gone.
What the Dems don’t seem to be able to understand is, we get our rights from God, not Congress. If I go to my doctor, I pay for it. That’s the cheapest health care anywhere, no insurance just take care of yourself. I just got back from Germany, socialized medicne country, everyone goes to the dr. for everything, some older people go just to visit with others in the waiting room.
Now ask yourself has this form of constitution just because it’s not in writting the Progressives have rewritten the US Constitution. Look at Russia’s constitution in 1977 and you’ll see where we are headed, and it didn’t work there or anywhere else in the world, WHY do people think it’s going to work here? Or are these only the people that don’t pay for their healthcare now?

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ALL HAIL THE IDIOTS WE ELECTED. They have taken our Government away from us and put it in charge of our lives. We are no longer a Nation under God, thanks to the atheists, and now we are no longer one of, for and by the people.

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the question is, do other people have a right to your money and your labor? if you answer yes, then you’re a socialist. government supercedes private ownership and autonomy, taking your money which is the representation of your hard work, and gives it to someone else; often to people who are unwilling to work and to others who make more money than you do. creating an entitlement to other people’s money and hard work is a fundamental departure from our founding fathers and the constitution. i’m ashamed of my country and the people who voted for obama thinking he was a centrist.

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To purplesunflower: but that’s local gov. the way it should be, do you really think the Feds having been using our money wisely? It’s broke, have you ever been broke? if you’re broke – I mean really broke – you don’t go to the bank and borrow a couple million to pay your bills – they’d laugh at you. The U.S. gov. is running out of banks to borrow from – then what?

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For all the folks on the right, don’t worry too much, it’s almost the same plan that Mitt Romney proposed and close to identical to the Republican proposed plan in 1993-4, last time their health care donors were in trouble.

For the US to compete in a world economy, Health Reform was a must! We would not survive without it. Now remove the restrictions that prevent Medicare from negotiating drug prices and we are well on the way to turning our health care market into an actual system (what happened to the free market crowd on this one?). Good work Dems!

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So here we are…marching merrily toward insolvency with liberals and socialists celebrating our latest step toward the brink. When the U.S. cannot meet its debt payments and medicare and health care bankrupt the treasury, those same liberals and socialists will say “its all the fault of capitalism”. How very, very sad. This is “change” that we all will live to regret.

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Leave the country.

Run Screaming!!!

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You all said haha, lol, lmao, when brown won. I say it back to you now, finally I can get the health Care I deserve. I own my own company, but could never afford health care, unfortunately i broke my ankle a little over a year ago, and could not afford rehab after surgery. I cant walk normal anymore, and running is definitely out. With affordable health care coming, and the guarantee that i cant be denied for a pre-existing condition, hopefully i can get my ankle fixed right and be able to play ball with my son, in the same side yard my dad played with me. I am so thankful tonight!!!! ive been so tired of hearing that we as americans didnt want reform, close to 2/3′s of america disagreed on election day a year ago last nov. And today, we simply say Take That!

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There’s an entitlement mindset in this country that is overriding the concerns of the common worker. People go on and on and on about socialism when first of all, they forget conveniently that the USPS is government-subsidized and that Medicare and Medicaid are… what?… government programs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving people the opportunity to buy into an alternative system. NOBODY is going to lose their doctor. Rationing may happen, but it already has been!! It’s those with pre-existing conditions that I am most concerned about because insurance companies are quick to deny coverage for these people and it’s extremely sad that there are those people such as the “tea baggers” who will look the other way and have this “screw you” attitude towards other Americans. Well guess what tea baggers, your party had its chance and FAILED. The ONLY people that Republicans represent are CORPORATIONS and the CORPORATE INTERESTS! Period. It’s time to take back this country from corporate interests and SERVE THE PEOPLE!

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To those of you who believe this is a good thing, you understand neither liberty nor justice nor rights. How are we improving liberty, justice or rights by enslaving any portion of our society to provide benefits to another portion?

Until you can answer correctly, I would suggest that it is YOU that needs to keep silence for a while.

God did not inspire this, but I can tell you who did.

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This is going to give 32 million middle-class people a chance for affordable health care, it will create jobs because of the new patients into the system, it decreases the debt. What’s not to like?

Come on people, it’s not the end times. Jeez.

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To brianj2: you are so right, I going to look into sending the IRS a death certificate, they can’t put us all in jail, esp. if they think we’re dead. LOL

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Tamar, your understanding of what constitutes Socialism is infantile.

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This is what leadership looked like tonight. It was only 103 years in passing.

Posted by hm2viking | Report as abusive

Good one!

Leave the country.

Run Screaming!!!
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All I can say is, Ron Paul 2012!

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To takethat43558: maybe you should watch the “take thats” Nov isn’t that far away, think there’s going to a look on Nancy’s face that won’t be fixed by the best dr. in town. I’m sure there is healthcare available there is here in NE colo. a small town on 12,000. And Colo has health insurance a state run thing for people that get turned down because of preexisting cond. there’s help out there if you ask.

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America is the only first world country not to have a national health care system for all its citizens, It is a crime against humanity not to have one. It is a basic right.

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America’s founders intended the federal government to have limited powers and that the states have an independent sovereign place in our system of government. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi legislation to take control of the American health-care system is the most sweeping and intrusive federal program ever devised. If the fede…ral government can do this, then it can do anything.

Tonight, our Founding Father turn over in their graves in disgust.

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One more thing and I’m done… Watch for something called ” We need a New Deck in DC ” it’s coming….

Posted by newdeckindc | Report as abusive

No one has a right to medical care. If one assumes such a right, it endorses the notion that some individuals have a right to someone else’s life and property. This totally contradicts the principles of liberty.

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Let this be the start of the revolution. We dissenters are the majority. We can shut down the system legally through civil disobedience. Let’s start now!

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The federal government already paid for health care, just didn’t regulate it very well. Most Dr’s went through school with plenty of NIH picking up the tab for aspects of their education, drugs are developed with NIH funding and handed over just before they are profitable to the pharm co. Research is paid for by NIH. The whole thing is federal. So what is this stuff about ‘federal takeover’? If taxpayers pay the tab, they should have a say on how it works and who gets access. It is about time. Now on to progress…as long as Hospital CEOs make 50x the salary of the average patient and specialists make 20x, health care will never be affordable…a patient needs to work more than a week to see a Dr for 1 hour…this has got to change. The next step is to educate more Drs to increase the competition and bring down the per hour costs (something the AMA has been against for 60 years!).

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Glad something passed, but it’s really very modest reform. The conservative claims that it’s socialized medicine are unfounded. What’s amazing is that Obama managed to override the FOX lie-spewing machine.

I’m counting on him to be as successful with a single payer bill in 2012 or 2013!

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To luby: Maybe the reason we have been the most powerful counrty for so long is because we are a proud country, not arogant spelling??? And because our gov. used to to stay out of our lives…. while other countries thought they had to control all asspects of the people’s lives. ya know I hope we are wrong about what I see ahead for the U.S. but what if………. we aren’t wrong? We don’t want to live though the destruction of this great country, but we just don’t believe Congress has the right to control everything, the constitution limits their power gives it to the people and then the states, not the Feds. They do not know what they are doing, at least I hope they aren’t , they can’t be doing this on purpose?? Look at world history, ya suppose people can really go back to living without TV – cell phones, internet, my iced lattes, because if we have to pay for all this not just HC but the other 2 trillion plus more, if we don’t pay for it who’s gonna pay this debt? WHO?

