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Are you in favor of Arizona’s immigration law?

May 6, 2010

Arizona’s tough new law cracking down on illegal immigrants has unleashed a fiery debate over crime, racial profiling and policing that has reverberated far beyond the state’s borders.

Demonstrators march to Arizona's State Capitol to protest against the state's controversial immigration law in Phoenix May 5, 2010. REUTERS/Joshua Lott

The Arizona law requires state and local police to determine if people are in the country illegally, previously a function carried out by U.S. federal immigration police and some local forces. There are some 10.8 million illegal immigrants living and working in the United States, an estimated 460,000 of them in Arizona. The state’s immigration law takes effect in late July.

Critics of the law argue it is unconstitutional and a mandate for racial profiling, and fear it will destroy trust between Hispanic communities and law enforcement in the border state.

Supporters say the law is needed to curb crime in Arizona, which is a busy entry point for Mexican cartels smuggling drugs to the U.S.

Are you in favor of Arizona’s immigration law?

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*continued, I know I have met some of the best people I have ever met and they were illegal immigrants but I also know that there are bad apples. But that’s with every race. The whole Mexican race isn’t one big bad apple. Sure, they have their problems, but we should be trying to help them, not shun them. I can honestly say I doubt modern day “Americans” could live a day in the life of a true Mexican in Mexico. I do disagree with Mexicans flying their flags here in America. That is sending out the wrong message. I am 10000000% in support of the DREAM ACT which is NOT amnesty. THIS is a partial solution to the problem. Though we cannot fully defeat this problem yet, we can start in small steps, but we should start on a positive note, not one that fuels such debates as this.

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p.s. for those of you who do not know your stats, did you guys know some illegals pay taxes? n.html?gclid=CNLCqrfh2qECFRA35wodwUcJkgH ow many of you have actually been to a DES office or WIC? If you have, you would realize that there were just as many Americans in there of all colors, black, white, brown, and every color inbetween. So try to remember that when you say they are “sucking up” the benefits…

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Congrats to Arizona for standing up for itself!!Personally, I have a hard time understanding why any TRUE American citizen has a hard time with Arizona (or any other state) when they attempt to protect their citizenry and the common welfare of the state, especially when the Federal Government has apparently forgotten it’s role and obligation to it’s citizens. Perhaps a little history lesson is in order. Please see the following (verified) quote from Teddy Roosevelt, currently circulating on the internet: Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1919. “We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people..’ Theodore Roosevelt 1919 – ( oosevelt-immigration.htm ) It is one thing to be proud of one’s heritage, but as Teddy Roosevelt has so eloquently stated above, there can be no room for divided loyalties once you make the decision and accept the PRIVILEGE to become an American. We can no longer tolerate transitory free-loaders, drug smugglers and illegal aliens that continually take advantage of our generosity but fail to properly assimilate themselves and become US citizens.

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We need to take a stand against illegal immigration and this bill isn’t harsh by any means. I applaud AZ for taking this stand. These illegal’s are an insult to the people who have gone through the naturalization process. Not to mention with illegal immigrants comes illegal guns and illegal drugs. Plus Coyotes don’t care who they bring over so terrorists come in the package too.
If Mexico would enter the 21 century and take control of their own situation maybe we wouldn’t have to take such measures. I’m sick and tired of people defending illegals of any flavor, this country is asleep at the wheel and we’ll all pay for it soon. With this new socialist whitehouse and national healthcare who is going to pay for these people? who is paying for them now?? We are all profiled in one respect or another and racial and other profiling is a fact of life. PEOPLE NEED TO DEAL WITH IT!! This is America and as Americans we have our own rights to protect our nation!!!

Posted by Buck61 | Report as abusive

LegalizeAZ Illegal is just that Illegal they startout here first off by breaking our laws , and then show little to no respect for our country by flying there flag and rioting when they think that they should have the same rites as US citizens it just doesnt work that way.

Posted by dan86401 | Report as abusive

I support the Arizona law. They are assisting in the Federal effort. However, I don’t see how the Feds can implement border protections without “racial profiling”. Now we know why border protections have been so weak.
Isn’t it stunning that the President of Mexico wants his people to leave his country: he is here complaining that we are not welcoming his citizens who wish to leave. Huh.

Posted by SierraBill | Report as abusive

Since I am fair of complexion like my ancestors who first settled in New Amsterdam I won’t have to worry about being stopped and asked for my ID in Arizona. But what about the rest of you? Any Italians, Greeks, or God forbid Native Americans among you? Would you like to be among those people of Hispanic heritage who have lived in Arizona long before most of your ancestors arrived here yet be subject to being stopped and questioned at any time? The real solution is to financially punish those who hire illegals to work for them. If there is no work for them here, they won’t come. And by the way my Irish, Swiss, British and Italian friends also fly flags from those nations. Should they be banned from doing so?

