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By Chrystia Freeland
July 7, 2011 is getting a new look. The beta version of the refreshed home page has gone live.

You can get to it by clicking a button on the homepage of the current site. Once you’re there, we encourage you to let us know what you think.  Feel free to drop us suggestions below or tweet us ideas using #reutersrefresh .

For now, only the homepage will feature the new look, so don’t be thrown when you go back to the current design as you venture deeper into the site. When we switch over officially in a few weeks the new design will run across

The main goal of this refresh is to display more of our terrific content and to provide a clearer snapshot of top news stories.

The refresh is just the beginning of Editor in Chief Steve Adler’s pledge to develop a powerful consumer-facing digital presence for Reuters News. In recent weeks, we’ve added some brilliant new journalists to our already terrific team: two-time Pulitzer prize winner David Rohde, who will be writing a column starting in the autumn; the iconic Sir Harry Evans, whose events and writing will be featured on; Pulitzer-prize-winner and tax guru David Cay Johnson, some of whose work for Professional will be showcased on the site; social media innovator Anthony De Rosa, who joins us from the technology group; Ryan McCarthy, the Huffington Post’s pioneering business editor; and deputy op-ed editor Paul Smalera, who joined us from We have also recently added monthly columns from former Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Larry Summers and PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian to our growing op-ed line-up.

Sprucing up the homepage should help make the work of all of our new and old stars — and everything we do at Reuters — more visible. But it is just a small step in our broader effort to make and all of our digital platforms a fitting showcase for Reuters News and all of Thomson Reuters. Watch this space.


Chrystia Freeland, Editor, Thomson Reuters Digital



The new look is just perfect.

Posted by InfocusTimes | Report as abusive

This new look flows much better and ipad users will appreciate the vertical access. I know the wider image app is right around the corner, but do we still have a resolution issue with pictures ? the slideshows are low resolution files and the impact of the images is lost with the dead space on either side of the picture. I’m not sure if our technical limitations are reached, but edge to edge images deliver the viewer a much better experience.


Posted by mblake | Report as abusive

The bar on top about Stock Exchange is taking too long to load and not really “fair” for people “not in the business”. I use Reuters mainly as a NEWS source, not as a business tool.

Posted by JSDominik | Report as abusive

Not bad, not bad at all. I like the increased use of imagery. Would be nice if one could personalize the home page a bit.

Posted by VodKnockers | Report as abusive

The layout is good, however, I agree with an earlier post that the Stock Exchange along the top of the page is cluttered, slow and not user friendly. I prefer the current layout with it being on the side of the page.

Posted by Silverado1 | Report as abusive

Liked the tabs across the top because it shows the breadth of coverage, including lifestyle features which were previously buried. Site could use a reference to most popular videos. Also, the videos were buried at the bottom. I know you’ve got a video tab at the top, but given the love of videos in this multimedia age, I”d like to see the strip of video postagestamps a tad higher.

Posted by fkny7 | Report as abusive

Am I allowed to say that the navigation is quite reminiscent of the old version you binned a couple of years ago, which I always preferred the the current version of the home page anyway?

One thing which might make navigation quicker is to have everything above the thin orange stripe stay visible when you scroll down the page, with only the stuff below it scrolling. That way, the user can switch to another section without having to scroll back to the top.

Posted by IanKemmish | Report as abusive

It looks great; a modern-looking refresh over the current homepage.

Posted by PalmTree | Report as abusive

Refreshed pretty often means refreshing. I don’t know that the new look offers improvements over — what was and is one of the easiest to navigate news sites on the Web.

I did an A – B comparison and don’t feel and sense of improvement stirring in my intellectual genes. But, you haven’t screwed it up and that keeps you ahead of 99% of your competitors.

Posted by Eideard | Report as abusive

I love it…Excellent looks…

Posted by sivasundaram.r | Report as abusive

I am going to disagree.

The current Reuters site is just brilliant design. The topbar is awesome, providing summary information for markets, links to opinion pieces from actual journalists… but my favorite part is how beautifully the ‘Market’ and ‘News’ screens are designed to be toggled.

The new design is a regression in terms of usability. I’ll have to click more to find the same information. The information from the topbar mouseovers is gone. Other things I don’t like include the Bollywood crap creeping up to the top of the landing page (looking at the ‘India’ site).

Change for the sake of change isn’t good. Don’t try to fix what is not broken. But I doubt my opinions will have any impact, so I’ll just go away now.

Posted by posit | Report as abusive

It’s very nice but I would really like to get your news videos through XBMC on my Linux desktop. I visit Reuters daily and think it’s a great news source.

Posted by qualsdad | Report as abusive

Great format. I like the banner of the stock markets at the top. Its a very professional layout unlike many of the other cluttered sites. And it fits with what I expect with Reuters, which is News at a cut above the rest in terms of presentation and content.

Posted by Archivist | Report as abusive

Overall it’s a very nice design, and I like it much better than the current version. I just don’t like the ticker on the top; it blends in with the top banner and should be more conspicuous.