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Socialism? I’m already paying my state to subsidize for the uninsured whenever I visit a hospital for immediate care. Not because I skipped my primary care and periodic health exam, but because of an accident that require emergency care. For those not fortunate enough like myself, the hospital is the only last care they have for health care.
Isn’t it cheaper and cost effective if you can afford to purchase a health insurance with the same buying power as a corporation with over 30,000 employees? It would be a boon to health insurers that will see their membership increase.
The increase in cost and transparency will now expose many Americans to the reality of the high cost of health care. This is not the same as the European universal health care.
For those who feared a two tiered system in health care as a result of this new law, the reality is that the system is already here. If you are wealthy enough, you can certainly obtain a higher medical care that not many can even reach.
I don’t see the gov’t dictating a lower care from my doctors since the incentive is to prevent me from coming back to the emergency room or doctor office for a deteriorating condition. It is to their best interest to treat me with the most cost effective way that works instead of procedures that are useless just to cover themselves from lawsuits.
I can go on and on.. but this law is a start and as I suspected, is not perfect. But the law provide the framework to improve more of the highly debated issues.
At least now, I no longer feel that my company have a leash on my decision to move on or create my own business at the expense of my family’s health. It’s great to have a backup plan and something there just in case.
I’m not leeching off anyone’s income or hard work. I also work hard to get where I am now and expect nothing in return. And I know that those less fortunate will cost a lot less in the long run by maintaining their health and well-being with my hard earned money.

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To Love America:
Hope you’re not saying the rest of us don’t Love America?

We see things differently than you do, but don’t you dare try to say we don’t Love America.

We just do not think it’s a right for some people to get healthcare, housing, food, utilities paid for by other peoples work. Your right for healthcare also comes with your right to pay for it yourself. If people want to blame something for the high price of HC, blame insurance, if we didn’t have insurance it would cost $100 for an MRI, but because insurance pays for it
( this includes medicare and medicaid ) the price goes up. My sister had a procedure at hospital, when they found out she didn’t have insurance, they knocked off a zero, so 3500.00 ended up costing $350.00. Why? Gov. isn’t going to decrease the costs, when and with what have they ever run anything correctly?

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FANTASTIC! Now we can turn healthcare over to big government, unaccountable bloated bureaucracy, and big fat government unions to turn a $2.5 Trillion dollar system into a $5.0 Trillion dollar – mindboggling. You think our economy is broke? You have seen nothing yet.

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Finally! Now all the weeping and gnashing of teeth will begin on the Republican side as all of their lies and misrepresentations of what is in the health care bill dissolve daily. Their lies, repeated over and over, may have been accepted as truth, but the truth presented becomes self evident! Change was promised. And change has been delivered! YES WE DID IT!

Posted by dreamkacher | Report as abusive

luby: you are so brainwashed, your rights are not given to you by Congress, that’s really a sad statement, that you don’t know where your rights come from, I feel sorry for you and all the progressives in Congress at least the ones running in Nov. are gone and good ole Nancy will get such a look on her fake face, can’t wait. But she has good healthcare , paid for by us, wonder if she realizes she just voted to pay income tax on her healthcare like it’s income. ha! but do they pay income taxes? or are they like the Somali refugees that don’t have to pay income taxes for 5 years?

Posted by newdeckindc | Report as abusive

“The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

Posted by ThatcherFan | Report as abusive

you are just mad obama won again. you thought it was a fluke and wanted him to fail, but he out foxed you again. why cause he keeps it real and is wise.real easy.

come on, if you daughter or son gets real sick after you lose your job and you dont have insurance any more you would cry foul. cut the games and through in the towel

he cant be stopped or his policies!

Posted by castronyc | Report as abusive

The comment … it is time back the country from corporate interest and SERVE THE PEOPLE…? Serve the people in what way? This should not an entitlement. You have two hands, two feet, two legs, and I hope a brain. There is a way to WORK and earn an income. Who said living in the U.S. gives you entitlement to free handouts and free healthcare. I am a middle class and I am tired of paying for everyone else. I have two college age and I pay full tuition fees while others students go on government funds. I can barly pay my bills, but I don’t qualify for any special aids or government funds. I am not complaining about my responsibiiities, but I am tired of paying for everyone else. Get a job, pay your bills, pay for your healthcare. Stop waiting for the federal government to take care of your responsibilities. This bill is all wrong.

Posted by MShot | Report as abusive

LOVE IT!! Thank you to President Obama and Congress – you listened to your constituents and put people ahead of politics. We will thank you in the polls. We will also remember the Gutless GOP and their Tea Bagger tools, if they can survive their conveniently fake outrage. Blank checks for endless wars and bailouts for Wall Street, but nothing for America.

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“This is what leadership looked like tonight.”

This is what wiping your rear with the Constitution looked like.

Posted by DesScorp | Report as abusive

How about putting this vote to the people in the next election? Of course not! It would never pass! Nancy P.’s comment about being for the people what complete and blatant hypocrisy! How in the world do people not see through what they are saying and doing? It is beyond me! Is it because people are so anxious to get something for nothing that they can’t even see the reality? The outcome of today’s vote is going to cost us more than we can ever afford. . . and I’m not talking dollars! I am going to bed. I have to get up early to go to work tomorrow to pay for some lazy freeloaders healthcare!!!!! goodnight.

Posted by mimi2four | Report as abusive

Yay! America has needed a sane and regulated healthcare system for so long. Our present system bankrupts families daily and leaves the uninsured to die. We have a son in college, we now know he can be covered with us until he is 26, that seems a small thing, but it isn’t in this job market for young adults. Mainly, YAY, we took on something big and did something about it. It is a proud day to be a Democrat and an American. Thank you Nancy Pelosi and President Obama!

Posted by Anne5634 | Report as abusive

When you have to threaten the democratic party politicians with non-support in their campaigns to get re-elected if they don’t vote for the health bill as obama did…what do you call that? For those who “Love It” you are ignorant of the country’s defining beginnings…you are pathetically dependent and hopelessly inadequate of taking care of yourself. You are a parasite…a worm. And do you think after the arrogant speech of obama that he cares about you? You are hopelessly ignorant.

Posted by Franklyspeaking | Report as abusive

Sometimes I almost wish I could be like you people who can sit back and brag about your rights while other people pay for it. But then I come to my senses. Health care is not a right. We are guaranteed Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I’ve just had all three of these taken away from me so I can pay for your imaginary “right” to free healthcare.

Posted by Libby59 | Report as abusive

The 64% aganist and 34% support poll! How come there are more supporters on the comments? Rights come alone with responsibility. If you do not have enough rainy day funds, spent all your money, when things went bad, Who do you blame? The federal government or yourself?
The problem we face right now, The Crying baby got the Candy! Where is the Good Old Hardworking American? Very Sad!!

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Anne5634-It’s good that you are so happy. You say the uninsured under the present system are left to die. Well, now senior citizens are left to die. You are old enough to have a son in college, so your senior days are not too far off. Live while you can, cause it won’t be pretty when you hit 65. Thank you Obama and Pelosi for that.

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Does this health care bill effect congress? The senate…the presidente…of course not. You are cheering for a group of horrible politicians that have such a huge ego that they would put you into a corral and treat you as pigs or cattle or chickens…which a lot of you are.

Posted by Franklyspeaking | Report as abusive

Anne5634 lets see if you still say that after you finally read what they just did to your sons student loans as well with this bill. They ignored 55% of the American people. You liberal Democrats are soon gonna have to find someone new to take all the money from because it is almost fiscaly more responsible for us to conservatives to quit our jobs and mooch off everyone too then where is the money gonna come from or do you believe that it does grow on trees?

Posted by mr_large | Report as abusive

…pass no bill that congress and the senate are not subject to! this needs to be an amendment to the constitution!

Posted by Franklyspeaking | Report as abusive

Anne5634..Gee, your son will be able to be on your insurance until the age of 26, how nice. He is in college now. Are we paying for that as well? Just wondering. Liberals/progressives think they are owed a living. Perhaps I shouldn’t have worked so hard all my life and I too could be as elated as you are. When it finally hits you I hope it knocks you for a loop!

Posted by Peggybank | Report as abusive

I’ve found there are basically two kinds of people.
Group #1 consists of hard working, law abiding, sane,
financially sound people who take care of themselves and their family.
Group #2 consists of people who think they are special. They have no sense of responsibility,live beyond their means, can’t budget their money, buy everything they want and then CAN’T AFFORD INSURANCE because there’s no money left. duh
So Group #1 now has to pick up the tab for Group #2.
This is the Democrat way.