Posted by DAR1604 | Report as abusive

Hey, as an American with Mexican blood Backgrounds, I see no profiling in the Law 1070. Sorry, Mr. Obama, you’re not getting my vote by saying what you said to the American Public against Arizona Law. Not every born USA Mexican American citizen is that low to accept your interpretations. Please read the Law for the sake of all Americans – - You and Nancy Post-tosties and Reid. God Bless Arizona, for showing us all American how to be firm and carry out the Law of the Land – - Illegal is Illegal. Counties and many Americans (drug users, drug dealers, Illegals, Cartel, Mexican Government, Cuba Communist Government, and California and Obama) are terribly upset because Arizona is the door for drug profits and getting rid of criminals from other countries and welcoming new voters. Let just hope and pray that after November, Obama will start to act like a real president and begin to secure our Borders. God help American The Great. Its not about jobs, its not about human rights, it’s not about racism, It is all about the safety of the American people and THE LAW OF THE LAND. Please, read Mexico’s Immigrations Laws, and Cuba’s and compare them to USA Immigration Laws. Yet they come here to our soil and spit at our faces. Abraham Lincoln said once, “It doesn’t worry me about God being in our side, What worries me is if we are in God side” God is Justice, and American’s Laws will be respected.


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The people from California can stay away. We have enough Illegal here anyway. WE need to fix the problem at the border. Stop them from coming over and causing crimes. I have lived in Arizona all my life and its not getting any better. People are being taken advanged of by there own people. If it dosen’t stop we will have to start caring our gun to protect ourself’s. Yes i support SB1070

Posted by keoni602 | Report as abusive

SB1070 is like TNT: dangerous but necessary. The alternative (not having it) is worse, as it would mean capitulation to one of our larger ptoblems as a nation: not having control of our borders, not having a say as to who comes into your house. Race or ethnicity has nothing to do with it. It works the same for whomever is guarding his home. I am an Arizonan, US citizen, and hispanic of mexican origin. We in Arizona will have to pay the price for being at the vanguard.

Posted by saxuum | Report as abusive

I am baffled. Where is the Pro-Immigration Rally?? If 70% of the residents of USA favor the Arizona Law, where is the vocal support for that? We need people to rise up and defend the nation against the infiltration of illegals.

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For six decades, I’ve dealt with Hispanics. Legal and not.

So far, I’ve found nearly all of them friendly, hard-working and family oriented, a bigger economic benefit than people realize.

The few criminal types I’ve known were all LEGAL AMERICANS, sadly, supplying neurotic white folk with their drugs of choice.

There are real tragedies with current immigration laws, particularly when legal American citizen children are torn away from their deported illegal parents.

And by the way, did you know that illegal youngsters are recruited by Army recruiters to fight our wars for us with the promise of ctizenship??

Something to mull on.

You could say the illegals are like toilets. No one wants to see them, but we all need them sooner or later.

Posted by Russellista | Report as abusive

This issue is only about immigration status in part. The primary concern at stake is the presumption of innocence under the rule of law, which carries with it the privacy rights of citizens and residents.

The main point is that this Arizona’s law is fundamentally flawed by presuming that any person on the street, anywhere, should be required to prove lawful status, instead of lawful status being presumed.

Additionally, this law carries with it a tacit endorsement of law enforcement profiling.

Ostensibly, any person in any context could be “lawfully” suspected of being an “illegal” resident.

“Sir, I know that you have been stopped for running a red light, but you need to prove to me that you have legal residence. Are you an illegal Canadian? an illegal New Zealander? If you cannot prove your residential status you will be taken into custody until you can prove it.”

Oh, but Arizona Anglos presume that they should not have to prove their residency status anywhere at any time or be faced with arrest.

Are supporters of this law really willing to carry (and make their children carry) evidence of legal residency (which, by the way, a driver’s license will not prove) on their persons at all times?!?

Such Draconian laws violate the very essence of Americanism, regardless of border issues.