Posted by butchyboy123 | Report as abusive

New, more sober, serious palette conveys authority and gravitas, is better than the tabloidish red top. Make the markets indices a ticker, accelerate Latest Headlines, cut the redundant old wire-style (Reuters) branding after every dateline, and ditch the distracting top-of-page banner ad — surely Reuters can get by without that revenue.

Posted by BJMay | Report as abusive

It’s OK, but if you are going to emphasize photographs, they need to be good ones, not boring head shots and bad pictures (Like the big blowup of Murdoch walking outside a building in today’s edition — what does that contribute? Nothing.)

I could do without the Twittering and emphasis on how many people have tweeted something. Who cares?

Posted by NewsLady | Report as abusive

One more thing, the index info is definitely worse. I don’t want to wait til the Dow flashes up, I want to see it as soon as I click over to the site. And I want to know how many POINTS it’s up or down without clicking on it.

You should leave the indexes the way you had them before.

Posted by NewsLady | Report as abusive

I love the drop-downs and the flash up top.

I would make it easier to scan a list of headlines, like a list on the top right module you had on your old page. The “latest headlines” tab is a little annoying to scroll through.

Posted by briandelmore | Report as abusive

So happy to see CNN’s style relegated back to CNN.

An excellent start to a refreshed very usable page.

The images might use a bit too much acreage on the page, but am so happy to see advertising is not the major player on the page.

Otherwise kudos on putting together a seemingly well thought out intuitive design incorporating style and branding.

Posted by crhy | Report as abusive

You have a “Multimedia” section at the bottom of your homepage. I do not see that in the newer version. Please do not remove that. It shows a small slideshow of pictures of recent event. I like that. The newer homepage only has a list of videos.

Posted by shirishgupta006 | Report as abusive

The Stock Exchange line in the black background header is illegible. Use of colours for print and background which reduces visibility below that of black print on white background reduces readability and may cause reading errors.

Posted by BobG62 | Report as abusive

I like the new look. Should the Follow Reuters section say Twitter “followers” instead of “fans”? (Not sure what LinkedIn/YouTube equivalents are.)

Posted by jambart | Report as abusive

Looks Great.. I also love the old format which has more pictures!

Posted by adithya12 | Report as abusive

change is something good.

Posted by Fation | Report as abusive

Agree with fkny7 that video news stories merit a much higher profile. As it is, some of the best stories of the day can only be found in the Dotcom basement. Instead they should be thumbnailed at the top of the home page. Compelling video = more visitors.

Posted by RobMuir | Report as abusive

I like it better because the layout of subjects is easier to get at like someone elssaid though the stock ticker isn’t necessary, there is generally to much emphasis on business here.

Posted by Dave1968 | Report as abusive

way radical… but with orange

Posted by leonbrit | Report as abusive

The layout flows much better. Love it!

Posted by JBaugh | Report as abusive

Simply 100% better than the current version! Where is the beta version for Reuters JP though, are they being skipped again? Reuters should put more effort into global presence not just US and EU.

I like what I am seeing so far.

Posted by iainj | Report as abusive

Hi Iainj, duly noted. We’d like to work out the kinks and see what breaks before cascading globally. Thanks for your input!

Posted by Kenneth Li | Report as abusive

Hi Rob,
Working on this!

Posted by Kenneth Li | Report as abusive

Thanks for the feedback. Very good point.

Posted by Kenneth Li | Report as abusive

Hi Crhy,
Thanks for the feedback. We ended up breaking up the multimedia section to give videos and photos their own real estate. Clicking deeper into each section should reveal the vast troves of both.

Posted by Kenneth Li | Report as abusive

Really good ideas. Thanks!

Posted by Kenneth Li | Report as abusive

How about having your multimedia a bit more prominent or even along the left side rather than down at the bottom. Big fan of Reuters Insider and I think the multimedia feels a bit left out at the bottom.

Posted by ciscoz8 | Report as abusive

The layout of of the website its perfect but i find the red logo of Reuters better than the grey one.

Posted by Saleh_Amer | Report as abusive

I can’t see any advertising on the new homepage. Is that temporary, e.g. a Beta issue, or a business decision? Looks pretty good and keeps much of the design improvements in the last make-over.

Posted by nicfulton | Report as abusive

Hey Nic!
No ads on the homepage is a temporary thing.

Posted by Kenneth Li | Report as abusive

Quite damaging for the brand of a supposedly international news agency that is a U.S. site. I’m not sure what message you’re trying to communicate, Kenneth/Steve/Chrystia, by having an India site on, a Japan site on (etc), but a U.S. site not on but

Having national versions as sub-divisions of a U.S. site is insulting. Surely it would be easy to have the U.S. site on and use as a “choose your edition” landing page?

Posted by sam34 | Report as abusive

Here’s what I think –

1. Alignment issues: individual boxes are not aligned properly. For example, in the new layout, the headlines box is to the left of the trends box. because of the varying height of the boxes above, the top of these two boxes are not aligned horizontally (as in, the headlines box is say 20px above the trends box). This looks awkward. Either both boxes (and all the others similarly) should be aligned w.r.t to their tops, OR the contents should be made fluidic.