Posted by Libby59 | Report as abusive

Amazing to see how many bicycle-seat sniffers of the tea party persuasion manage to get worked up about this pathetic Bill and respond as though it were in the slightest bit socialist, or even “liberal”. The last time you saw Nancy Pelosi (who is about as liberal as Genghis Khan) looking so happy it was right after she donated trillions of dollars to Hank Paulson’s Billionaire Commie Boy’s Club who are not, by the way, communists except when it comes to taking taxpayer handouts.

This time’s no different. Don’t take my word for it. Read the Bill.

Oh yeah, and then look at the bill – the one you’re footing. All proceeds generously donated to the sickening parasites of the commercial insurance industry. It’s not just the same old same old. It’s more of the same old, for those who least deserve it.

Posted by HBC | Report as abusive

I’m delighted our nation has taken a first step in re-hauling the insurance and the future of our health care.

Posted by PollyTics | Report as abusive

Conservatives and Republicans are conveniently fiscally responsible and take a morally superior high ground since they can afford their insurance premiums/health care. Proponents of health care reform must be looking for a handout, must be lazy, etc., – - Note, the overall message is always one of superiority. Why are they so afraid to help anyone? Regulate the market to ensure quality of service. Change is hard, new ideas take some energy to think about and it’s just easier to believe the people who stand for Health Care are lazy, entitled (yes, I am just as entitled as Ms./Mr. Fat Cat Banker, Anti-Trust Insurance Industry, Sweet Deal Pharma and on on and on) I believe that you, your family, my family are entitled to receive health care at reasonable costs. That’s what the people want – PS don’t believe all the polls – look around you and if you open your eyes and ears you will see the truth written on your neighbors tired faces.

Posted by smartfox | Report as abusive

should I be surprised? The debate about health care has been reduced to ‘socialism’ vs ‘liberty’ – but the basic understanding of either of these terms has gone lost. Perhaps it was never really learned at school, and the overhaul of the US education system is needed more than ever.
Freedom to be royally screwed by insurance companies for being human? That’s liberty?
And socialism… where in the world is health care better than in Germany, Sweden, England, France, Canada … and can you who all fear socialism please tell me what the main difference is in their systems as compared to US democracy? Go for it: let the debate run on solid arguments, with clear details, and not on hot air.
you have been paying for healthcare all these years by subsidizing e.r’s. Let’s do it better.
And by the way, don’t second guess the founding fathers. THey are finally resting in peace.

Posted by j-arly | Report as abusive

Your poll is anything but impartial. You ask how health reform will affect us. Obviously, everyone will be affected and most people will have to pay extra — it this positive or negative? A fool would reply that it’s grand to part with your money, but personally I will pay more so that more people get coverage. Your poll doesn’t allow such considerations. You appear to be fishing for a story. Moreover, you are allowing repeat votes — thus, the disgruntled will be voting NO, NO, NO over and over again. Utterly useless poll!

Posted by listen2me | Report as abusive

What’s a CRIME against humanity is to think it’s a good motivation/good for society to STEAL from our neighbors to subsidize another. This is currently the deadliest disease spreading across this country.

Posted by Reason22 | Report as abusive

This isn’t about health care. Democrats are doing this for one reason only: to raise as much tax revenue as they can as fast as they can. They need to pay off their base as they did with the Stimulus Bill last year. If they don’t get money quick for their government union base, we’re see government workers laid off as everyone else has been and that will be the end of the Democratic party. They are willing to take the hit cutting care to the elderly will cost them (Obama only got 45% of the over 65 year old vote so he could care less about them).

Posted by Essex | Report as abusive

We will simply vote them out and undo this mess. And then we will remove Obama.

Posted by alvinjh | Report as abusive

Even with the “Doc Fix”, more and more physicians will not accept Medicare patients. Hospitals have little spare capacity now, what will happen when all the newly insured flood the system?

The basic law of supply and demand was totally disregarded. Great to create a big demand for medical services, but nothing was done to increase the supply. If price doesn’t go up, then expect supply to shrink over time.

Maybe that’s the answer to the Social Security problem. Cut the availability of doctors for Medicare patients and they will simply die. The sooner they die, the less Social Security will have to pay.

For every action, there is a reaction. But don’t tell that to the rejoicing Democrats today. Sadly, the country will learn it within one generation.

Posted by Boat52 | Report as abusive

Democrats won in 2008 and they won again last night despite months and months of fearmongering, lies and obstruction from the Party of No. Having been part of the minority party for many years myself, I somewhat sympathize with Republicans and conservatives in general. Yeah, it sucks. But that doesn’t mean Congress didn’t vote the will of the people. On the contrary the president most Democrats ran on a platform that included health insurance reform and WON. Time for Republicans to suck it up and quit being infantile in their loss.

Posted by Eclectablog | Report as abusive

A great moment for America! Thank you to everyone who voted yes… it takes guts to take the less popular route to something good for all! Time will show this to be a historic and positive change.

Posted by waveonshore | Report as abusive

Has anyone read and digested this legislation? ANYONE?
It is hard to understand what the pundits could debate when these 1000+ page bills are introduced hours (NOT 72) before the vote..
I would never buy a car this way…
But like everything else I guess it doesn’t even matter what the bill/law says…
They’ll just do what they please..
I now deem America..Un-American…… You may disagree.. the Constitution is the witness.

Posted by Treeeblehooks | Report as abusive

What I have learned through this whole process is the total disconnect of the Republican Party with the realities of how a properly functioning democracy is intended. The health care debate and the process they made necessary to pass such a landmark legislation showed me how scheming and self absorbed they have become. Certainly they, and all the loose fringe elements within their party are doomed. They have little talent and nothing fresh to offer.

Posted by waveonshore | Report as abusive

A great moment for our country, perhaps it will be the greatest moment of this century. Congratulations Mr. Obama, congratulations Speaker Pelosi. You had the courage of your convictions to see this through. I salute you, and the entire country will in time.

Posted by CosmicDude | Report as abusive

Congratulations to all the elected officials who had the balls to stand up and do the right thing.
Now get us out of Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Posted by osito3 | Report as abusive

Change is always hard to accept. This moves the USA in a direction that doesn’t square with many fiscal conservatives, except they really want the social benefits which come along with the new law. The result is what was passed, sausage-making at its best!

Posted by MEspud | Report as abusive

Liberal, progressive, left-wing, socialist fools, please just explain one thing to me and I will quit whining about the healthcare debacle.
If this is such a “good” deal for America then why was it negotiated almost entirely in secrecy, and this should be easy for you to answer as you are always demanding more openness in government?
Where is/was the openness in the twelve-plus months it took to get this passed?
I will be awaiting the winning post on this thread with the right answer.

Posted by anamul | Report as abusive

I cannot wait for November. I will support anyone running angainst ANY Democrat for ANY office. I used to vote for the person… I am so through with anything called Democrat.. I will never vote Democrat again. The Blue Dog Democrats that I had so much hope in – have flushed my hopes away.

Blue Dog’s Why did you sale your self to this… this is not about Obama it is about our Nation. You are bankrupting us. Democrat’s have betrayed this nation.

Posted by DaleOIFVet | Report as abusive

And to CosmicDude,
You been smokin’ WAY too much CosmicShiiiiitttt!
“Greatest moment of this century”?

Posted by anamul | Report as abusive

If HCR is so great, why won’t the Congress get on it instead of their custom healthcare? If it’s good enough for us, it should be good enough for them & their families!

Posted by PuterPrsn | Report as abusive

You repubs are ball-less. If you hate this idea of providing health care to all americans, have the guts, you fing chicken hawks, and push for the end of social security and medicare/medicaid.

Posted by DemandSide | Report as abusive

The view from here is that the Republicans threw everything they had at this thing and still lost – again.