Posted by pointfish | Report as abusive

I have one major concern about immigration and that is; if you don’t respect our immigration laws, and are here illegally, can you be trusted not to break any of our other laws?
Also our economy is being pulled at its threads caring for illegal immigrants, our welfare system can’t function especially with this recession, our only hope for survival is to impose a national ID card for American citizens, those who are not must leave our Country, and reapply through legal means to reenter, only through this step can we assure our economic bridge to weather out this recession, failure to implement this will surely bring us to economic collapse. This is for the good of the Nation, and I feel this is a necessity, even though I would hate doing this to families; it is a necessary evil.
The needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few.
A Veteran

Posted by jdlar53 | Report as abusive

Spend more time deporting corrupt bankers and the economy will improve much more quickly than if you keep out people willing to work at jobs that most American won’t.

Arizona is costing itself millions with the goofy plan when there was already laws on the books to arrest people and people that employ them, the law was promoted by Karl Rove and other to keep a key election issue in the minds of voters and to divide white and hispanic communities.

Creating ear and mistrust is what we seem to do best in America right now, I remember when we were know for our engineering and science, now we are responsible for the worst banking practices since the tulip craze.

Posted by jstaf | Report as abusive

12:12 pm EDTIf we are to selectively enforce the law, there will be no law. No law? No society. Not even for the morally superior, I’m afraid. Those who are ruled by passions and ignorance, rather than reason have absolutely nothing to offer society except confusion and darkness.
You right wing hypocrit. Selective laws – it is against the law to hire illegals – they must prove they are legal or have a green card. So how did 15M illegals get jobs and yet not one employer has even been slapped on the wrist. I think both the employer and the illegal need to obey the laws. Rule by passion and ignorance my behind – you need to examine your brain to see if it is still there.

Posted by jalwr | Report as abusive

Check the facts before printing the story. The first paragraph states: “The Arizona law requires state and local police to determine if people are in the country illegally, previously a function carried out by U.S. federal immigration police and some local forces.” wrong! Only required to check after there has been a legal and legitimate stop AND there is reason to believe the person is in the US illegally. I got no problem with that.

Posted by Bobio | Report as abusive

This whole issue is right wing diversion from the real issues of corruption on Wall Street and corporate America. That is what I am more concerned about and tht ranks #1,2 and 3 with me. I am concerned that our borders were like swiss cheese after 911 and yet per Cheney we were supposed so safe then. But now when Obama is president suddenly those same borders are less safe? Bull! Arizona has had the drug cartel on that border for 20 years and everyone knows it. This problem was with us during the Bush administration but the far right wing was only interested in the immigration side and not the safety side. So now in an election year the GOP take it out of the bag of tricks and makes it Obama’s fault. Such sick political tricks are so old and everyone can see through the facade.

Posted by jalwr | Report as abusive

Sherriff Joe Arpio has a vendetta against illegal latinos and he is out to get them no mater what. If you hear him talk he is a verbose drama queen who wants publicity really bad and wants to sound really overly tough as part of this arogant persona. Luckily our State Treasurer took half of Arpaio’s money and is using it to go after the employers who hired the illegals. Now that is something I can live with.

Posted by jalwr | Report as abusive

The solution to this is so incredibly simple: enforce the laws against hiring illegal immigrants. There’s a lot of screeching about how the immigrants are criminals, here to destroy our precious way of life. Fine, they’re breaking the law. But why? They come here for jobs. And it happens also to be a crime to hire them. So where is the ire at the people who hire them? That seems an awful lot harder to find.

If Arizona law enforcement spent time and energy properly building cases against people who hire illegal immigrants, they’d have my support. The current approach is patent political hogwash.

Posted by JackMack | Report as abusive

If you don’t want your immigration status checked… don’t commit a crime in Arizona. If you’re arrested for something you didn’t commit, then you already have bigger problems to worry about than showing the police your birth certificate.

Posted by ZPT | Report as abusive

If you are in the country illegally, arguably you have NO rights….

Posted by bobw1 | Report as abusive

the law should focus on checking employers, not people on the street, to make sure they have documented that every employee is legal.. no jobs, fewer illegal immigrants. Also the US should stop permitting companies to use HB1 visas to hire foreign workers when there are unemployeed americans who can do the work..

Posted by RangerRick | Report as abusive

Police officers ask for my identification here in Minnesota and when I travel in Canada. Retail clerks, hotel clerks, bank clerks, licensing clerks, employers, bureaucracies and landlords ask for my identification, as well.

The I.D. tells a lot about me… my appearance, where I live (state, county, street address). It mentions that I can legally drive a motorcycle. It even mentions my personal choice regarding my intentions for my organs after I die.

It’s not a big deal as long as they have a good reason for asking.

Posted by breezinthru | Report as abusive

Certainly since the State law only provides for turning illegal immigrants they find over to the Feds for deportation, then hmmm… That’s just asking the Feds to enforce their own laws.