2. Lots of screen space is being wasted in this new layout. For example, take a look at the white space left unused above the “videos” bar towards the bottom of the page. Blank/ excess of white space makes the site look as if there is LACK of content.

Overall, I like the new version over the previous – i love this “flatter” look, and probably the change was much needed too!

All the best.
Arun R.Nair

Posted by luttappi | Report as abusive

First impression – loved it. The grey is indeed very elegant.

However, the “latest headlines” seem to have found its way to the bottom of the page which is seemingly odd. In the previous layout, the categorisation of “Top News”, “Global Markets” etc was very convenient as opposed to having to scroll all the way down to read what is “new”.

Nonetheless change is good and best of luck :)

Posted by Seni90 | Report as abusive

Hi Senashia,
Thanks for the feedback. The top of the site carries the latest top news headlines across the entire news file. The latest headlines below the fold are those that are broken down by sector.

Posted by Kenneth Li | Report as abusive

The new site looks worse than the existing one, and is indeed reminiscent of the old Reuters website a few years ago.

The existing one is brighter, cleaner & function very well and carries a minimalist style.

Why would Reuters want to change the existing beautiful design?

Regarding functionality, if it doesn’t offer many new features, I won’t trade the existing site off.

All in all, keep your existing site & keep it clean, Reuters!

Posted by danieltsang | Report as abusive

Not exactly a home page comment, but web-related. I wish you’d kill that bass beat on the videos. It is unbelievably annoying. The home page is fine, but I hate wasting all the initial view on a close up of the president, when what I want is text without having to scroll.

Posted by JVL | Report as abusive


The more easily readable the better, me thinks

Reuters has access to timely statistics which need not be part of an article or analysis; but could easily be referenced as a footnote.

Credibility is what’s the name of the game in today’s IT media.

Posted by hariknaidu | Report as abusive

The update reflects a primitive understanding of how to present information. Neither the old or new version fully capture the integration of information or present the reader with feature rich layers. Clearly, you’re paying more for salaries than web development. The key to web development is not to carry forward print concepts into reflected media, but to create an information utility. I do like your print version. It does not pretend to be anything more than very traditional journalism. Letters to the editor all begin with “Sir”! Fortunately, the content remains insightful. As to your form, simply primative!

Posted by DJRP | Report as abusive

Very good. Really cool. Much better than what we have now.

Posted by muralisk | Report as abusive

I like the new colors. Shifting the weight from the Multimedia section to the footer by moving the background color makes the design a lot more balanced. The footer now actually look like a separate section now as opposed to the previous design, where everything below the Multimedia section looks like the footer or information that’s barely scanned and ignored.

The attention to small details such as “Back to Top” link in the footer is also nice.

A really frustrating issue I came up against is the Markets ticker (if we can call it that) on the top. I found it extremely difficult to use. Tickers are expected to scroll. The left and right arrows indicate that I can page through/scroll either direction and I should be able to pause and re-start scrolling somehow, but pausing isn’t possible. So there’s a conflict of expectation versus delivery here.

If it has to fade-in/out to refresh, I’d expect a particular piece of information (any Market for e.g. DOW) to stay in the same spot when a refresh cycle completes. However, what’s happening is that not only is the ticker scrolling horizontally (we can’t actually see this visually but it is) but also fading in and out (this we can see). I need to keep scanning to find the particular market I’m interested in as it never stays in the same place (which I’d expect). I’d suggest not mixing scrolling and fade-in/out.

It’d be nice if we can pin a particular market in place (a downside of the new design is that we cannot see them all at the same time) as we usually monitor one to two markets primarily.

It’d also be really helpful if we can have the “Sector & Industries” drop-down from the old design appear on mouse-over a particular market in the top bar.

An option to switch between Markets and Currencies in the top bar might be useful for some.

I’d also love to have the big drop-down which also shows article for “Analysis and Opinion” from the old design in the new one instead of just names. I have no way of knowing if there is new content. In fact, I’d welcome big drop-downs for all menu items which display top news/articles.

I’d prefer to combine the “Follow Reuters” block in the right column with the “Connect with Reuters” in the footer and use the space for more useful content. Personally, I’d value content way more than the numbers which I’m going to sub-consciously start ignoring after 2-3 visits anyway.

Most Popular and Most Shared Articles give us a larger sub-set to work with and can be more dynamic as compared to just Tweeted ones. A tabbed panel for these two would be nice.

Giving the Gallery it’s own space is nice. I’d like to try going a step further and add left-right arrows just as in the Video section to allow flipping through 3-5 galleries.

Overall I prefer the balance and cohesiveness of the new design. Sorting out the Markets ticker, integrating the more informative big drop-downs and a few tweaks should really take this further.

Posted by AGAG | Report as abusive

Looking good, but I’d suggest you focus less on pictures/images – in the content areas most readers are probably concerned about pictures *aren’t* worth 1,000 words.

Posted by ErikD | Report as abusive

elegant, I like the flow of information from markets to news, well organized for accessing information, versus many sights which force feed impressions. Very much like the new site.

Posted by TrueJT | Report as abusive

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