Posted by Fishrl | Report as abusive

Question, Is it legal for the Democrats to pass a Bill requiring all Americans to buy a product from their political contributors? I think it is unconstitutional, illegal and morally wrong. Passed using dubious if not illegal means, it is a disgusting display of arrogance and ignorance and these goons need to be removed from their jobs

Posted by lilywhite | Report as abusive

time for a revolt. America needs to take back its country.

Posted by tbone877 | Report as abusive

Now that this is past us, I cant wait to see how the Republicans are going to fight Financial Reform. This will show their true colors. While they rant and scream about our freedoms and so called socialist policies, how the hell can you be saying that and then not support financial reform??

Its just hypocracy. If the American people cant realize that the Republican party was at the helm of creating our govt fiscal deficit, trade deficits with China and financial dergulation to the point of systemic collapse, then the country is lost anyway.

Republican ideaology is one thing, outright disinformation and total hypocracy and social elitism is another.

Posted by Marcus180 | Report as abusive

“For the first time, most Americans would be required to purchase insurance, and they would face penalties if they refused.”

This is the new freedom we’ve won.
Maybe Democrats can celebrate by renewing the patriot act, or getting us in some new wars, and starting the draft. Maybe they can bring back industry by passing cap and trade, and tightening regulation. They could cure the unemployment situation by opening the boarders. They’ve already nationally banned some cigarettes, what about the rest? And salt, like in New York. You see full well how much they like keeping their laws off people’s bodies. Freedom, indeed.

Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato.

Posted by Novalis | Report as abusive

I’m glad Congress finally had the guts to vote in favor of health care reform. It’s sad to read so many negative comments from individuals who obviously have health insurance and are just worried that they’ll be forced to pay more. From what I’ve read, unless you’re making more than $200,000 (single) or $250,000 (married), you’re not going to pay any extra. And I really don’t understand those who are shouting “socialism”. How is this bill pushing our country toward socialism any more than federally supported highways, education, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, social security, etc.? Does guaranteeing that everyone in the country has access to affordable health care make a county socialist? I pray not! And for those of you who are upset because the bill requires everyone to carry health insurance. Just point that finger toward the capitalist insurance companies. The only way they agreed to support the bill is if insurance was mandated for everyone. (Their theory was that, if it was not mandated, then only those who needed health insurance would buy it – not the young and healthy who allow them to profit. )
And for those of you who have the same opinion as Libby59 who said “I’ve found there are basically two kinds of people. Group #1 consists of hard working, law abiding, sane, financially sound people who take care of themselves and their family. Group #2 consists of people who think they are special. They have no sense of responsibility,live beyond their means, can’t budget their money, buy everything they want and then CAN’T AFFORD INSURANCE because there’s no money left. Duh So Group #1 now has to pick up the tab for Group #2. This is the Democrat way.”. I’m a Democrat who is hard working, law abiding, sane and financially sound and I take offense at your ignorant ravings. I have good group insurance provided by my employer, but I know many people who are employed full time who cannot afford health insurance. Many of those people work more than 40 hours a week just to provide food and shelter for their families. I also know several people, in their mid to late 50’s, who until recently were gainfully employed and had health insurance. These life-long employees were let go by their companies either due to the economy or down-sizing. Some ended up having to go out and buy individual policies, with high deductibles, for $1500 to $1600 per month and others only have health insurance because of the COBRA subsidies provided by our government. The reason I support health care reform is because, other than by the Grace of God, I could be in the same position as those people.
Is this bill perfect? No. But at least it’s a step in the right direction and something long overdue. And thank God, the Democratic Party had the courage to stand up and do something about it! Now if we could only get the two parties together to work toward reducing the cost of health care for everyone!!

Posted by weneedchange | Report as abusive

Republicans and their supporters are making international fools of themselves over nothing.

The American health care system with this bill is only a fraction of what most other developed countries have.

The US will still have one of the worst health care and insurances systems in the western world even with this latest policy.

That Republicans have gone insane, and it has scared their own people off the Republicans, and made the rest of the world laugh at the weirdness and extreme reaction.

The political result will be an increase in Obama’s standing and in Democrat support.

Posted by Kina | Report as abusive

I have looking over the comments, I would like to make a post that does not read out like an opinion paper. So I decided to just post the facts. There isnt enough room to post as much as I would like to. For anyone interested in researching, one might want to know what websites to trust. most universities consider only primary information (information obtained from a .org, .edu, .gov etc. website)to be submitted on student papers as this type of info has been signed and verified.
According to the World health organization rankings of 193 industrialized nations: The U.S ranks 37 in level of healthcare and we spend around 16.9% of our gross domestic product on our healthcare system. Canada ranks better than we do at 30 and spends around 10% of their GDP on healthcare. And the claims that Canadians have long wait times is not true. It is true that some come here, however one might want to note why; for elective surgeries, so if you want a boob job or botox, then yes you will have to wait for it in canada. Canadian system is not socialized medicine; it is properly refered to as a single payor system. America wake up!!! just because some big self interest has enough money to buy T.V time and advertise in our faces does not mean we should believe it…dont be lazy!!! go and research it yourselves!!! France currently has the #1 healthcare system in the world. so why were we looking at Canada’s? good question other than they are our closest neihbor. I could go on, but I really wish the rest of you would actually start looking it up yourselves!! Alot of us have a computer probably less than 20 feet away…oh well. I am glad for this to finally pass!! Its a big step in the right direction and yes I voted for him and look forward to doing so again. havent had one for the people since JFK.

Posted by ZULUtime | Report as abusive

After seeing the last administration squander lives and billions of dollars in the middle east and in huge tax breaks for bankers Obama has turned the Oligarchy Express that Bush/Cheney created around in favor of the common man.

Thanks Obama, Pelosi and the others that came and did what they promised instead of what the business world wanted.

Hey look, we have a Government again.

Posted by jstaf | Report as abusive

FOLLOW THE MONEY… If you can find out who lobbied for HRC and how much they spent, then you will see the true beneficiaries of this bill. Way too much back room, secret dealing on this. Absolutley agree with PuterPrsn… if HRC is good enough for the taxpayer who elects and pays the salaries and benefits of thier representatives, it’s good enough for those same representatives and thier families!

Posted by cablmn | Report as abusive

To you whining, chicken**** right wing cretins: when it comes to Marx, you don’t know the difference between Karl and Groucho. What sore losers, crying foul that things dealt with in “secret” when Republican philosophy is tantamount to a secret police state. Get off the internet and read a real book.

Posted by hanaokelele | Report as abusive

How do you all like living in a zoo? The people wandering around throwing peanuts at you…who are they?…they are your keepers called politicians. It doesn’t make a difference whether you choose to call them repubs or demos… they are your keepers. You are not living free…you are couped and controlled. Go get your goodies…the bell is ringing.

Posted by Franklyspeaking | Report as abusive

Congress voted and the ones who voted for this have committed out and out treason against the United States of America. They have walk on there own grandparents and futher generations backs graves and they do not care at all about it. They have created a future that includes only death and destruction. They have thrown out the constitution and the ones who claim that I do not have health care do not get it. I do not have health care but I know that no one will get health care ever with this bill. I have read all 2000 some odd pages and two things that keeps me scared to death are the following.

1. The government will create a committe that will decided what health care treament will be allowed. Congress will have no authority over this committee and will have no ability to even override what decisions this committee makes. This committee will be given complete control to determine when a disease becomes to expenive to treat and can cut off serivces due to age and diesase.

People that means they will kill your grandparents.

2. There is a cap to how much serives a family will recieve every year that cap is $10,000. Grow up people what happens when your little girl get cancer then you will have no services and no ability to even help her without leaving this country and spending every last dime you have to try and save her.

There is much more in this bill that scares me like anyone being able to access your records for research purposes, and allowing any group to do expeiements without your knowledge. Congress is also extempt from being included in this health care plan and over 40% percent of doctors have threaten to quit.