It isn’t like Arizona is planning to grab people off the street, drive them down to the border, and kick them across the fence without the Feds having a say in it – It doesn’t work like that.

If anyone should be sued, it should be the Federal Government for PURPOSEFULLY NOT ENFORCING ITS OWN LAWS!!! I think that’s called malfeasance, last time I looked.

There is nothing wrong with a State mirroring Federal Law. There are a multitude of things that are illegal both at the Federal and State levels. That’s okay as long as the State does not exceed the limits set by the US Constitution and Supreme Court.

Posted by TxCharlie | Report as abusive

I’m married to an undocumented resident. I was born here. I knew of her undocumented status, but we married because that’s what God intended for us. She doesn’t work, I do. She doesn’t use government resources, I do. She is not in this country to take advantage of anyone nor hurt anyone. We have two beautiful little boys. My wife broke the law by not entering our country legally and she will someday have to pay the price for breaking that law, but that price should not be deportation considering our situation as a family and the fact that my wife is not a burden to anyone but me (sigh – joking of course). So I ask, would you deport my wife or will you give her a chance to find a path to our country legally without sending her back to Colombia? Remember the facts: she doesn’t work, I pay our taxes, she doesn’t use any governement resources, she is not breaking any laws (other than the one she broke initially when she entered our country), I pay our health insurance, we take vacations regulary, we have two beautiful boys, and she volunteers a lot of her time teaching the bible at church. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

Posted by AndresDaKing | Report as abusive

No matter what stance we the people take,(2/3 of the people favor the Az. law which BTW I’m told mimicks the existing federal statute), I am continualy astounded, absolutely ASTOUNDED that there seems to be some unknown reason the feds don’t secure the borders. Whatever the solution to the present situation, allowing even more illegals is not helping.
To not secure the border in a time of war is absolutely insane. On one hand, the Border Patrol is commissioned to do just this, on the other hand the same government says don’t. This is truly madness.
To all the “DO-Gooders” out there, don’t boycott Az.
rather, protest and boycott Mexico. This is the home of the richest man in the world I’m told.
It is Mexico’s greed and corruption that forces the ever increasing wave of poverty to move north.
The Mexican Government is the cause of this misery NOT the U.S.

Posted by BurnerJack | Report as abusive

Over and over again, the logic is simple: ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL. What’s to debate? Federal Law is very clear on the point of entering the country ILLEGALLY. The problem is that previous administrations have turned a “blind eye” on the problem for so long, it’s become juggernaut and will be hard to stop.

People continually snivel about how the Arizona law “profiles”. Well, folks, if it’s green, croaks, jumps around and lives in swamps, it’s probably a frog. Why waste time looking for anything else if what you want is a frog?

Posted by The_Traveler | Report as abusive

We live in a global economic system where capital is free to cross borders at the stroke of a keyboard. Why shouldn’t labor be able to do the same?

Posted by radice | Report as abusive

U.S. citizens have the right to choose an immigration policy that is in the best interests of their nation, just as every other nation on the planet does. Where are the calculations that show the long term impact of unlimited chain migration on our environment, traffic, air pollution, top soil erosion, social services, taxation, jobs, education, crime, etc? The answer is that many politicians offer the quick fix of citizenship without thinking of how this will impact the rest of, not to mention our ability to control our own electoral process. Make no mistake about it, politician who support “a path to citizenship” are supporting an amnesty that is nothing more than a political hi-jacking of our electoral process…for their benefit. Citizens must stand up and fight to stop any path to citizenship for those here in violation of our laws and way of life, or we will be a third world welfare state in one generation. Talking won’t help…call you congressmen and senators on a regular basis and let them know that and path to citizenship is totally unacceptable.

Posted by actnow | Report as abusive

This guy has just made himself a one term prez.

Posted by Elmog | Report as abusive

Wow! A “ONE TERM” Prez! Thank God we are on the downhill slide! Does any of this “Dick Tator” business remind you of another historical figure? Hitler and his propaganda/brainwashing regime…perhaps? (Castro, Putin, the Taliban?)

I just hope he’s gone before he destroys this entire country. Now I ask, why would an illegal alien such as our Prez be supporting illegals in AZ? We all should have seen this one coming- Just like the civil war this Prez will be responsible for….and to think the man had the nerve to call GW a war monger. OMG, this man hails from tribal Africa where war is an everyday occurrence. What could be more fitting than starting a racial war?

The Obamination will do whatever it takes to “CHANGE” our country. No one ever asked him if the “changes” would bring total destruction. (Illegals…..takes one to know one….and to sympathize with one.)

Posted by pamplemousse | Report as abusive

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