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Can Obama win re-election?

November 3, 2010

While Republicans and Democrats pick up the pieces from the congressional elections, the 2012 White House race is already off to a vigorous start with President Barack Obama facing potential challenges from more than a dozen would-be Republican opponents.

Obama faces a bleak political landscape after voters punished Democrats for the sluggish economic recovery and handed control of the House of Representatives to Republicans.

Obama now faces two big challenges — to get newly empowered Republicans to work with him on measures to revive economic growth, and to find ways to connect with middle-class Americans, many of whom view him as aloof and cerebral.

His predicament is difficult but not impossible.

Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan both had approval ratings close to — and even lower than — the 45 percent level where Obama’s popularity now stands and both suffered big midterm setbacks in congressional elections.

But both presidents went on to win reelection.

Can President Obama win reelection in the 2012 race for the White House?

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No way, you say? Republicans are divided and heading for an ugly primary season, especially if Palin runs. There is no Ronald Reagan to unite them. That’s a shame; we could use the Gipper right now, but frankly, the party has lost his vision.

Posted by Fishrl | Report as abusive

The Republican party has lost the vision of Reagan?!? They have never had it. Reagan was elected in spite of those that run the Republican party. Even today, the first words out of their mouth is that the era of Reagan is dead (conservatism never dies). Reagan accepted that government was the problem and that growth came with low taxes. Palin is far closer to Reagan than 95% of the Republicans now in office. While she is not a very good public speaker and has made her share of gaffs (which, like most things involving politics, have been way overblown), she is still closer to Reagan than many of the other people that the Republicans have offered to run. To put it bluntly, I would take her over most of the politicians of either party right now (with the exception of a few that will never be offered the chance by the established politicians). As far as Obama being reelected, I refused to vote for him the first time (for the record, I did not like McCain either and, thankfully was offered a third choice on my ballot or I may have had to withhold my vote for president entirely!) and have no intention of voting for him. But that is just my opinion and only time will tell.

Posted by kbrum1066 | Report as abusive

I’m an Obama democrat and all I want for christmas is Sarah Palin in 2012! Better still, could you put her on the ballot as an independent Tea Party candidate? Please also make sure that the Tea Party continues to pull the GOP further to the right, away from all those “nasty” middle of the road votes where elections are won and lost. I’ll gladly hand you the keys to the House of Representatives if you can insure that these things come to pass. Where can I send my check?

Posted by Profe | Report as abusive

Fear won this day. Two years is plenty for reality to set in. So many ants will perish and the butterflies too. Wise up wealthy because it’s your own power base that’s in malaise. Christmas will be most unforgiving.

Posted by phyvyn | Report as abusive

Ok so let’s just be honest shall we! You have a president who dismantles America’s Constitution, implements Socialism, goes against the majority of what Americans want and need, can’t speak on the issues cause he doesn’t know about them truly….after all he’s had exactly how much experience to earn the job title? Cripples capitalism, the greatest free enterprise in the world. Refuses to see that the Real Estate market collapse started this mess under “everybody gets a home even if they can’t afford it” laws. Yes laws, implemented under a socialistic style agenda in the late 1990′s under Clinton.
As if we didn’t learn from the collapse of the Savings and Loans and the last Real Estate collapse in the early 90′s
(I know these things I am a Real Estate Broker, been in the business for 26 years.)
Then he takes over private industry, sidesteps the Congressional vetting process and hires czars….is this Russia? I know they have czars too!

Oh yeah he’ll be re-elected. When Mercury freezes over!

Posted by lahovey8 | Report as abusive

I have been working on re-elect maps since the mid terms are over he must take one of the big 3 Ohio/Penn / Florida, To even have a chance. Now that all have Republican Governors and state houses are controlled by Republicans no help like he had last time Democrat Governors helped him so much and they are not there now. 270 electoral votes
Don’t know how if thing don’t improve a lot.

Posted by dolboat | Report as abusive

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