Our Vets will no longer be cover under this plan like they used to be.

I could go on and on but I can tell by the brainwashed idiots that they have no idea what is in store for them. Like a little girl being turn away from the closes hospital because of a 3rd degree burn and being toward to travel 50 miles away in her parents car to get treatment else where.

Or the Chicago Medical center issue after Mrs. Obama got through there that turn out a little girl who’s lip just got bitten off by a dog and her mother was given tokens to ride the bus to go an hour away for care of it.

Realty is regardless of what the brainwashed idiots who hate this country and freedom have said on this site this is a bill that will be know in history and the bill that destroyed this country and people like me will hold personally responsbile all people who had a say in working to get this illegal bill passed. We will not forgot who they are from the illegal alien Obama on down to the lowest person who has shown so much weakness that they are brainwashe beyond belief.

Posted by freeamerica | Report as abusive

Amen ZULUtime!! The people promoting that Canadians (and others)coming to America don’t mention that it is for cosmetic reasons…My father was in Sweden a few years back and had a hearet problem. He was taken to the hospital and given the proper care . When he left and asked to pay for his bill he was told there was no bill. He ws covered by the Swedish medical system even though he was a US Citizen!!!
And DAle, show your intelligence and RESEARCH the BS they crammed down your throat before you decide to vote Republican! If you can’t afford Health Care there are programs that will be set up TO HELP YOU! The Republicans don’t tell you that part!! The Republican stance was paid for by the Insurance Companies, the HMO’s and the Pharmaceutical Companies….You think THEY want HEALTH CARE???? WAKE UP AMERICA!!! THEY ARE SHOVING THEIR BS DOWN YOUR THROATS AGAIN!!!QUIT BUYING THEIR RIGHTWING, SELFISH CORPORATE AGENDA!!
I have ALOT of friends in England, France and Norway. They all LOVE their FREE medical and FREE schooling. Here we have half of our kids not getting through High School….WAKE UP!!!

Posted by rokboy | Report as abusive

Thank you for a calm, reasoned argument weneedchange. Now allow me to respectfully disagree. You correctly identify lowering healthcare costs as a problem, which has not been solved by this leviathan legislation. It would have made more sense to attack costs first, via solid tort reform, computerized records, and promotion of wellness programs. Then fix funding for Medicare and prescription drug payments. Follow that with incremental insurance reform, such as subsidies for those at risk and interstate portability.

The bill passed over the weekend will raise the total cost of health coverage in ways we cannot yet imagine (and which the CBO has not had time to adequately analyze.)

Posted by BobGebhardt | Report as abusive

The healthcare bill falls short of what our citizens need or want. One reason that the US spends so much today on healthcare is the high-cost of prescription drugs. In Canada, Mexico, etc. meds are significantly cheaper. Another reason for the high healthcare costs in the US is the large number of top medical schools in the US, who pad the healthcare billing for their intern doctors. Frequently, hospitals will bill insurance companies for multiple doctors and nurses for procedures, and waste and discard unopened medication that is unexpired once it was prescribed for a patient. Contrast the wait time for a doctor appointment, in the US doctors are available and the US is rated #1, while in Canada patients must wait for 3 months for an appointment, while the wealthier patients go outside the Canada healthcare and self-pay for treatments in the US or Canada. Contrary to France’s rating as #1 healthcare, recall that Lady Diana and Dodi died in France, while if the accident had occurred in a major city in the US – most medical opinions stated that given her injuries Diana likely would have been rushed to the hospital for emergency procedures and survived. What the US needs for healthcare, we still are not getting with this bill – such as, lowcost drugs, fair billing practices, less waste of medical supplies, prompt availability of competent medical care, no prior exclusions for pre-existing conditions. The bill needs pulled and reworked. We must clearly vote out those who voted only on their political party basis and not to work smarter for their citizens.

Posted by Johnebardo | Report as abusive

It’s not about what is best for you, it’s about what’s best for everyone. Not just the members of YOUR group, but for all members of society. What we have now is an excellent system of healthcare for a small group of people, and inadequate healthcare for the majority. What reform is trying to do is to provide affordable healthcare for the majority of people. Those who toot their horn about America having the best healthcare in the world clearly are only looking at a small section of the United States. Overall, our healthcare system is inadequate and not reflective of the normally high standards we Americans have come to expect.

We used to be a country that believed in the equality of its people, that each person had the same rights as any other person and that to provide those rights to all of its members was one of the primary responsibilities of government. The trend for the last few decades has been toward letting “the Market” drive our nation, with sometimes disastrous results. I look at reform as a renaissance of the ideals that our country was founded on, namely, equality for all.

Posted by lhathaway | Report as abusive

I am a US (born) citizen living for most of my life in the UK.
It pleases me to see the US moving in this direction because all US citizens will soon be entitled to medical care (presuming appropriate contributions are paid into the system). I cannot see why anyone objects particularly when the US has found the huge amount of money now expended on Iraq and Afghanistan. I would add that I do support the US and UK service men & women and what they are trying to complete.
On reflection why not hold a referendum and let all the people speak?

Posted by tbink | Report as abusive

WOW What a great victory….. Especially for the Chinese, who now can finance our defecit to the tune of an additional 562 BILLION, or maybe if you are a prospective government employee, 116,000 new openings at the IRS for agents to enforce compliance upon the enslaved population. Democracy DIED yesterday, AmeriKa
the beautiful, Heil to the liberal chief.

Never, I repeat NEVER in my lifetime will I consider voting for democrat for any office whatsoever.

Posted by MichaelM | Report as abusive

WOW What a great victory….. Especially for the Chinese, who now can finance our defecit to the tune of an additional 562 BILLION, or maybe if you are a prospective government employee, 116,000 new openings at the IRS for agents to enforce compliance upon the enslaved population. Democracy DIED yesterday, AmeriKa
the beautiful, Heil to the liberal chief.

Never, I repeat NEVER in my lifetime will I consider voting for any democrat for any office whatsoever.

Posted by MichaelM | Report as abusive

Its gratifying to see that liberals are still posting their toughts openly. This shows that they are ignorant of the issues and what goes on in other countries.(ZULUtime and kina) The WHO (not the rock band) publishes garbage. The difference in the health care debte on who is #1 or who is #37 does not show the true basis for their ratings. They don’t count new-borns that die at birth as a dieath like we do for one thing. Canadiens come here for their health care as they can’t afford to wait for 6 or 8 months for a procedure that would probably save their lives. The UK and France along with a few other EU countries are no different. you don’t see us leaving the USA to go to Canada or France for medical services. Its like people always condemning the USA for terrible behavior and what not, but you don’t see people racing to LEAVE the US. They break the law to come here. This health care overhaul is a monster that is so bad, that the politicians won’t have to abide by the bill. They will be keeping their cadilac policies at our expense. Only we lowly ciizens have to suffer with a broken medicare plan or wait in the urgent care areas behind the illegl aliens who crowd them now, as hospitals and emergency rooms cannot by law turn anyone away, like they can in Canada or the UK, or France. Hopefully we will be able to kill this off in the future as it doesn’t take affect until 2016 with the exception of the taxes that will be required to fund the unemployed. They will start almost immediately. Hopefully the states rights movement will shun the commie pinko bedwetting president and the gang of socialists in congress and tell them to pound sand.

Posted by Bogsbob | Report as abusive

anamul, if this deal was so ‘bad’ for Americans, why did the insurance industry spend millions to fight it? Why did the politicians with the biggest contributions from the insurance companies talk the loudest against it? Can’t you see the yes vote meant corporate dollars didn’t win out over the very real needs of Americans for reform in health care and health insurance?
As for the bill being written ‘secretly’ aren’t most bills written without a public audience? What matters is that the bill was up on the internet for anyone to read before the voting took place.
I’m guessing if this bill keeps my insurance premiums from rising half as much as they have, my about-to-graduate college son can stay on our insurance plan, we stand to save $2900 in 2011! I pledge to save half of that and spend the other half on needed items that are made in America!

Posted by peace101 | Report as abusive

What I have noticed from a lot of you dem’s is that you all agree that REFORM was needed to lower costs and you all want to holler that the point of Pre-existing conditions should not be a reason to deny health care. Are you screwed up? It is called insurance for a reason you get the policy as an “Insurance policy” in case something happens they should not be allowed to go and get it once they find out something is wrong that would be like allowing you to bet on roulette once the ball has stopped. Now I agree with the fact that if the condition was not found BEFORE the policy was issued then make a ruling that any condition not found before cannot be called a pre-existing. And the 32 million they claim as uninsured have you ever looked at what that group is made up of? Mostly people who could afford it and DECLINE it because they believe they do not need it, and now they are being forced to have it. And where do you people get off saying that well only people who make sooo much have to pay more? Why should they pay more? You keep preaching that everyone is created equal but you want a small group of people to be responsible for the rest of us! That is the single most selfish thing I could think of. You people make me sick. The Democrat motto is “Wow I like everything you have and worked so hard to get, I want that also. But I don’t wanna have to work for it so I will just take yours.”

Miss Nancy kept stating that it was with great Humility as well as Pride that they did this! WTH? You can’t have both they did this with great arrogance and pride! They are now in the same category as those who started Social Security and Medicare. Well does anyone realize that they are proud to follow 2 programs that are losing money at an enormous rate? Cost the Taxpayers a fortune? And are not going to be there for those of us that actually put in. Social Security is failing, and one of the Dems said that proof the program was good is you would have to take it from our seniors with Uzi’s! of course we would THEY PAID FOR IT YEARS AGO! Taking that away from them now completely would be like telling you your guaranteed CD is not going to pay you.

In summation what is required would be REFORM not completely rewriting things into a governmental power grab that not only included health care but also student lending. It was about time something was done but a terrible action as a solution will only make the problem worse not better. As I stated before what will they do once the rest of us that are paying for you lazy people decide it is more fiscally responsible to be a leech as well. I think the very wealthy should move out for their own sakes all this current government is gonna do is rape them like a drunk prom date. (But don’t worry another Dem personality trait is breaking the law violently is not your fault it was someone else who didn’t hug you enough as a child who is at fault so rape away)

Posted by mr_large | Report as abusive

We won.

Game over.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

The fat lady has sung.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

Game. Set. Match.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive


Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive



Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

I hate to gloat…but it’s so much fun.

Posted by pyntic | Report as abusive

For all you gloaters…….if it is such a good plan, then why the heck aren’t all the politicians that are trying to ram it down the American Public’s throat not going to be participating in the plan???? Because it s*cks,that’s why? I’ll take a safety for that…your touchdown was denied after referee review. :)

Posted by Cindy7 | Report as abusive

Everyone that thinks this is such a great thing, and all about fixing health care, ask yourself; If the insurance companies are such a problem, and as the Dems have repeated over and over, this bills allows them to control the insurance companies, why haven’t the insurance companies put forth ANY fight against this bill? Could it be that they know that they now have customers mandated by LAW that have to purchase their products. Now, look at the investment backgrounds and political contributions for the biggest pushers of this bill. What you’ll see is major investments in insurance companies, and major political investments from insurance companies to those individuals. Who by the way, just back-doored a law which require all of you to purchase a PRODUCT from companies they are invested in. When did the constitution provide the federal government with the authority to force an individual to buy a companies product? Let’s take it to the next step, I own a restaurant, and well, people have a right to eat, so we need a law that requires them to buy their meals at my restaurant. Sounds good to me, now, where’s Pelosi’s email address…..

Posted by pwn23a | Report as abusive

62.1 percent of American bankruptcies are medically related and 75% of them have insurance…

How many Medical bankruptcies in, Canada, France, Costa Rica… or any of the socialized medicine counties


this is a good start…
Alan Grayson’s bill to open Medicare to anyone who wants to buy in…is the best next step..

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All the politicians will be a part of this plan when in kicks in..

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The following comes down pretty hard on the electorate. More likely, and irrespective of party, people do have inadequate political knowledge, generally the result of: many other (often trivial) interests; job, union and ethnic influences; disaffection with The Congress and the whole political process; and…. the good old American pastime of rooting for one’s team (good or bad!). This is a sorry state, which may require a calamity to arouse the “folks”.

Great quote. Too bad we don’t know who wrote it….

The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”
— Author Unknown

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Time to REVOLT – Step one of weath transfer has begun. Transparent whitehouse my tail! Mr nobama stop the lies and read the poles. Your agenda needs to be that of the American people! Instead of ripping us from where were are the best (Space exploration) you feel we should add inefficiencies to small businesses to support 30 mllion at the expense of 200 million.

Thanks for Nothing – Sad day for America – one that our revolutionary war forefathers and our signers of the Constitution would no doubt not appreciate.

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It so strange to me that a Centrist like Obama is called a far Lefty..
I WISH he was…but alas…he is not..

Fox news has really done a good job infecting all you sheeple with their lies..

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please tell me what part of the constitution

Obama is damaging….

he did teach Constitutional Law …and so is a Scholar of the Constitution..


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It’s so very apparent that the Dems favored the Big Pharm and Big Insurance, while at the same time telling us how evil they are. While I do not condone the greedy business practices of those business groups, I do condemn the Dems for their hypocritical brow-beating of such enterprises, all the while greasing their palms with multi-billion dollar faovrs, at the same time ignoring the faults of the ambulance-chasing trial lawyers. Why don’t the Dems, in the interest of “CHANGE”, pursue those greedy, manipulative lawyers with as much zeal for tor reform, as they have the evil insurance companies? Because almost all the Dems (and Republicans) in Congress ARE greedy, manipulative lawyers!
It’s the fox minding the chicken coop. Nothing less.

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Hey redjb… Congress is specifically EXEMPT from this plan.

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so…congress, who are now in a government run program,..

are exempt. ..this is your argument…they wouldn’t think of leaving their Government run program..

truth is they did not exempt themselves…that’s just More Lies By your leaders..Fox News And Rush, Glenn Hannity….

Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform answers a question from outside the recent town hall in New Hampshire on why Congress voted to exempt themselves from reform. This is a myth: there is no exemption and there has not been any such vote. To the contrary, reform gives all Americans access to an insurance exchange much like the one Congress has enjoyed, and just like Congress, Americans will be free to make their own choices.”

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“How’s that hopey changey thing workin’ for ya?”

well pretty darn well Sarah….you’betcha

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Not only will I vote rep., I will donate to any oppent running against yes votes running, in any state or district.

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“Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.”’

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“The next time I have meat and mashed potatoes, I think I’ll put a very large blob of potatoes on my plate with just a little piece of meat. And if someone asks me why I didn’t get more meat, I’ll just say, “Oh, you mean this?” and pull out a big piece of meat from inside the blob of potatoes, where I’ve hidden it. Good magic trick, huh?” Jack Handy

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” A Good Idea Will Sell Itself ” …

This president does not qualify to successfully run a neighborhood ” Lemonade Stand “, let alone to adminster our government !


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So what you’re sayin is… it’s ok to spend trillions of dollars on wars, based on lies…that cause the Death of hundreds of thousands of people… including over 4000 of our own Military..

but spending money to keep our own people healthy..

get a grip Sheeple

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Remember something, folks. This is nothing more than greedy, selfish people who only care about themselves, not their fellow man. So when you say someone isn’t qualified (yet we had 8 years of completely unqualified) and you say this will break us, look at what is breaking us now. Medical insurance and medical bankruptcies. These people shout baby killer and yet when that child is born, they don’t give a damn anymore about the child by saying no to insurance coverage.

Not wanting to pay your fair share is simply being greedy and selfish. You want to buy more material items and fear you cannot buy them. You don’t need more junk, you need to take care of our country by being a contributing member, not a hating member.

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If 10 people like something, three will voice their opinion. If 10 people do not, seven will. This poll’s numbers don’t bother me one bit. Next stop, public option.

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The Government doesn’t have any business dictating to us about healthcare. They completely disregarded what the Majortiy wants. But then again what do we expect from a Congress who only caters to the minority! Term Limits! Term Limits! TERM LIMITS!!!!! The Middle Class can’t afford anymore. And if the reform is so wonderful why has the Congress made themselves exempt from it?! What happened to the 28th Amendment?

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I think it’s a marvelous decision to vote for a healthcare bill that only a small fraction of our lawmakers have read, the majority haven’t, that will
add 17,000 new employees to monitor you and I that will move us a large step closer to socialism, which has never worked for very long in any nation, and to go against the majority of the peoples will. I also think we should totally disregard the constitution because it is outdated and irrelvant to our world today. Forget that it has worked wonderfully for the past 300 years.

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Nicely put redjb.

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MidclassDope…”And if the reform is so wonderful why has the Congress made themselves exempt from it?!” see another LIE from your Leaders… 91

“Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform answers a question from outside the recent town hall in New Hampshire on why Congress voted to exempt themselves from reform. This is a myth: there is no exemption and there has not been any such vote. To the contrary, reform gives all Americans access to an insurance exchange much like the one Congress has enjoyed, and just like Congress, Americans will be free to make their own choices

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@redjb: No, the wars are treasonous TOO. Seems like people are left wing and only awake about the right wing, or right wing and asleep about the left. Too many people, including you, are still half asleep. The Constitution places LIMITS on government. Read the tenth amendment.

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@houseofd: You make a good point but… If asked, 9.7 out of 10 people will TELL you what they think whether they like it or not. The most recent Rassmussen poll says that the people are against the bill 60 to 40.

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@redjb: Regarding your reality check mythbusting, yes, Congress is not exempt. They’re still free to receive their Cadillac coverage on my dime.

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oh Please Oversight of the Insurance companies is a far cry of overstepping their powers…it’s exactly the kind of protections the Government should and does in many other industries……I’m happy for many of the Federal agencies..and Laws…not all of them , but nothing’s perfect..

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Hmmm some posts are not showing up I actually wanted some opinions about stuff

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@redjb: Oversight? Yes. Forcing citizens to purchase a product simply because the citizen exists? I challenge you to find constitutional authority.

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The Constitution The Legislative Branch
Article 1 section 8 – Powers of Congress

“The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;”

I say Health Care is part of the GENERAL WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE USA

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TAXES…I have to pay for WAR….why not HEALTH

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When ANY bill, past or present, must misuse the powers given to our representatives in order to pass it no matter the cost, using thousands of pages, deception and bribes – It will NEVER be good for us. Even in the face of the majority they ignore the people who gave them those jobs, and we WILL return them to people of integrity. Yes, we are awake now!

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10 million more people voted for Obama..

he ran on Health Care….

most people want most of what the the bill has..

the Polls will show this very soon…

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@redjb: You may say that, but the authors of the constitution did not.

“They are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare, but only to lay taxes for that purpose. To consider the latter phrase not as describing the purpose of the first, but as giving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please which might be for the good of the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless. It would reduce the whole instrument to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be for the good of the United States; and, as they would be the sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they please… Certainly no such universal power was meant to be given them. It was intended to lace them up straitly within the enumerated powers and those without which, as means, these powers could not be carried into effect.” –Thomas Jefferson

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62.1 percent of American bankruptcies are medically related and 75% of them have insurance…

How many Medical bankruptcies in, Canada, France, Costa Rica… or any of the socialized medicine counties


Easy/cheapest answer is Medicare for all…I think Thomas would see the wisdom of this..

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What about James?

“If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their own hands;
they may appoint teachers in every State, county and parish and pay them out of their public treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children, establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union;…”

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. Were the power of Congress to be established in the latitude contended for, it would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature of the limited Government established by the people of America.” –James Madison

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This forum is conspiring against me making my point. Google the quote.

Then go read the founding fathers and get back to me when you’ve learned your history. Jefferson would NOT have seen any wisdom in your ridiculous statistical claim.

Population of Canada, 33,311,389. Personal bankruptcies in Canada last year, 116,381. 0.35%

Population of U.S., 307,006,550. Personal bankruptcies in U.S. last year, 1,202,503. 0.39% BUT that includes chapter 13 filings. Lets go apples to apples. U.S. chapter 7 filings were 819,362 making the rate 0.27%

So, it LOOKS like universal health care might just be so expensive to the citizens that it’s CAUSING bankruptcy.

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HURRAH, I am so glad it passed. I have worked for a big Defence Contractor on a technical level with good pay for 45 years and am getting ready for retirement. Even after working so many years for a big Defence Contractor it was going to cost me $700.00 a month to keep my insurance. I am unable to get other insurance because of pre-existing conditions. This will open up options for me that will save me money and take the burden of worry off that I can be denied insurance. It will make it easier for me to retire. The health Care System is badly broken and needed to be fixed. This is at least a start. It could not just stay the same forever.

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Canada is having economic problems…but people aren’t going broke because of medical costs..

…0… Medically related Bankruptcies

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Where you born stupid or are you just working at it?
Out military budget is 16% of the total budget, social programs are 68%. Get a clue.
As to health insurance, answer me this. Why is it my responsibility to buy your insurance?
MAR 22, 2010
8:36 PM EDT
So what you’re sayin is… it’s ok to spend trillions of dollars on wars, based on lies…that cause the Death of hundreds of thousands of people… including over 4000 of our own Military..

but spending money to keep our own people healthy..

get a grip Sheeple

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@redjb: Because you say health care is a part of the general welfare clause,does not make it so.

In 1994, when the Clinton administration attempted to push a health care reform plan through a Democratic Congress that also mandated every American buy health insurance, the Congressional Budget Office determined that the government had never ordered Americans to buy anything.

“The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States,” the CBO analysis said. “An individual mandate would have two features that, in combination, would make it unique. First, it would impose a duty on individuals as members of society. Second, it would require people to purchase a specific service that would be heavily regulated by the federal government.”

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If government insists that I pay for healthcare for others, then listen up because I am going to tell you how you must live your life including what you will eat. Oh, and by the way, you also need to go get a job so you can take care of your own family. And to lindal – it is obvious that you worked for the govt – you never learned to spell. Since I have supported your “good pay for 45 years” with my tax payments, you should have saved some of your money so that you could provide for yourself. Enough is enough! It’s called personal responsibility – the implications of which apparently many of the people on here don’t understand.

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@redjb: “…0… Medically related Bankruptcies.” Brilliant. Wonder how many of those people who declared bankruptcy suffered the financial burden of more than 42% of their income being eaten by TAXES? ALL OF THEM!

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@redjb: By the way, in the U.S. we pay an effective 28% of our income in taxes. Can you see what socializing things does to an economy?

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Refute This : html

U.S. Supreme Court
Linder v. United States, 268 U.S. 5 (1925)
Linder v. United States
No. 183

Submitted March 9, 1925
Decided April 13, 1925
268 U.S. 5



1. Any provision of an act of Congress ostensibly enacted under power granted by the Constitution, not naturally and reasonably adapted to the effective exercise of such power but solely to the achievement of something plainly within the power reserved to the states, is invalid and cannot be enforced. P. 268 U. S. 17.

2. Direct control of medical practice in the states is obviously beyond the power of Congress. P. 268 U. S. 18.

3. Incidental regulation of such practice by Congress through a taxing act, like the Narcotic Law, cannot extend to matters plainly inappropriate and unnecessary to reasonable enforcement of a revenue measure. P. 268 U. S. 18.

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Where is my post? If i don’t agree with the passing of this bill my post is censored?

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@Visigoth: Are you in Iowa? Would you like to be my campaign legal counsel?

@soulsurvivor: Probably not. I’ve had a lot of trouble making some posts show up. But eventually, I’ve been able to post them. I imagine it’s just a Reuters server issue. Change a word or add a period and try posting it again.

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When the Congress agrees to be covered by the new health care bill they just passed then I may reconsider my position against it. Our Senator Gregg ought to be commended for putting forth an amendment to do just this. The media ought to cover it bigtime and let’s see what these pious democrats agree to!

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Let’s see. Medicare, Social Security, anything else the government runs, bankrupt. Nice.
And they did not listen when the majority of the people *screamed* we did not want this.

It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion – that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain – that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Abraham Lincoln – November 19, 1863

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” is gone. Kind of ironic that this quote comes from the man Obama celebrated when he came into office. The dead have perished in vain.

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“The health Care System is badly broken and needed to be fixed. This is at least a start. It could not just stay the same forever.”

If they truly wanted to fix healthcare (which I agree needs to be fixed), then they would have started with tort reform and opening the state’s borders to true competition. That would have gone a long way towards fixing this.

Instead, I hope you enjoy the remaining few years of this country. The Mayans were just a few years off in their prediction. The true end began Monday and officially ends in 2014.

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what a web has been weaved!
the beginning of something the majority didn’t want,won’t believe happened nor can we afford.
Ah…..representation by the people, for the people = NOT!
But we shall overcome tyranny with our most powerful weapon; the right to vote!
Heed the change about to come.

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well this sucks thanks to the dem they didnt listen to the people who put them into office, now we will end up paying more in taxes to give 32 million people who dont have health insurance. way to go dem im glad they have money to throw away, go obama. not

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This monstrosity is being mostly paid for by huge cuts in Medicare. So, we are taking money away from the old and infirm, who are actually sick, and insuring mostly the young and healthy who have chosen not to buy insurance until a later date when they think they’ll need it. How is this compassionate? This is such a big win for the insurance companies, forcing the healthy in and cutting coverage for the the old and unhealthy. The politicians just wanted campaign contributions from the health insurance companies, who have been the big winners in all this. Health insurance stocks have soared.

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As a middle class American, I believe this bill is a great initial step! I would have preferred a more aggressive bill with Universal Health-care, just like all 1ST world nations have.
Seriously, where were all the complaints when the past government was giving tax cuts to the wealthy? Where were all the complaints when corporate America was given special treatment so that they don’t have to obey natural conservation acts?
Seriously America…we need to try something new…! I am a student, and the only reason I have healthcare is because I have a student loan and my school includes the insurance cost in the tuition cost. Once am out of school…and have a $13/hour job to sustain myself I won’t be able to pay for healthcare or qualify for Medicare!

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Thanks God for those who put their political popularity and viability on the line and voted yes on this bill anyway. It takes little thought to realize that for the few well-represented ill persons of this Country there are numerous, voiceless and helpless ill people out there. Neither this poll, nor any other poll will begin to accurately reflect the incredible number of physically ill people (not to mention mentally ill people of this country). Clearly the people in most dire need of health care tend to not even be reflected/represented. And if the decision was left to the polls alone, millions would remain in a state of degraded and denied health, often in miserable, sometime in hopeless conditions. So do not be so confident of responses from people who tend to be sufficiently healthy to respond. Certainly Americans with pending illnesses or health needs (eventually all of us) do not want to be a burden to anyone, but naysayers are essentially playing Russian roulette individually and w/ our country. Keeping a system which will and can “out-you” based on any loophole as simple as unreported acne, is unconscionable. Inspite of empathic responents to polls, they still will basically have the tendency to be in denial of rampant ignored and terminal problems. Also how many nonrespondents to polls include those people who do not have phone, internet access or a residence or hospital for that matter. I suggest that these and other polls like it barely show the tip of the iceberg of a woefully inadequate status-quo health care system that needs to be regulated. Again God bless those who put their political popularity and viability on the line and voted yes on this bill anyway.

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Wow Quite a gamut of opinions. funny though that most of you are missing the real point. While yes health care in our country is and has been a serious problem for some time now and needed reform and issues addressed, This bill actually has very little to do with health care. And the health care issues it does address do not solve any of the problems but in fact make them worse. If you were paying attention you would have noticed that health care premiums started going up at an even faster rate than ever, (which was already a serious issue) as soon as the discussion of this bill got serious. Then we get to the real point. This bill was not nearly as much about health care as it was about any number of other things that were tacked onto it to get them passed when they never would have been passed on their own. This was mainly about advancing the agenda of socializing America. You explain to me how the socialization of the student loan (pell grants)has anything to do with health care. Yet it happened in this bill. The more I study the bill the more I see that it will not solve the problem of health care no one can afford but rather will exasperate it. Driving premium cost so high no one will be able to afford health care. Driving Doctors out of the business, almost 2/3 of the doctors polled before the bill passed said they would leave the profession if it passed. You have a hard time getting an appointment with a doctor now. Soon it will be just like in Canada and other places in Europe that have socialized medicine, where in many cases if you have a serious issue that needs to addressed by a specialist it takes as much as 3 years. We had the best health care system in the world. Why do you think people from all over the world come here if they have really serious problems and need help quickly. Yes it needed some refinement and controls of the insurance companies so that it was better but that is not what we got.

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WOW Again. I just posted explaining my views and then went back to read even more of the posts and am stunned. I see person after person, mainly the ones defending this bill stating that we live in a democracy. And even some of them raging about how others have learned nothing from American History. Wake up Go read that history book and learn something from it. We DO NOT live in a democracy we live in a REPUBLIC There is a large difference. How can you be so uninformed and yet be so vocal in expressing your political views. If you are going to demand of others that they understand your views please be sure that you understand them yourselves first. As a quick reference you can go to u-tube and search for a little video clip that will give you a quick lesson on governmental structures. It is called “What is Americas true form of Government” Once you have watched that it should spark your interest enough so that you can go to the library and do some studying and learn a little something about our country. If your going to live here and profess your opinions on others either learn about our country or go to one that fits your idea of what government should and should not be.

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I agree that the health care system needs to change. Having both worked in both the USA and Canadian health care systems, neither system is ideal.

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I was not pleased with Bush because he made a bad mistake with the bail outs. But let’s not forget who caused the bail outs. Remember Franklin Rains who toasted Fannie May and Freddie Mac? Franklin was backed up by Barney Frank (Democrat) who said there was nothing wrong with FM and FM.
This so called president we have is bad news for this country. If I even get the hint of incumbent during the next election then they are a done deal. We need a good old fashion house cleaning and trust me it is coming. I once thought this death squad deal was a big joke. No any more. I think it is right on. Good way to fix social security.

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One last thing. I am not a rich person by no means. But I can rake up $40,000 and I will beat that $40,000 and give two to one odds that if this health care bill is left as is it will bankrupt this country. The people on here that are backing this mess should read it. You are not going to get a free lunch which is what you think. Insurance premiums will go through the roof. But wait my employer will now have to provide me with insurance. Yeah right! He will pay the fine hand your health insurance to you go up on his prices so he can pay the fine and then the government will pop you with a fine for not getting insurance. Next Obama jerks $500 billion from Medicare so the old will die faster. That is his fix for social security.

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This health care bill has nothing to do with health care. It is a power grab pure and simple. It is unconstitutional and most law scholars agree with that. When it gets to the supreme court it will get toasted. But that will take eight years to come to pass in the mean time we go bankrupt. We best get off our cans and get this monster repealed. Lets face it we have no choice. The people who dreamed this thing up do not understand simple math. Better than that they did not care about the math. What they wanted was power. Remember this if they can force you to purchase health care then they can fore you to purchase anything. We will all look real good wearing pink shoes.

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The illegals will still be receiving health care and dental benefits for gratis and we will still be charged…nothing new…skirt the issue 101.

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I am all for helping others with healthcare but, I want nothing to do with helping their lawyers!

Health care reform should not be instituted until after sensible torte reform.

Why institutionalize a system that is going continue to make lawyers and insurance company CEO’s rich?!?!?

But why would a group of predominantly lawyers, try to impose limitations on other lawyers?

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